Spending 13 days in Vietnam will offer you a glimpse into history, culture, and people of this dazzling country. Welcome to Vietnam, the precious gem of Southeast Asia! Within 13 days in Vietnam, you can explore different aspects of our country: chaotic streets in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, emerald rice fields and imposing mountains in Northern region, stalactites in Halong Bay, picturesque coastal villages in Central Vietnam, and finish with exciting floating markets in the Mekong Delta.

13 Days in Vietnam

Let’s stretch your mind and your legs on a 13-day tour package to Vietnam!

Best Time to Spend 13 Days in Vietnam

Amazing Sapa - 13 Days in Vietnam
Amazing Sapa

Vietnam is an elongated country and the climate varies in each region. Our country has a tropical monsoon climate with a high level of humidity and strong monsoon influences. In comparison with other countries in Southeast Asia, winters in Vietnam are colder and summers are less hot.

Vietnam Tours 2020

The north of Vietnam has 4 distinct seasons with sultry summers (June – August) and chilly winters (December  – February). The level of rainfall is high from July to September. In the mountainous region, the temperature may drop to 0 degrees Celsius in the winter.

Central and Northern Vietnam experience rainy seasons from June to early December and dry seasons from January to May. For more information, you can read our articles about Vietnam Seasons and Vietnam Itinerary Ideas.

Overall, the best time for a discovery tour from north to south is from February to April. It is neither too scorching nor cold at that time, so you can have a full 13 days of adventure, mountains, beaches, and culture.

13 Days in Vietnam Budget

It is extremely important to prepare travel costs and itinerary to visit Vietnam. You can print down this note to make a detailed plan on how to spend your time and budget for each day in our country.

Print down this note to plan budget for 13 days in Vietnam
Print down this note to plan your budget for 13 days in Vietnam

Since Vietnam is famous for its gastronomy, the food is cheaper and tastier compared to other countries like Laos and Myanmar. You can find street food everywhere, so meals are definitely not your concern on a 13-day tour to Vietnam. However, it is worth arranging your transportation and accommodations before visiting our country.

Be prepared that you will spend around US $15 to 100 per day in Vietnam, depending on whether you use backpacking or luxurious services.


Accommodation in Vietnam is not a huge cost. Hostels in Vietnam start at around VND 100,000 dong/ night (or US $5) with the most basic facilities. You may have to share bathrooms and toilets with other tourists.

For more privacy, you can choose a hotel from 2 to 5-star at around US $15-200, including breakfast.

Do not limit yourself in only one kind of accommodation! For 13 days in Vietnam, you may want to try various options, from hotels in cities to homestays in the countryside so that you and your family can interact with the locals.


For inner-city transport, you can use Grab, call taxi or motorbike taxi (xe om) in Vietnam. The traffic is chaotic in big cities, so make sure you always wear a helmet whenever using a motorbike.

Take a look at this table for your reference. Note that the transportation cost is affected by many factors and will be changing over time.

Transportation expense in Vietnam - 13 Days in Vietnam
Transportation expense in Vietnam

Tips for Backpacking in Vietnam on a Budget

  • Use Vietnam visa on arrival
  • Hunt cheap flight deals online
  • Eat like a local: Try Banh mi (Vietnamese baguette), Pho, and Bun cha (Rice vermicelli with grilled pork). These dishes are both inexpensive and nutritious; and provide enough energy for your adventure in Vietnam.
  • Bargain as hard as you can
  • Book a Vietnam daily tour: You do not have to worry about transportation to each place. Everything is included on the package.

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13 Days in Vietnam Itinerary Suggestions

Itinerary 1: 13 days in Vietnam Classic Tour

  • Day 1: Arrive at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi. Check in hotel and free to discover the city at night.
  • Day 2: Hanoi City Tour: spend time at some historical relics, colonial buildings and taking a cyclo ride in Hanoi Old Quarter.
  • Day 3: Visit Halong Bay on a cruise trip. Go swimming and kayaking in the beautiful seascape. Enjoy memorable sunset at the bay.
  • Day 4: Continue exploring the bay and participate in a cooking class. Return to Hanoi. Catch a flight to Hue.
  • Day 5: Hue City Tour: discover the ancient capital of Vietnam and enjoy the poetic beauty of this city.
  • Day 6: Transfer to Da Nang. Visit Lang Co Beach on the way. In the afternoon, take a walking tour in Hoi An.
Hoi An - 13 Days in Vietnam
Hoi An
  • Day 7: Leisure in Hoi An.
  • Day 8: Transfer to Nha Trang. Relax on the beach.
  • Day 9: Boat trip to some island in Nha Trang.
  • Day 10: Relax in Nha Trang. Fly to Ho Chi Minh City in the afternoon.
  • Day 11: Ho Chi Minh City Tour
  • Day 12: Mekong Delta tour: visit floating markets and discover rural life.
  • Day 13: Depart from Ho Chi Minh City

