The typical characteristics of Cu Lao Cau island are smooth sloping sandy beach, blue seawater, endlessly hills and mountains that create charming landscape…Coming here, tourists will not help but wonder, awe before a natural beauty, unspoiled.


Cu Lao Cau Island – the real paradise

Cu Lao Cau is a small and young island rising in the middle of the sea, located in Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan, about 9 km away from the seashore. Tourists can spend 30 or 40 minutes to get there by boat. This island stays about 119 km away from Phan Thiet City to the Northeast. To reach this island, you can come from many different landing wharf in the town of Lien Huong, Hidden Phuoc, Vinh Tan commune, Vinh Hao … And depending on your point of departure, will take about 45 to 60 minutes away from the mainland to the island. Transportation to the island mainly fishing boats for fishermen.

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 Quite many kinds of sea creatures living around this island. It would be very great if tourists bring a fishing rod and some preys to fish. On the island, there is also a fresh water well, which is called a Fairy Well from an old book. Although the water amount is small, the well is the sort of permanent leaking water.


Cu Lao Cau above 1,500 meters in length, is surrounded by thousands of rock in many colors and different shapes. Many stones have been linked together, creating a mysterious caves. The entire island is surrounded by tens of thousands of cliff blocks of different colors and shapes. From the main land, it looks like a big warship. It is really interesting when having a condition to observe the whole island carefully. Around this isle, the water is always clean and blue. When the tide goes down, on the seashore we can see numerous beautiful shells and corals pleasing the tourists’eyes.


At this point, you have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the sea, playing on white sand that runs smooth and spoiled to enjoy blue water pools in the bottom of the sea view. Island looks intact with wild vegetation richness, diversity, clean air, cool. Thus you also need to prepare the items needed for a picnic trip as tents, hammocks, canned food … but if you prefer close to nature, like the new feel of the surface rocks on the island would be an ideal place to rest. In absolute quiet night, you can feel the storm Softcore sea breezes, hear the whispering waves pounding the shore, watching the moon stars, with hundreds of colorful lanterns of the fishing boats moored at sea. On the island there is a platoon of infantry, the soldiers patrolled regularly so you do not have to worry about their safety. Also during the day, or watch while diving the reefs, you can start building. On the island, most buildings are jumping. You should be prepared fresh lemon, salt and pepper and a knife to enjoy seafood.

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