Amphoe Umphang is 164 kilometres south of Mae Sot on Highway 1090. The scenic highway’s highest point is some 1200 metres above sea level. The winding route takes some 4 hours to complete, particularly during the Rains Season or the Cool Season when mountain mists impede progress.

Thi Lo Su Waterfall

This spectacular waterfall is located in the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary and can be visited only from November through May. Would – be visitors to the waterfall and wildlife sanctuary are recommended to enquire first with the TAT office in Tak Tel : (055) 514-341-3 for information regarding travel conditions and camping opportunities.

Thi Lo Re Waterfall

The main stream of water flows along the high steep cliff into the Mae Klong River from the height of 80 m amidst the beauty of nature.

Se Pla Waterfall

This waterfall on a limestone mountain flows in tiers, and is 10 m wide and 50 m long. Its flowing stream against boulders looks like a beautiful white cloud.

Thi Lo Cho Waterfall

Thi Lo Cho Waterfall or Saifon Waterfall. Its rapidly flowing stream against boulders causes sprays of water that look like falling rain from the sky, and a rainbow is therefore created.

Takhobi Cave

This large cave with a high ceiling has a wide path in tiers and many walking lines inside. Its stalagmites and stalactites are attractive.