If you have the opportunity to travel to Myanmar, do not just learn about the ancient temples in Myanmar or the spiritual culture here. Our advice is that you should spend time hiking in Myanmar. Especially, if you are a fan of adventure travel, prefer to challenge yourself, you should choose hiking in Myanmar because this land still has a lot of unspoiled mountains full of interesting points waiting for you to explore. On your Myanmar tour, you will see a completely different view when hiking in Myanmar.

Here is a list of hiking spots in Myanmar that you can explore.

1. Putao, one of the most famous mountains in Myanmar

When mentioning hiking in Myanmar, Putao mountain cannot be missed. Putao is also the most beautiful mountain in Myanmar, located in the state of Kachin in northern Myanmar. Any visitor to Putao will be intrigued by the beauty of the snowy mountains of the Himalayas. You can hike in Putao any time you like, through which you will discover more about the culture of Myanmar people along the way.

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Around the top of Putao peak is surrounded by white snow, so the journey to Putao mountain is not easy but this is a challenge for those who love hiking. If you do not have enough health and conditions, do not challenge Putao mountain hiking to protect your safety and health for yourself.

2. Taung Wine – a top in beautiful areas

When talking about Myanmar, Hpa An is often mentioned as one of the beautiful towns with many attractive tourist destinations. Besides, people and food here are also very suitable for tourists to deeply discover Myanmar. In Hpa An there is also a super famous mountain – Taung Wine mountain. This site surely is suitable for you to experience hiking in Myanmar.

When you choose to climb Taung Wine, you will not have to spend too much time traveling because Taung Wine is not too far from downtown Yangon. Therefore, your hiking experience can end within the day and it is also very convenient for you to return and follow your Myanmar travel itinerary. The successful hiking in Taung Wine usually takes 1.5 hours. If  you finish hiking in the afternoon, you can see the beautiful sunset from Taung Wine. However, you should also ensure that you are in good health and have a companion with you when hiking in Myanmar.

3. Zwegabin Mountain – a rendezvous point for hiking

Apart from Hpa An, Zwegabin is also a popular hiking place for you to fulfill your hobby. From Hpa An to Zwegabin is not too far for you to actively move by motorbike. When you finish your climb, you can also stay at the Zwegabin mountain monastery and watch the sunset at the top of the Zwegabin.

What could be better than breathing in the fresh air on the top of the mountain, the layers of fog hidden beneath the villages and the treetops. Hiking in Myanmar helps you purify your soul and refresh your mind.

4. Spiritual Mount Popa

Mount Popa, one of the most famous attractions in Bagan

Not only a destination for you to experience hiking in Myanmar, but Popa is also a spiritual destination that many tourists choose to visit. Atop Popa, there are many famous sights and temples, but to conquer Mount Popa, it requires a lot of patience from mountaineers.

To conquer Mount Popa, you need to follow 777 steps. If you are a persistent person and really have the desire to conquer Mount Popa, what you get after the hiking journey is extremely worth it. Because Popa provides many challenges, there are not many people who choose to explore this site. As a result, Popa still retains its original serenity, fairy-like scenery by clouds blending into the treetops, cool breeze. light spread everywhere.

After your exploration journey, hiking is a great way for you to end your trip, to be able to think and immerse yourself in your own world. However, to be able to conquer the mountains, do not forget to give yourself good health and companions along the journey!

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