Mekong Delta Cruises

Mekong river cruise and Mekong delta tours are updated for 2017 - 2018

The Mekong Delta is the most populous area of Vietnam, now home to about 18 million people, and considered the "rice basket" of the country. Vietnamese people call it the “Nine Dragons Delta” because the Mekong River divides into two smaller branches when it enters Vietnam, then those two branches divide into nine "mouths" flowing to the East Sea that look like nine dragons on the map.

Paradise Travel™ has designed a number of Mekong tour and Mekong river cruise packages through the intricate waterways of this fascinating region, offering travellers an intimate glimpse into the lives and occupations of the people living in this area of Vietnam.

There are different options for travelers to discover the delta. You can choose overnight cruises on the rivers or daily car/ bus tours to visit local floating markets and people daily life activities


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Best prices for Mekong River Cruises

Prices are in $US, per person, double/ twin share:

Private Mien Tay Sampan Cruise - 2 days & 3 days

Mien Tay Boats offer private Mekong delta private adventure cruise programs. Enjoy a relaxing private overnight cruise along the Mekong River through typical southern Vietnamese countryside aboard the traditional style Mien Tay sampan and experience daily life in the Delta. The cruise offers 2 and 3 day cruise programs on Mekong Rivers

Price from
225 $US
Private Mien Tay Sampan CruiseValue Guarantee

Jayavarman and the Jahan Cruises - Heritage Line - 4 days, 5 days & 8 days

Heritage Line offers Jayavarman and the Jahan cruises, luxury Mekong delta cruise tour packages to discover lower Mekong Rivers. With three-and-a-half decks, the Jayavarman is as spacious as it is beautiful while the Jahan is Heritage Line’s most romantic cruise liner. There are set departure programs from 4 to 8 days with starting point in Vietnam or Cambodia

Price from
769 $US
Jayavarman and the Jahan Cruises - Heritage LineValue Guarantee

Le Cochinchine Cruises - 2 days, 3 days & 7 days

Le Cochinchine is a modern designed river cruise. Built in traditional style, Le Cochinchine is around 30 meters length from bow to stern and has two 420 HP engines , one in back up, making Le Cochinchine a very powerful and safe river vessel. Le Cochinchine offers an elegant, relaxing and fulfilling ways to explore endless water way of Mekong River. The cruise brings tourists into contact with people in different corner of the Delta. With Le Cochinchine, travelers have...

Price from
174 $US
Le Cochinchine CruisesValue Guarantee

Mekong Emotion - Le Cochinchine Cruise - 2 days & 3 days

Cruise along the Mekong for two or three days aboard the elegant, traditional style Le Cochinchine riverboat, observing the floating markets, daily life and the impressive natural surroundings. Tastefully designed and well equipped, the powerful Le Cochinchine cruises offer a unique and fulfilling way to explore endless waterways of Mekong River and Mekong Delta. Welcome onboard and let us show you a Vietnam that many dream about.

Price from
158 $US
Mekong Emotion - Le Cochinchine CruiseValue Guarantee

Private Song Xanh Sampan Saigon - Phnom Penh - 4 Days/ 3 Nights

The Song Xanh sampan meanders slowly along the Mekong from Cai Be via Chau Doc then to Phnom Penh in Cambodia on this extended tour including stops at historic sites and Cham villages, as well as dinner with a local family.

Price from
460 $US
Private Song Xanh Sampan Saigon - Phnom PenhValue Guarantee

Mekong Cruise On Bassac - 2 Days/ 1 Night

Bassac Cruise is a friendly and professional wooden boat in Mekong River. We bring to you the three elegant cruises that sharing the same quality in three impressing different sizes. It is known as one of the most long-standing boat in the rural Mekong. The cabins of Bassac I II III are perfectly decorated with full of modem things such as air-conditional, individual bathroom, accompanied by other convenient furnishes

Price from
225 $US
Mekong Cruise On BassacValue Guarantee

Private Song Xanh Sampan - Victoria Cruise - 2 Days/ 1 Night

Travel along the Mekong in comfortable, private elegance on board a Song Xanh sampan, including stops at historic houses and temples, as well as a romantic candlelight dinner on the boat.

Price from
240 $US
Private Song Xanh Sampan - Victoria CruiseValue Guarantee

Mekong Eyes Explorer - Dragon Eyes River Cruiser - 2 days & 3 days

Our fleet of luxurious river cruisers consists currently of different types of boats to cater your needs:the small fleet of Dragon Eyes, our luxurious 2-cabin cruisers for a more private Mekong Delta river cruise and the private Gecko Eyes house boats with only one cabin each. Explore the beautiful countryside of the Mekong Delta and relax on our boat while you can see the colorful floating markets and taste some local fruits at a floating house.

Price from
146 $US
Mekong Eyes Explorer - Dragon Eyes River CruiserValue Guarantee

RV Katha Pandaw Cruise - 8 days, 11 days & 15 days

Sailing on a Pandaw ship is an outdoor, fresh air experience. However comfortable and roomy the staterooms, passengers prefer to spend their time sitting outside, on the promenade decks or on the vast observation deck above. Unlike most other cruise ships, every window on board (except for the portholes on the lower deck) can be opened and closed to suit your comfort.

Price from
2117 $US
RV Katha Pandaw CruiseValue Guarantee

Aqua Mekong Cruise - 4days, 5 days & 8 days

Launched in 2014, the 20-suite Aqua Mekong allows our guests to experience, first-hand, the colorful and varied cultures, religions and timeless traditions that I have discovered along the Mekong. Traveling deep into its remote tributaries, our guests learn about the history and ecosystem of this vital Southeast Asian waterway. And I love being able to offer our guests on both ends of the Aqua Mekong cruise unique trips to other Vietnam and Cambodia points of interest...

Price from
3855 $US
Aqua Mekong CruiseValue Guarantee
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