Suggested activities in Mandalay in 2 days

  • Visit Hsinbyume Pagoda
  • Take an excursion to Mandalay Hill
  • Visit the majestic Mingun Pagoda
  • Enjoy romantic sunset on U Bein Bridge
  • Visit Sandamuni Pagoda
  • Try local food: Kyay Oh, Mount Di, Wat Thar Dote Htoe

Being the second-largest city of Myanmar (after Yangon), Mandalay will delight you with the city’s colorful markets, exceptional street food and temples as well as ancient monasteries on your 2 days in Mandalay. It is an excellent arrival point for your tour to Myanmar. We recommend you spend 2 days in Mandalay to be able to admire the best of its charms and stunning scenery.

Best time to go to Mandalay

Located in the center of Myanmar, Mandalay has a steppe climate which means that the average annual temperature is around 27 ° C. The best time to visit this site is between August and March, when the weather is nice with little rainfall and cool temperatures. This period has undoubtedly become the peak tourist season in Mandalay and is the perfect time for you and your family to take a trip on 2 days in Mandalay.

You had better avoid October if you want to stay dry since this is known as the rainy season in Mandalay.

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Getting to Mandalay

By plane

Mandalay International Airport is 45km to the South of Mandalay. It is the largest and most modern airport in Myanmar, with its no less than six domestic airlines and some international flights. This way will help you get to Mandalay in the quickest time for your 2 days in Mandalay.

By bus

There are at least three bus stations in Mandalay. From Yangon, you can travel to Mandalay by night bus equipped with air-conditioning, with a suitable price between 11 and 18 USD depending on the quality of the buses. Your journey for 2 days in Mandalay by bus will take you about 8 hours. Also, a quality bus is certainly the most comfortable option to visit the two main cities in Myanmar.

On a boat

From Bagan, there are boat services at different levels of luxury. The journey takes about 10 hours with a price of 40 USD. Mandalay ferry services to Bagan will be closed but slow ferryboats. However, this exception is only available on certain days of weeks during April, May and June, when the water level of rivers here stays low. Most of tourist services are offered from October 1st to March 31st. Therefore, if you make your decision to travel for 2 days in Mandalay by this way, you should check boat schedule carefully.

By shared taxi

From Pyin U Lwin, pickups and shared taxis are always waiting outside the station to transport passengers to Mandalay. The pick-up or shared taxi ride takes only 2 hours on your 2 days in Mandalay with a price of about 1 – 2 USD per person in a shared charge. You will have a chance to share some conversations with other locals as well as foreign passengers.

Getting around Mandalay

The city of Mandalay offers various modes of transport such as bus, taxi, bike carrier or motorcycle taxi,…


This is surely the simplest and most economical way for your 2 days in Mandalay. The city has several bus lines. Discovering Mandalay by bus will be a unique and memorable experience during your Myanmar tour.


Taxis are plentiful in the streets of Mandalay and excellent for traveling around the city. The tariffs are negotiated with 1000 kyats on each km, which is much more expensive than in Yangon. If you catch a cab at a tourist place, the price will be even higher.


2 days in Mandalay

A typical tuk-tuk taxi in Mandalay

Taxi is an economical option if you are numerous. If you travel alone, you should use a motorcycle taxi instead. The latter will offer you fast and relatively reliable urban travel on your 2 days in Mandalay. A city tour by motorcycle taxi should cost around 6,6 USD.

Cycle rickshaw

This mean is also known as “Trishaw”, another mode of transport. It is less expensive than traveling by taxi and a convenient way to get around Mandalay on your 2 days in Mandalay as well.

Suggested itinerary for 2 days in Mandalay

Day 1: Mingun – Taung Mingyi Pagoda – U Bein Bridge


Located about 12 km North-West of Mandalay, the Mingun site belongs to Mandalay’s major attractions. On your 2 days in Mandalay, a discovery of Mingun tour will be the best choice!

From Mandalay, guests can reach Mingun by a 45-minute cruise on Ayeyarwaddy River – the longest and most dazzling river in Myanmar. This river and the life around it will offer you some romantic scenes that will make you totally get immersed in on your 2 days in Mandalay. For those who want to avoid the massive arrival of tourists arriving at Mingun by boat, you should take a walk.

Mingun is a must-visit place to visit if you are traveling for 2 days in Mandalay. Here are some suggested destinations for you to explore while in this beautiful city:

Hsinbyume Pagoda
Hsinbyume Pagoda

Hsinbyume Pagoda, Mingun

Consisting of seven rolling terraces, representing the seven mountain ranges leading to Mount Meru, this whitewashed pagoda is dazzling on sunny days. This destination is also known as the Mya Thein Tan pagoda because 100,000 emeralds were used to build it and in Burmese, emerald is called “Mya”.

