Paragliding is one of the most favorite sports for travelers who love to explore and desire to admire the full scenery from the air. This sport relies on the wind and the movement in the direction of the player, so it must be the person who has gone through the classes to be brave enough to participate. Vietnam is full of majestic landscapes; however, not all places are suitable for tourists to conquer by paragliding. Therefore, this article will provide you with a list of best places for paragliding in Vietnam that you should not miss on your Vietnam tour!

Best Places for Paragliding in Vietnam

Paragliding from Khau Pha Pass, Vietnam

3 Best Things About Paragliding

1. This is an amazing and unique experience!

Wind, sunshine, clouds all around you. Hot wind and pillars are lifting you up – paragliding is such a sport with a lot of adventure elements that offers amazing feelings and emotions! But it is a thrilling sport that once experienced, you will love it without end.

2. The feeling of irritation

You imagine yourself jumping from a high mountain peak. When you take the momentum to jump into the abyss, you will not know what awaits you below. Even the feeling of flying at an altitude of 600m, everything is hard to describe, mostly anxiety mixed with excitement and irritation.

3. Admire the city from above

A unique viewing angle! Everything is like a scene recorded from a flycam. However, the best scenery and all the emotions you experience will be put directly into the infinite memory box of your own.

Vietnam Tours 2020

1. Vien Nam Mountain, Hanoi

Best Places for Paragliding in Vietnam

Not only is the place associated with the nation’s historical landmark through the anti-French uprising, Vien Nam mountain is also an ideal place for anyone who loves paragliding.

It is located in Yen Binh Commune, Thach That District, Hanoi. This mountain has a peak of 1,031m above sea level, beautiful landscapes and possesses suitable terrain for paragliding in the air. As a result, it allows us to rent a range view at the green rice fields mingled with the trees. Paragliding players will take about 30 minutes to climb to the top of the mountain and start their sky journey.

2. White Reed Hill, Hanoi

Best Places for Paragliding in Vietnam

You can perform flying on this poetic reed hill in around September – November. At this time, the weather is comfortably cool, maybe even chilly. Besides, this is the North monsoon season – the wind direction in front of the takeoff area is extremely rewarding for paragliding.

Also, in October, the grass along the hillside began to bloom, creating an extremely romantic scenery with fresh air and wind. The grass hill is about 1.5 km long and the takeoff point is located on an elevation of 655m. It processes a smooth terrain, beautiful scenery as the favorite paragliding spot of the Northern pilots.

At the hill, the Flight Club is always ready with all the necessary equipment for the flight of passengers. So, let’s come to Hanoi and join this exciting experience!

3. Bai Nha Mountain, Hoa Binh

One of the most beautiful places of paragliding in Northern Vietnam is the Bai Nha peak. It is located in Ngoc Son commune, Lac Son district, Hoa Binh province. Bai Nha stands in front of the vast green space of hills and mountains, plants and trees. You can enjoy the wind of the sky and heaven when choosing this one of the best places for paragliding in Vietnam.

Needless to say, wanderers love to go to Bai Nha to throw themselves into the air, catch their small image in the middle of the air no matter how hard the climbing journey is. In short, there is only pleasure as well as infinite happiness left. This is also the venue for the annual paragliding competition among areas in the region and for regular paragliding competitions.

4. Bu Hill, Hoa Binh (833)

This is one of the favorite destinations for people who love to travel and adventure sports like paragliding. It is not too far from Hanoi and the conditions for paragliding are also very suitable.

Bu Hill in Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh has an elevation of 833m. With gentle terrain, beautiful scenery, it is both chosen as a tourist destination and also enjoyed by paragliding athletes.

The most important thing before determining the flight point is the wind direction and speed so that it is suitable for paragliding. And right after taking off at this one of the best places for paragliding in Vietnam, you can start enjoying the charming scenery of Hoa Binh.

5. Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai

Mu Cang Chai amid the Northwest as a young lady fluttering in the green and yellow colors of terraced fields that attracts travelers from far away. With a height of over 1,000m, Mu Cang Chai has attracted many paragliding players.

This site is lost in the highland winds, gliding around hills and mountains, villages, mesmerizing scenery full of poetry and earth melodies. Therefore, the weather in Mu Cang Chai is quite good for paragliding.

6. Linh Truong Mountain, Thanh Hoa

If you are a challenging paraglider, do not miss the “playground” at Linh Truong Mountain, Thanh Hoa. Covered from a vast pine forest with a fairly narrow and steep slope, Linh Truong Mountain is a fascinating place for not only tourists in Thanh Hoa but also paragliders.

When you drop yourself from the top of the 210m height, you will never regret having put your efforts here at one of the best places for paragliding in Vietnam. Gentle green fields with a sparkling silver channel, miniature white salt fields in sight, far away is a crowded beach with rows of old casuarina trembling in the wind. All are so poetic, so charming!

Some Notes for Paragliding in Vietnam

1. You must follow strictly the regulations. Paragliding is a risky sport. Therefore, to ensure safety, passengers must comply with the following regulations: not flying when it is cloudy or rainy; after 16h30 with visibility restrictions; when the wind is not in the right direction, etc.

And it also depends on the pilot. Some may be busy with their private work and cannot guide you.

2. You should bring a memory card to get your flight video from your pilots right after landing.

3. A full breakfast will ensure your health when flying. In the afternoon, you can visit the local bar to enjoy chicken eggs, black bean tea, sausages, porridge, etc. to fulfill the energy.

4. Always pay attention to environmental sanitation of the paragliding spot you visit.

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