Vietnam, a country that can offer you a chance to experience breathtaking beauty, explore a new culture, click memorizing pictures and more, also offers you an opportunity to know the locals more closely. It is the souvenir shopping, which Vietnam has to offer. Every country has a special list of products which tourists must buy as souvenirs and Vietnam to have these which you must buy when you travel to Vietnam.


Ao Dai Vietnam

What are some souvenirs you could buy in Vietnam?

So, here is a list of top 10 souvenirs which you can gift family members, friends, and all others.

1. Silk



In Vietnam, you can find gorgeous silk scarves for men and women and it’s a popular souvenir from this country. The silk here is still made on traditional handlooms and the best place to buy this is at the silk village in Hanoi (named as Van Phuc) and Hoian as well. Silk in Vietnam is renowned for brilliance and could be bought as some unique souvenirs here.

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(Beautiful Vietnam) Van Phuc Silk Village Hanoi

Silk village – treasure of Hoi An


2. Ceramic



Ceramic products are another popular souvenir which you can take home from Vietnam. The beautiful variety one can find here is simply appealing, but just traveling can be tricky where you must handle the same very carefully. You can easily find here ceramic vases, lacquer vases and more such variety in a plethora of sizes, shapes, and colors. All these ceramic items are handcrafted by trained Vietnamese people who still rely on the traditional methods.

Tours to Bat Trang Ceramic village

Explore Bat Trang ceramic village and Dong Ky village 1 Day

Full day Biking tour to Bat Trang Ceramic


3. Bamboo and wooden products



Bamboo and wooden products in Vietnam are all hand woven and available in a large variety of colors. You can buy the same as beautifully carved bamboo hats or salad bowls, trays, baskets and more such items made out of bamboo and wood. Also, bamboo baskets are another specialty made by the Vietnamese people. Apart from being cheaper alternatives, they are also eco-friendly in nature.


4. Silk Paintings


Silk paintings in Vietnam are a unique product and depict an iconic art form of the artisans living here since olden times. The mystical, simple and poetic themes used in silk paintings make these particularly attractive. The paintings make use of the natural silk colors and textiles as the backdrop which is usually colorful. You can find such paintings on wall hangings, scarves and even on the traditional Ao dai (Long dresses).


5. Musical instruments



Musical instruments here are handcrafted which include mini T’rung that are xylophones and bamboo flutes. Carrying these is very easy and can make that perfect souvenir for all music lovers, reminding you of your Vietnam tours for long.


6. Lacquerware



Lacquerware in Vietnam is distinct in its style of using resin from son tree. The art links to the French influence in Vietnam and the same is a work-intensive art form. It’s said that high-quality lacquer products go through 20 stages of development and can be used to craft dishes, bowls, vases, and more in beautiful colors and intricate designs. There are some galleries exclusively dedicated to this art where you can find some really great collection.


7. Vietnamese embroidery



An art passed down from ages, embroiders in Vietnam make use of Chinese techniques largely. It’s said that one can become master in this art in a span of 8-10 years. You can find a museum dedicated to embroidery in Nha Trang and can see embroiders working here live. The mastery and explicit craft are bound to amaze you. So, when on a Vietnam trip don’t forget buying at least one embroidered piece from there.


8. Guoc Moc



Guoc Moc or wooden clogs are traditional footwear for males and females in Vietnam. Females in Vietnam wear these with the traditional Ao Dai to add to their gratefulness. Now the use might have faded away, but you can still buy these at some traditional stores in Vietnam.


9. Conical Hats



Referred as leaf hat or non la, these are a symbol of Vietnam and can be seen on drums as old as 3000 years. The same can be used as an umbrella during rains and sun protector during summers. The conical hats are available in a large variety, which you can buy as a souvenir which is restricted to only this part of the globe.


10. Ao Dai

Long dress, Ao dai


Recognized as a national garment for females in Vietnam, it’s a tight-fitted long dress worn over long pants. The style and traditional variety may have seen an evolution over the years, but the same is still being used by Vietnamese women.


The bottom line

Vietnam, from Ha Noi to Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City is flooded with diverse markets and an amazing mix and match of culture and tradition. Each place offers a distinct experience which can be more closely seen with its souvenirs collection. So, stop by when on your shopping spree to get amazed and enticed with the exotic and beautiful yet distinct delights that await you as top Vietnamese souvenirs.

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