Good news for those planning to travel to central Vietnam in spring next year! The 2016 Hue Festival will be taking place from 29th April  to  4th May, under title of “the 710th anniversary of Thuan Hoa- Phu Xuan- Thua Thien Hue;  Cultural heritage with integration and development”.


The Hue International Festival 2016


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The Hue International Festival 2016, a premier event of this country, will be held in association with the cultural and historical milestones of Hue: celebrating 710 years since the founding of Thuan Hoa – Phu Xuan (now Thua Thien Hue), and the 380th-year anniversary of the establishment of Hue City. The event will feature extraordinary cultural and touristic activities, art performances and various community celebrations to reaffirm the reputation of the Hue Festival that has been built up over the years.

The Hue International Festival 2016


The Hue Festival is Vietnam’s largest celebration of culture and tourism, beginning in the year 2000 and taking place once every two years to great fanfare. Millions of visitors take the Vietnam tour to explore Hue for the celebration, which includes dance, acrobatics, music performances, art and calligraphy exhibitions, traditional games and special tours of the city’s historical sites – concluding with a firework display over the Imperial City. The festival is a joint effort between the authorities of Thua Thien Hue Province and the Embassy of France in Vietnam, taking place over 7 days and nights with the participation of thousands of artists and performers from Vietnam and across the world.

The Hue International Festival 2016


One of the traditional activities enjoyed by revellers is kite-flying, and during the festival the skies above the city become filled with large, intricate kites made in the traditional manner. Hue is known for its elaborate cuisine, developed when the city served as capital of Vietnam, and tourist can expect plenty of delicious offerings during the festival! This festival is the best choice for Vietnam Family Tour.

The Hue International Festival 2016


The Hue Festival 2016 will showcase unique royal proceedings in the mysterious setting of the Imperial Night, as well as many programs presenting the quintessence of Hue’s Royal art, Buddhist ritual music and dance, and street parades with the performances of domestic and international artists. Unprecedented and exciting community activities will take place throughout the festival with the participation of a large number of artists and the public. A variety of side events such as exhibitions, traditional kite flying, calligraphy, installation art, street music and fine arts, workshops, international trade fair, sporting activities, gastronomy and sightseeing tours, etc. will fascinate tourists and the public.

The Hue International Festival 2016


Hue is one of Vietnam’s most historically significant cities, and its illustrious past is still evident in its well-preserved Citadel and Imperial City. When the Nguyen Dynasty came to power in 1802, Emperor Gia Long chose Hue as his capital in an attempt to link north and South Vietnam. He began construction of the Imperial City, modelled on the Forbidden City in Beijing, which is still standing today and provides visitors with a fascinating and evocative link to the past.

The Hue International Festival 2016


Hue’s architectural heritage suffered a great deal during the Vietnam War, but in recent years there has been a great effort to restore some of the city’s former glory. The city was awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO in 1993, and is one of our favourite destinations in central Vietnam.

The Hue Festival 2016 awaits travelers from near and far with enjoyable and inspiring experiences. If you would like to experience the Hue Festival, our Central Vietnam With World Heritage Tour will coincide with the celebrations. If you’d prefer to travel independently, we can plan a tailor-made holiday exactly to suit your needs.

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