Itinerary 2: 13 days in Vietnam Adventurous Tour

  • Day 1: Arrive in Hanoi. Watch a Water Puppet show at Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre. Savor a delicious dinner and free to discover the city at night.
  • Day 2: Visit ancient streets, museums, pagodas, historical relics, and colonial buildings around Hanoi.
  • Day 3: Halong Bay Cruise: enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and kayaking on the famous UNESCO Heritage site.
  • Day 4: Check out cruise at 11:30 am. Overnight train to Lao Cai.
  • Day 5: Transfer to Sa Pa. Take a short trek to poetic Cat Cat Village and admire spectacular rice terraces.
  • Day 6: Visit Lao Chai and Ta Van Village. Overnight train back to Hanoi.
Rice terraces in Sapa - 13 Days in Vietnam
Rice terraces in Sapa
  • Day 7: Afternoon flight to Hue. Check in hotel and feel free to walk about Perfume River’s banks. Do not forget to try Bun bo Hue (Rice vermicelli and beef).
  • Day 8: Hue City Tour
  • Day 9: Drive to Hoi An Ancient Town over the Hai Van Pass. Take a walking tour around the town in the evening, visit the 400-year-old Japanese Covered Bridge, explore the history of ancient houses, and learn how to make a lantern.
  • Day 10: Fly to Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, the most dynamic city in Vietnam.
  • Day 11: Ho Chi Minh City tour
  • Day 12: Visit floating markets and learn the process of making coconut candy in the Mekong Delta. Back to Saigon.
  • Day 13: Go shopping around Ho Chi Minh City before departing.

Itinerary 3: 13 days in Vietnam and Laos

  • Day 1: Arrive at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City. Check in hotel and spend time around District 1 to see the vibrant aspect of this city.
  • Day 2: Ho Chi Minh City Tour: understand Vietnam’s history and culture through historic buildings and colonial architecture around the city.
  • Day 3: Day tour to Cao Dai Holy See and Cu Chi Tunnels, the breathtaking underground tunnel system in Vietnam.
  • Day 4: Transfer to Da Nang. Tour to Hoi An Ancient Town. Enjoy the view of thousands of lantern in this picturesque town.
  • Day 5: Leisure in Hoi An. Transfer to Hue in the afternoon.
  • Day 6: Hue City Tour
  • Day 7: Transfer to Hanoi. Take a cyclo ride around Hoan Kiem Lake area.
  • Day 8: Free time in Hanoi in the morning. Fly to Luang Prabang in the afternoon.
Kuang Si Waterfalls - Laos - 13 Days in Vietnam
Kuang Si Waterfalls – Laos
  • Day 9: Luang Prabang City Tour: visit some most famous temples and enjoy sunset view at Mount Phousi.
  • Day 10: Spend time around Kuang Si Waterfall.
  • Day 11: Transfer to Vientiane.
  • Day 12: Vientiane city tour: Visit some Buddhist landmarks around the city.
  • Day 13: Depart from Vientiane.

Itinerary 4: 13 days in Vietnam and Cambodia

  • Day 1: Arrive in Hanoi. Check in hotel in the Old Quarter area. If you travel at the weekend, you will have a chance to discover the vibrant Night Market.
  • Day 2: Hanoi City Tour
  • Day 3: Halong Bay Cruise
  • Day 4: Check out cruise at 11.30 am. Back to Hanoi and fly to Hue.
  • Day 5: Hue City Tour: discover the last imperial family in Vietnam.
  • Day 6: Transfer to Da Nang, relax at Lang Co Beach.
  • Day 7: Visit Hoi An Ancient Town. Fly to Ho Chi Minh City in the late afternoon.
  • Day 8: Ho Chi Minh City tour
  • Day 9: Transfer to Phnom Penh. Relax at hotel.
Angkor Wat - Cambodia - 13 Days in Vietnam
Angkor Wat – Cambodia
  • Day 10: Phnom Penh City Tour: See main landmarks such as National Museum, Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, and Wat Phnom.
  • Day 11: Fly to Siem Reap. Visit the North Gate of Angkor Thom.
  • Day 12: Spend time at Angkor Wat
  • Day 13: Depart from Siem Reap.