Mingun Pagoda (Pahtodawgyi)

Once you are in Mingun on 2 days in Mandalay, you should spend time taking a walk to Pahtodawgyi. The Mingun Temple is a monumental stupa, begun by King Bodawpaya in 1790. Its construction would not be completed because there was an astrologer at the time who said that once the temple was finished, the king would die.

The majestic Mingun Pagoda

The majestic Mingun Pagoda

The Mingun Bell

This bell is the second largest bell in the world with its 90 tons weights. The special bell is an interesting choice for visiting on your 2 days in Mandalay.

Taung Mingyi Pagoda

This site is almost neglected by tourists because of its disadvantage of location. Most of Mandalay’s temples are full of tourists, but at this place, you will have the chance to explore the pagoda and enjoy its charm quietly on your 2 days in Mandalay.

U Bein Bridge
Romantic sunset on U Bein Bridge, Mandalay

Romantic sunset on U Bein Bridge, Mandalay

The longest teak bridge in the world is located on Taungthaman Lake. It was built in 1849 by Mayor U Bein, with its teak columns abandoned during the transfer of the capital to Mandalay. Crossing the lake for the length of 1,2 km to reach the Kyautawgyi Paya with its 1060 pillars is an experience not to be missed during your tour to Indochina. It is also the best place to admire the sunset in Mandalay.

Day 2: Discovery Mandalay’s city tour

Explore the beautiful temples of Mandalay and discover the local culture

Buddha Mahamuni Temple

It is an important place of pilgrimage for the Burmese where Mahamuni Buddha is located, also called “Maha Myat Muni Paya”, “Rakhine Paya”, or “Payagyi”. Measuring 4 meters high, the statue consists of 6.5 tons of bronze. On your 2 days in Mandalay, you will be able to see it but only men are allowed to get close to this statue with gold leaves.

Kyauk Taw Gyi Pagoda

Also known as the Great Marble Buddha Image, this site is famous for its huge carved Buddha image. At first, the temple was modeled after the Ananda Temple in Bagan, but in the end, it looks different in its own unique architecture.

Sandamuni Pagoda
Sandamuni Pagoda, Mandalay

Sandamuni Pagoda, Mandalay

This temple is well-known for its beautiful golden cover and the 1774 sanctuaries of marble slabs representing Buddha’s teachings. Although you are not allowed to walk between the shrines, Sandamuni Pagoda still offers you a breath-taking view that you will keep in mind forever.

Shwenandaw Monastery

This “Shwe-Kyaung-pyi” in Burmese is the most significant building in Mandalay’s history. It was originally a part of the royal wooden palace at Amarapura, before it was moved in 1857 by King Mindon to Mandalay, the new capital. This monastery is famous for its detailed teak carvings and will certainly impress you on your trip for 2 days in Mandalay.

Mandalay Palace

It was built in 1861 by King Mindon to fulfill a prophecy. The palace, despite being destroyed during the Second World War, has been rebuilt and renovated recently and becomes such a magical destination that you should have in mind on your 2 days in Mandalay.

Mandalay Hill
Breath-taking scenery on Mandalay Hill

Breath-taking scenery on Mandalay Hill

One of the best views of the city from this site will make your trip to Myanmar more complete than ever. After your effort to climb Mandalay Hill, you will be rewarded with an incredible view of the sunset.

Best food to try for 2 days in Mandalay

Kyay Oh

Delicious Kyay Oh dish

Delicious Kyay Oh dish

This specialty of Myanmar was invented by Chinese expatriates living in the country. Kyay Oh contains tasty broth with vermicelli and meatballs, eggs, chicken and pork.


This is another delectable meal in Mandalay that you should experience on your 2 days in Mandalay. How to make cobia? The simple recipe will surprise you that it is fresh fish steaming with garlic and tangy lime. This is such an appetizing dish that it will completely satisfy the most demanding tourists.

Mount Di (or Mount Ti)

The “Mont Di” is the famous traditional Mandalay dish that Burmese love and have regularly for breakfast. Mont Di was made from fresh ingredients, with rice noodles, meat or chicken curry and onions.

Wat Thar Dote Htoe

Tasty Wat Thar Dote Htoe

Tasty Wat Thar Dote Htoe

This food is a well-known Myanmar street dish with soy sauce. It is so delicious that you should savor at least once when traveling to Mandalay.

Hopefully, our suggested itinerary meets your expectations and the provided information is helpful for your trip to Mandalay. Customize your tour to Myanmar so that we can help create your long-lasting memories on your 2 days in Mandalay!

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