Khouangsi Waterfalls is one of the best travel attractions near Luang Prabang for its refreshing beauty and serenity, travelers can visit the place in 1 day.

Khouangsi Location MapXieng Khouang is a province in the northern Laos, offers the awesome beauty of high green mountains and rugged karsts formations. The provincial capital of Xieng Khouang is Phonsavan, a town that was established when Muang Khun was wiped out during the Vietnam War. Nowadays, Xieng Khouang attracts more and more tourists to Southeast Asia thanks to the mysterious Plains of Jars.

What to do?

The surrounding mountains in Xieng Khouang are breathtakingly beautiful, untouched, and home to several tribes of indigenous people with their colorful traditional dress and simple life style. Its distance off the main tourist paths is a main reason why Xieng Khouang has been kept so pristine. However, the number of visitors to the Plain of Jars – which Unesco is working to establish as a World Heritage Site – has been on the increase year after year.

When to go?

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The best time to visit Laos overall is the cool season, between November and February. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes. Xieng Khouang is a highlands plains, the weather here is pleasantly cool, and during the end of the year, can get quite chilly at night.