Laos weather is divided into two distinctive seasons: the dry season and the rain season. Travel to Laos in different time will surely bring adventures completely different experience of this old country. “When is the best time to travel in Laos?” surely is one of the questions get asked most about this country. This article will give you a throughout view of Laos weather and seasons as well as how’s travel in Laos in different months look like.

Laos at a glance


Laos, also known as Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) is a beautiful country in South East Asia. It was united as a kingdom in 1353 (Kingdom “Million Elephants” Lan Xang). It was then colonized by the French, until it finally declared its own independence in 1953. The nation is surrounded by land (sharing borders with China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. Being a land-locked as well as surrounded by mountains country, Laos weather is not much affected by sea storm or typhoon. Lao’s government reserved its stance on tourism in the mid-90s and declared 1998 “Visit Laos Year.” Today, tourists coming to Laos are slowly rising every years.

  • Population: 6.9 million (2016)
  • Capital: Vientiane city
  • Ethnic group: 47 minorities
  • Main language: Lao
  • Currency: Lao Kip (K)
  • Time zone: GMT+7
  • Country phone code: + 856

Laos seasons

Laos weather is divided into only two seasons: the dry season and the rain season. Each of these could be divided into another 2 sub-categories which are the early one and the latter one. At the same time, Laos’ geography plays a major role in shaping its climate. The higher aptitude will by cooler but receive more rain. These highlands are located mainly in northern, eastern and central of Laos.

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Rain season

May to September is the Laos rain season. From May to June (Laos early wet season), the temperature gets quite hot (average of 27 degrees C or 81 degrees F) but the rainfall is often short and helps to cool off the heat. From July to September, the rain becomes more constant and could get heavy, especially in the northern and central of Laos. As a result, roads become muddy and get flooded most of the time. If you are traveling in Laos during this time, do expect your transfer might get delayed or take longer due to the weather inconvenience. During this time, the average temperature is 24-25 degree C or 75-76 degree F.

Laos weather: rain season

Dry season

October to April is Laos dry season. October to February (Laos early dry season) is the best time to travel to Laos. The temperature is about 21-24 degree C (68-76 degree F) with a low humidity level and the night remains cool. Even better, this is the time when the water level is high in Laos, making it perfect for river transportation or cruising. But do expect more people since it is such a good time for Laos travel. Further down South as going down to lower altitude, it gets warmer. From March to April, it is the hot dry season. Only two-month long but the heat intensity will make up for the short period. The average temperature is 30/32 degree C (86/90 degree F). Someday, it easily gets to 37-40 degree C. Also, these months are when Laos farmer setting fire to rice stubble to fertilize the soil to prepare for a new crop season, resulting in layers of smoke covering the air frequently.

Laos weather: dry season
Laos weather: dry season

Laos weather in detail


Travel to Laos in January

The average temperatures during January are 16 C in Northern Laos while it could get hotter in Central (30 C) and Southern (25 C). If you are traveling in Northern Laos or taking Mekong Laos cruise tour, the weather should be cool and dry. However, it could get cold at 5 C at night. If you travel to different areas in Laos, make sure to bring a range of clothes to accommodate your trip.

Travel to Laos in February

The temperatures rise slightly in the North and drop in Central and Southern areas. The cool and dry weather make it deal for hiking or trekking trip on mountainous areas such as Luang Namtha, Muang La or Phongsali. Make sure to bring warm clothes because the temperature there will drop at night. The Mekong water level during February and March usually drop due to the super-dams system in China stemming the water.

Travel to Laos in March

It is still dry season throughout the country but the temperatures rise as transiting into rain season. It is common for places to reach 30 C during the day. Trips in Northern area of Luang Namtha, Phongsali … are still enjoyable.

Travel to Laos in April

This is typically the hottest month in Laos due to the high temperature (could reaches 40 C!) and the slowly rising of rain level. River level in Laos still remain low at this time. However, this is still a great time to travel to Laos to experience Boun Pi Mai (Laos New Year). Be prepared to get wet as people splashing water at each other in the street.

 Travel to Laos in May

The weather is still hot as the average temperatures of Northern area is 24 C, of Central and Southern are 28 C. It is likely that temperatures in many places could rise to 40 C. Plus, the air will start smelling smoke, especially in the countryside, due to farmers burning rice stubble.

Travel to Laos in June

The rain starts getting heavier. Travelers could expect a cleaner air with the rain washing away smoke and dust. Even though it will be less rain in the mountainous area, it will get slippery there so travelers should be extra careful if going hiking or trekking. The average temperature is 25-28 C.

Travel to Laos in July

This usually is the wettest month in Laos. The rain is heavy and last for days. Traveling to countryside area or long-way travel should not be done because the roads will get flooded. On the other hand, this is the best time to visit waterfalls being at their best, especially the Kuang Si falls or the 4000 Islands.

Travel to Laos in August

The rain continues in the whole country. The heavy and long rain makes travelling around extremely difficult and many roads not passable. Despite the water level of Mekong River rising high and waterfalls at their best, this is not a recommended time to travel in Laos.

Travel to Laos in September

Rainfall is still expected anywhere in Laos during this month. Temperatures begin to lower, leaving 23 C in Northern Laos and 27 C in Central and Southern Laos. Coming near to the end of the month, the level of rain will start decreasing as Laos is transferring to its cool dry season. The scenery becomes lively as covered by lush green plants and the majestic waterfalls are at their best.

Laos weather: dry season
Laos weather: dry season

Travel to Laos in October

Wet season is reaching the end. The weather becomes dryer and cooler. Temperatures are dropping lower throughout the country as 22 C in Northern Laos, 26 C in the Central and 27 C in the Southern Vietnam. This is an excellent time to visit Laos as the number of tourists is low and you will get to enjoy comfortable weather and fresh scenery.

Travel to Laos in November

This is the start of dry season in Laos. The temperatures remain low and cool throughout the whole country. Mekong river water level is high making this is a great time for river cruising. The countryside is lush green. Overall, this is an excellent time of the year to visit Laos.

Travel to Laos in December

December is still an ideal time to travel in Laos. This favorable weather makes it comfortable not only to visit any destinations in Laos but also perfect for Eco tour or outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking and cave exploring. The temperatures continue to drop, especially in the northern area. It could get chilly at night. So make sure to bring warm clothes as well.

Laos festivals & holidays

Laos is a country with festivals and holidays throughout the year.


Laos Festivals and Holidays

It is a fact that nation festivals and holidays are another factors that enrich or affect your adventure. To better plan and get most out of your Laos adventure, learn more about Festivals and Holidays in Laos and Best foods in Laos you must try. Also, you could look interesting Laos tour packages to fully enjoy this country.


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