Hanoi- the capital of Viet Nam is loved by the Nature with numerous charming flowers which you can only see in certain months. Visiting Hanoi in summer will give you an opportunity to discover this wonderland of flowers.


1. Lily- “the flower of April”


Lily-"the flower of April"

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Lily flower enters the blossoming season once a year, in late spring and early summer. The flower season comes and goes so fast that sometimes people may not even realize it. In April, Hanoi is covered with the elegant white beauty of lily flowers. They inspire people with their pure white and delightful perfume. At every corner, lily flowers are modest and noble.


2. Purple lagerstroemia and red flamboyant flowers in May


May is the special month of students when they have to say farewells from school, marked by the Purple lagerstroemia and red flamboyant flowers. That’s why they are also called “the flowers of student”. We know it’s time of May when purple lagerstroemia flowers bloom brightly on the streets we go every day. When they fade, flamboyant flowers vibrantly spread their red in the sunshine, adding more colors to Hanoi’s sky.


Purple lagerstroemia and red flamboyant flowers in Hanoi


3. Hanoi welcomes June with Lotus flowers


With the arrival of summer in June, wandering West Lake area, visitors to Hanoi have the chance to see the natural pure beauty of lotus flowers. They have long become the symbol of culture, spirit and personality. Vietnamese love for the lotus is so great that it was voted as the country’s national flower.


Lotus flowers in West Lake


Some parts of lotus flowers are used as medicine or tea, making it a healthy drink for physical and mental life. They also can be used for decoration because of their elegant beauty and attractive fragrance.


Vietnamese girl with Lotus flowers


4. July arrives with sunflowers


Sunflowers are the favourite flowers of many Hanoians. When you see blooming yellow sunflowers following the bikes on every street of Hanoi, it’s time of July. They are probably the world’s cheeriest flower. Their bright color under summer sunshine attracts the eyes of all passers-by.


Sunflowers on Hanoi streets

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