Are you visiting Vietnam for the first time? Choose 1 among the following our 7 tour packages to make your trip more interesting.

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While planning your vacation, if you are torn between the choice of visiting a place with a picturesque view or a place rich in cultural tradition, Vietnam should be an ideal option to serve both of these interests. This place is a perfect blend of ancient culture, beautiful surroundings, and lovely people. Paradise Travel offers the best Vietnam tours for anyone visiting the country especially when you are first-time travelers. Here below is a list of the best travel packages for a memorable trip that can be booked from the website.


Vietnam Tours 2020

Halong Bay - One of the most interesting travel destinations in the world


Discovery tours


North Vietnam terraced rice fields


The tour package named ‘Most interesting destinations of Vietnam‘ is customized for anyone who tends to be a fast traveler. It covers the vast expanse of Vietnam starting from the northern part to the southern-most point. It allows you to visit all the famous locations, monuments, and islands. It also takes you to the pagodas and arranges for recreational activities like snorkeling and swimming. You can visit the famous food joints and restaurants to get a taste of the exquisite variety of seafood. The package is quite cost-effective and contains all inland travel by road, air and water. The total duration is 12 days and 11 nights.

Beach Vacations


A beach in Vietnam


Among all the beach vacation packages, the most comprehensive plan that you can choose goes by the name ‘Vietnam Beach Images‘. The 14 days 13 nights itinerary covers all the beaches across the length and breadth of Vietnam and takes you to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can get involved in a lot of water sports activities like cruising, kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming. You will also be able to spend some relaxing time on the beach while taking a sunbath. Grab your camera to get the snapshots of the beaches to remember the trip of your life.

Cruise Holidays

If you visit Vietnam for the first time, you may also choose to spend some quiet time floating around the rivers and bays in and around the country. Choose among Mekong River Cruises or Halong Bay Cruises to get a glimpse of the exotic scenery along the rivers or coastline while you spend a peaceful time on the cruise. Have plenty of local seafood, mingle with your fellow passengers and play small games with them all through the journey. The prices for such unforgettable journeys are varied based on your budget and time frame.

Family Holidays


Local market in Hanoi, Vietnam

If you are traveling with your family, you must choose the ‘Highlights of Vietnam tours for family‘ package to cover every part of the country worth visiting. The package is catered specifically according to the family needs so you won’t feel helpless even with a child as it takes care of every comfort for each member of the family irrespective of age. It covers every location that helps you to experience the variety of activities that you can indulge in starting from sightseeing, cruising, visiting landmarks to shopping. The itinerary spans for 10 days and 9 nights that packs quite a punch which is worth the money you pay.

Luxury Travel

With tourism as ever booming, Vietnam is also known for its luxury travel. With ‘Luxury Gifts of Vietnam‘ package, you can stay at 5-star hotels across the country which are at a close proximity of various landmarks. You will be taken to various villages and towns across Vietnam to indulge in a variety of activities like joining some cooking lessons, playing golf, taking a spa or simply relaxing while having delicious food for lunch, dinner and breakfast. You will also be able to visit a few places which are usually restricted to travelers with a lesser package. The total duration is almost close to 2 weeks but you will be full with a different perspective when you return home.


Mai Chau Valley


Vietnam Adventure and Eco-tour combined‘ is an excellent package for those who want to be active and adventurous. It takes you to the geographical extremes of the country and helps you to spend your days in various indigenous activities. You can stay in local homes, get involved in their various household chores and even cook food for yourself as well as your host. Trekking and cycling are also included in this package along with various water activities like kayaking, snorkeling and swimming. You can even try your hand at being a guerilla soldier while crawling through the guerilla passes. The tour spans for 15 days and by the end of it, you may not even feel like going home.

Honeymoon Packages

As evident from the presence of a vast number of beaches with beautiful surroundings, Vietnam is ideal for a couple coming here for their honeymoon. It can be customized according to the couple’s wishes and you can spend some memorable alone time strolling along the beaches in the evening after spending your daytime visiting the city and the islands. The 10 days/9 nights package named as ‘Paradise Romantic Honeymoon‘ will definitely be the perfect choice where you can warm up your love and passion towards your partner.

You can choose from any of these trips or can contact Paradise Travel for a package more suited to your style. But once you visit Vietnam, you will completely fall in love with this small Southeast Asian country thanks to the mesmerizing experiences that you can never forget.

Visiting Vietnam with a local tour operator is more interesting, check out reasons why you should book Vietnam tours with local tour operators.

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