In nature, each bird has a different name. The name can originate from its appearance or characteristics. It seems that among many species, pigeon is the best-loved bird. In the old times, pigeons were used to carry the messages from one place to another place, delivering good news to every parts of the world. Thus, pigeon is regarded as “BIRD OF PEACE”


At dawn, the flocks of birds gather in the heart of Ho Chi Minh city, in front of Notre Dame Cathedral. They fly around in the air, welcoming a new day and playing with the visitors. With a little food in hand, any visitor can get close to them.

It is this place where the couples often come to take beautiful pictures with pigeons. This romantic background is the reminiscence of an old beauty. The image of pigeons in the photos symbolizes wishes for a harmonious and peaceful married life.

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With a litte food an hand, any visitor can get close them


The fly around in the air, welcoming a new day and playing with the visitors


The children offen came here, feeding the dove as a way of releasing stress after day



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