If you are looking for an existing heaven to have a happy trip, It‘s right moment to add Moc Chau to your favorable list of destination. Visiting the mountainous province of Son La, tourists can stay clear of stress and welcome new experiences in both plum blossom season and Hmong New year in colorful plateau.


White plum blossom season in Moc Chau


Moc Chau Plum Blossom

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Thanks to the impressive nature, the plateau stands out as one of the most beautiful destinations for spring time. At this time, the white plum blossom is covering valleys and hills. That makes Moc Chau Plateau extremely attractive and charming. Early January is great milestone when Moc Chau is beautifully covered with white plum flower in a vast terrace. It marks the most gorgeous season of plum blossom. Visitors can eagerly capture the unique white background and enjoy the excellent picture drawn by the extensive carpet of plum blossom on sidewalks when visiting Moc Chau plateau.

Moc Chau Plum Blossom


The white plum blossom combines with many traditional houses and colorful costumes of the Hmong ethnic minority bring here the romantic view. The charm of white plum blossom in Moc Chau makes Moc Chau become the unique destination in Vietnam. As of January, the weather begins to warm up and the plum orchards start popping up all mountains that make the terrace poetic and romantic. It feels like you are floating on a cloud walk when walking under the trees in the farm on plum flowers blossom season. The plateau is brightly promoted with a great deal of unique white plum flowers. To elevate your Moc Chau exploration during the plum blossom season, it’s advised to travel from Van Ho to Chieng Hac where the plum blossom is dominating the hillsides and valleys.

Moc Chau Plum Blossom

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Partake in Hmong New Year celebration


Tourists can luckily partake on the joyful ambiance in which the Hmong is celebrating their traditional New Year when stepping into paradise covered in white during the plum blossom season. There is a rich collection of colorful costumes associated with numerous exciting games engaged in the Hmong New Year that together add special flavor to your Moc Chau trip. The Hmong people in Moc Chau have their own calendar to honor the New Year holiday from the beginning of the December. The event stimulates the whole villagers to wake up excitingly: while men are in charge of preparing for firewood, women take responsibility for cooking, storing water, etc. Meanwhile, working instruments are stored in order to enjoy the spring at best. It is nice time to enjoy a spring vacation with your family and friends in paradise plateau. Let’s enjoy your Vietnam family tour and have unforgettable memories.

Moc Chau Plum Blossom


This time Hmong people decorate themselves their own traditional costumes that make them beautiful and elegant. Put the busy farming life aside, they take part in many activities like playing football, dancing with trumpet, whistle, throw “Pao”, etc. During the lunar New Year Festival, the Hmong people welcome visitors to their homes since they believe that the more visitors, the wealthier they will become in the next year. Giving a toast is the great ceremony to wish everybody a happy New Year.

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