Destination for Wedding is a prevalent way of organizing a wedding in the world. Although it has just penetrated into Vietnam, it has become trendy. At first, several foreign couples come to the romantic beach resorts in Da Nang or Hoi An to hold your wedding.

Now Destination Wedding takes place in different places in Vietnam. In order to have a perfect Destination Wedding, you should keep in mind these factors:

Destination Wedding is a combination of wedding and honeymoon. It means you will not follow a traditional wedding, instead, you choose a tourist attraction (or mainly a resort) to enjoy that vacation with your guests. More importantly, your wedding is not only your landmark but also other guests’ unforgettable memories. Thus, many couples select Destination Wedding as a happy occasion for their family and friends.

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At first, let’s have a look at the wedding procedures to realize that you can have your wedding organized more impressively. Obviously, Vietnamese traditional weddings tend to do procedures than a true meaning of a cozy wedding. They even are limited to several hours. Meanwhile, the guests of Destination Wedding will be fewer. Despite on a smaller scale, the ambiance is very cozy among relatives and close friends. The most amazing feature is you can enjoy a comfortable wedding and brainstorm all your ideas for a special wedding.

Why is Destination wedding popular?

Imagine that the bride wears a flying wedding dress in the wind, and the groom is barefoot on a smooth sandy beach! Moreover, you will definitely have wonderful collections of pictures during Destination Wedding.

Budget on Destination Wedding

It doesn’t cost as much as you think. In addition to wedding expenditure, you need to pay traveling cost and meals for your guests and you for several days. However, the guests are only your family and close friends who are willing to spend some days on your wedding. Due to the small numbers of guests, the expenditure will be much lower.

Budget on Destination Wedding

Budget on Destination Wedding

Now you don’t need to be a Hollywood star or a millionaire, you still can have your wedding held in 4 0r 5 star resorts anytime with the best service. Most of the luxury resorts offer the Destination Wedding, especially in tropical places such as Bali Island, Thailand and Vietnam. The resorts will give a reasonable price to extend the staying of the guests. On the other hand, the wedding participants do not want to miss a chance of sharing the happiest days with the newly-weds.

Wedding planners for an exquisite Destination Wedding


Wedding planners for an exquisite Destination Wedding

A destination wedding often takes place from 3 to 5 days. The hotels, resorts just offer wedding organization, excluding other related services such as themed decoration, bride makeup, and the activities during days off, transportation, etc. Therefore, to ensure a successful wedding, most of the couples need wedding planners.

In a planner’s opinion of MHs Planner Company, many customers require package service, from the ideas to overall organizing. Besides, the couples also want special packages, including designing the wedding space, wedding invitations and thank you gifts, having an expert decorate the wedding at resorts, take picture and record all the activities. While you are busy with your work, the planners can spend half a year on your wedding. They will take care every smallest detail to give you the most impressive Destination wedding.


Vietnam and the paradise for Destination Wedding

According to several resorts in Hoi An like Golden Sand, Palm Garden, many Russian, Australian, American and British couples often choose these places to hold a wedding with 30 to 50 guests for one week. Because the cost of two-way tickets and other expenditure is lower than those in expensive resorts in Europe or America. However, finance doesn’t matter to these guests. It is an ideal destination in Vietnam with many acknowledged-internationally beach resorts. Local culture is so attractive that many foreign couples want to hold a wedding in Vietnamese style in Ao Dai (Long Dress), traditional music and local specialties. Furthermore, many Vietnamese couples take the advantages of exotic places to hold fairy-like weddings or cheerful parties for their families and friends.

According to MHs Planner, an experienced company in organizing wedding parties on different scales, there are four awesome places to hold Destination Wedding, including Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hoi An and Phu Quoc. Nha Trang has pride itself on cool climate all year round, picturesque scenery, deep blue sea and a large number of luxurious beach hotels. Meanwhile, Da Nang, one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet recognized by Forbes magazine is a paradise for holding a wedding. The resort in Da Nang offers many types of villas, incredible cuisine, and the best resort services. Furthermore, the resorts in Hoi An are located by beautiful beaches and nearby the famous tourist attractions such as Hoi An Ancient Town or My Son Holly Land where the newly-weds and their family can enjoy a fabulous vacation together. When it comes to Phu Quoc, it is a very attractive destination in Southeast Asia with many 4 or 5-star resorts like Chen Sea, Le Veranda, etc. Thanks to the direct flight Hanoi-Phu Quoc of Air Mekong carrier, Phu Quoc is attracting more and more couples.

Vietnam and the paradises for Destination Wedding

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