Flying fish season usually begins in late March and lasts until the lunar calendar in June, July.Blue on the body, much less meat bone with very long dorsal fins and large. The waters are easily distinguishable experience flying fish each. Flying Fish Da Dia is just over 2 fingers, 1 kg of fish per child size tens. This type of grill used, the great warehouse. Nearshore area occasional small flying fish finger (fish bearing aka Wanderer), soft bones, the child can eat without boneless. Sour soup with fish bowl brings Wanderer becomes unforgettable quiche, if anyone is a coastal visit.

Bun flying fishIn particular, offshore fishermen can carry a ton of flying fish have (almost biceps big fish, blue eyes, silky, long-winged fly that is, fresh meat). Enjoy a bowl of noodles flying fish have with steaming water, the red tomatoes, fresh white fish slices, then nothing is.

How many times did enjoy flying fish noodles have, but I still find themselves craving mentioning. Typical flying fish noodles is my home sweet taste salty, pungent’s very own Central. A delicious flying fish noodle bowl must be harmony between fish, noodles, broth and vegetables. In order to do that when you eat one noodle bowl and plate compliment, the cook has her own secret in each stage.

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The first is selecting fish. People choose the fresh, made it clear, drain, cut slices to taste.Continue sewing the marinated fish. The secret of her sisters beside housewife mouth tasting just need to add compression, crushed out. In particular, the goal here is to the pepper relish, people will eat pungent smell tongue. For cooking oil into the pot, non-aromatic onion, pour boiling water into the pot, pour the marinated fish. Wait a moment of boiling water for cooked fish, drop tomatoes, onion slices, sliced ​​peppers on. What is particularly fascinating is the feed from the flying fish noodle bowl of sweet soups are excreted from the fish bones.

Served with rice noodles are pretty much flying fish sauce, but the most common is still sweet and sour sauce. Anchovy sauce mixed with a little sugar and fresh crushed pepper. When eating, squeeze more lemon pieces. Eat flying fish in style noodles with spinach have split, banana and vegetable cells such as basil, cinnamon, sprouts 

For hundreds of years ago, flying fish is a source of nutritious food, processed into delicious dishes. Especially in Central countryside flying fish I saw as real characteristic of coastal uplands put food in meals for people here, that’s why they have the familiar song “young jackfruit posts down, posted flying fish. “

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