What to Do for 13 Days in Vietnam

13 days in Vietnam to enough to see every highlight of our country from north to south or vice versa. Let’s take a look at this itinerary to arrange a suitable time for each destination on your tour.

13 Days in Vietnam

Hanoi Itinerary: 2 Days

The vibrant capital city has plenty of things to enjoy, from mouthwatering street food, traditional art performances, to glorious history and culture of a place which remains intact after wars and colonial era.

Watch a Water Puppet show in Hanoi - 13 Days in Vietnam
Watch a Water Puppet show in Hanoi

Having endured Chinese and French colonization, together with the American War, Hanoi is rich in historical heritage. Spending 2 or 3 days in Hanoi, travelers can have a chance to see all highlights of the city as well as some attractions in the rural area like Duong Lam Ancient Village and Van Phuc Silk Village.

Where to Stay in Hanoi

You can find plenty of hotels and hostels around the capital city. We recommend these three places for its high-quality service and utmost attention to detail:

  • Apricot Hotel (136 Hang Trong Street): This is a luxurious hotel, very close to the center of Hanoi. This hotel offers splendid view to Hoan Kiem Lake from its rooftop bar and swimming pool.
  • Sunline Paon Hotel (27 Hang Thung Street): This hotel promises you a comfortable accommodation with 49 twin and double rooms and excellent amenities.
  • Quoc Hoa Premier Hotel (10 Bat Dan Street): Located on one of the renowned 36 ancient streets in Hanoi, Quoc Hoa Premier Hotel is surrounded by local restaurants, sightseeing spots, and entertainment.

What to Eat in Hanoi

Banh mi - 13 Days in Vietnam
Banh mi

Vietnam is famous for its diverse and balanced cuisine, and Hanoi is where you can try some most delicious dishes in our country. Here are some addresses you should note on your tour to Vietnam:

  • Pho: 10 Ly Quoc Su Street
  • Bun cha Huong Lien (or Bun cha Obama): 24 Le Van Huu Street
  • Cha ca (grilled fish): 14 Cha Ca Street
  • Banh cuon Thanh Van: 12 Hang Ga Street
  • Sticky rice (xoi): Xoi Cat Lam 24B Duong Thanh Street
  • Mien luon (eel vermicelli): 87 Hang Dieu Street
  • Banh mi Nguyen Sinh (Vietnamese baguette): 17 -19 Ly Quoc Su Street. For a more luxurious option, you can try this food at Sofitel Metropole Hotel, 15 Ngo Quyen Street.
  • Egg coffee: Café Dinh at 13 Dinh Tien Hoang Street

13 Days in Vietnam

Halong Bay Itinerary: 2 Days

Halong Bay in North Vietnam is a place that can help in giving your senses a treat. This place is bestowed with breathtaking natural wonders and is dotted with 1600 limestone islands and islets covering a 1500-square-meter area.

Halong Bay - 13 Days in Vietnam
Halong Bay

Some tips for your perfect cruise to Halong Bay:

  • Book via a prestigious channel; do not just randomly choose a travel agent! They cannot promise you a high-quality vessel and suitable cruise activities.
  • The best times to visit Halong are spring (from March to early May) and autumn (late September to November). However, many cruises have promotion during off-season (May to September).
  • Remember to wear life jackets when kayaking.
  • Save our planet, do not litter into the water.

13 Days in Vietnam

Sapa Itinerary: 2 Days 3 Nights

Sapa is a paradise for adventurous tourists and culture lovers thanks to its spectacular sceneries, natural spots and ethnic tribe communities. Especially, if you desire to conquer the top of Fansipan Mountain, the highest mountain in Vietnam at 3,143 m, Sapa is your starting point.

Sapa - 13 Days in Vietnam
Sapa – one of the most beautiful destinations in Northern Vietnam

You can include these places on your Sapa tour:

  • Ethnic villages: Cat Cat, Lao Chai, Giang Ta Chai, Ta Van, Sin Chai
  • Ham Rong Mountain
  • Sapa Church
  • Mount Fansipan
  • Muong Hoa Valley
  • Silver Waterfall

13 Days in Vietnam

Da Nang & Hoi An Itinerary: 2 Days

On the way from Hue to Da Nang, you will definitely pass Hai Van Pass, the highest pass in Vietnam. Spend time at My Khe Beach and Marble Mountain and get an amazing view of the city.

Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills - 13 Days in Vietnam
Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills

42 km from the city center, Ba Na is the mountaintop resort complex which contains many luxury restaurants, world-class accommodations and entertainment. Taking a cable car to Ba Na, you can admire the magnificent view of misty mountains and escape from the heat of summers. Especially, do not miss a chance to admire the gorgeous Golden Bridge (Cau Vang) that was praised on CNN for its unique architecture.

Your trip to Vietnam cannot be complete without visiting Hoi An. From the Japanese Covered Bridge, ancient houses to street food vendors and lantern shops, Hoi An has everything you need for a perfect trip. See this map for some landmarks in Hoi An:

Hoi An Travel Map
Hoi An Travel Map

13 Days in Vietnam

Nha Trang Itinerary: 2 Days

Thanks to its turquoise beaches, Nha Trang is a paradise for water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing.

Nha Trang - 13 Days in Vietnam
Nha Trang

Tourists can find a variety of entertainment from fancy restaurants, bars, and clubs along Tran Phu Beach on your 13 days in Vietnam. For more off-the-beaten-track options, take a boat trip to Hon Mun (Mun Island), Hon Tre (Bamboo Island), and Hon Tam (Tam Island).

Apart from the beaches, you can discover Cham culture and architecture in this city. Known as Kauthara under the Champa, Nha Trang is the home to the famous Po Nagar Tower from the ancient kingdom of Champa.

13 Days in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City Itinerary: 2 Days

With 2 or 3 days in Ho Chi Minh City, you can see several picturesque spots as well as interact with light-hearted and friendly people here.

Saigon at night - 13 Days in Vietnam
Saigon at night

Where to Stay in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Silverland Jolie Hotel & Spa: This 3-star hotel offers travelers a fantastic view of the Saigon River and Bach Dang Pier. You can walk to some attractions from the hotel for about 10 minutes.
  • Hotel Continental Saigon: Featuring French colonial décor, all rooms in this hotel promise you a comfortable stay with high-quality amenities.
  • Sofitel Saigon Plaza: This hotel features luxurious accommodation, a fitness centre and swimming pool at the heart of Saigon.

What to Eat in Ho Chi Minh City

Banh xeo - 13 Days in Vietnam
Banh xeo

As a metropolitan city, you can find every regional food in Ho Chi Minh City. On your 13 days in Vietnam, we suggest some addresses to ‘eat like a local’ in this vibrant city:

  • Banh mi: Banh mi Huynh Hoa at 26 Le Thi Rieng Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1
  • Pho: You will find Pho in the south of Vietnam will taste differently from what you try in Hanoi. We recommend trying this dish at Pho Phuong, 25 Hoang Sa Street, Da Kao Ward, District 1.
  • Bun mam (Noodle soup with fermented fish sauce): 144 Khanh Hoi Street, Ward 6, District 4.
  • Hu tieu: Hu tieu Nam Vang Nhan Quan, 488 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 2, District 3.
  • Bun thit nuong (Rice noodle with grilled pork): 195 Co Giang Street, District 1.
  • Banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake): 46 Dinh Cong Trang Street, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1.
  • Com tam (Broken rice): 77 Bui Vien Street, District 1

13 Days in Vietnam

Cu Chi Tunnels + Cao Dai Holy See Itinerary: 1 Day

Cu Chi Tunnels and Cao Dai Holy See are two must-see attractions nearby Ho Chi Minh City.

The Great Holy See Temple, built in 1926, is considered one of the most striking structures in all of South-East Asia. It is the headquarters of the unique Cao Dai sect, a religion with a hybrid of Buddhism, Christianity & Confucianism.

After that, let’s prepare for the coolest and the most ingenious place ever – Cu Chi underground tunnels. The network of over 200 km of tunnels was used during the Vietnam War for Viet Cong to hide.  Going down the tunnel, you will be amazed at how interconnected the tunnels were, just like a spider web! After your discovery time here, do not forget to try cassava, guerrilla’s food in the wartime.

Watch this video for the exhilarating experience when crawling Cu Chi Tunnels:

Do you have any question regarding itineraries and budget for 13 days in Vietnam? Please let Paradise Travel know on the comment box below.

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