Traditional Vietnamese markets give an insight into local culture, bringing country folk and city folk together to haggle over fresh produce, examine both machine-made and handcrafted wares and exchange gossip. Especially, Ethnic Minorities Markets in Northern Vietnam are the highlight that makes Ethnic Minorities Markets in Northern Vietnam.


Ethnic Minorities Markets in Northern Vietnam


Opened either on Saturday or Sunday, a trading session is a weekend gathering of ethnic minority groups such as H’Mong, Dao, Tay and Nung. Prior to sunrise, small groups of people in colorful brocade costumes go to the trading session. Visiting the Northern Vietnam in your Vietnam Discovery tour at weekend, tourists can enjoy the most unique and interesting atmosphere of Ethnic Minorities Markets.

Usually, people sell typical products of the mountainous region such as fresh vegetables, ginger, sticky rice, poultry, stream fish, forest vegetables, bamboo sprouts and cakes.

Although vendors are from different ethnic groups, they share the same sale style which makes bargaining impossible as all prices are fixed. They only sell couples of poultry or livestock.

Ethnic Minorities Markets in Northern Vietnam

Before arrival at this so-called market, vendors do not weigh their products such as vegetables, pickles, bamboo sprouts, cakes and sticky rice, but they usually tie them in bundles or pack them together for sale.

Normally prices would be slashed when consumer demand is low, or vice versa. But at this particular trading session, prices are kept unchanged irrespective of customer turnout.

Ethnic Minorities Markets in Northern Vietnam


As explained by elderly people, the custom of fixing prices for products comes from the good characteristics of honesty and talking straightforwardness. Ethnic people trust one another. You can see this clearly in your Northern Vietnam Exposure Tours.

Meanwhile, the habit of selling couples of poultry or livestock comes from their belief that everything is created in accordance with the yin-yang philosophy. It is hard to see people selling a single chicken, duck, pig, or dog but male and female animals should be sold together.

Ethnic Minorities Markets in Northern Vietnam


Markets of the north are where minorities’ people gather for buying, selling, gossip and getting the basics of life for the week. With a variety of villages along the border with China, explore some of the most dramatic scenery of northern Vietnam, is another excellent opportunity to purchase local handicrafts and gifts directly from the makers and contribute directly to the locals. You can choose any ethnic minorities markets that you want to visit, Vietnam Paradise Travel would like to suggest you the list of the ethnic minorities markets as here below:

Phong Hai Market (Monday)
Coc Ly market (Tuesday)
Cao Son market (Wednesday)
Xin Cheng market (Wednesday)
Binh Lu market (Thursday)
Lung Khau Nhin market (Thursday)
Can Cau market (Saturday)
Pha Long market (Saturday)
Bac Ha Market (Sunday)
Lung Phin market (Sunday)
Meo Vac market (Sunday)
Muong Hum market (Sunday)
Muong Khuong market (Sunday)
Sin Ho market (Sunday)
Tam Duong market (Sunday)
Dong Van market (Sunday)
Pho Cao market
Xa Phin market
Khau Vai market

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