Central of Vietnam has always been a great destination for travelers, especially for those who love trekking or hiking. Beside many beautiful forests like Bach Ma national park or one of the greatest beaches in Vietnam such as My Khe beach, this land is also home to many incredible sand dunes. With the natural incredible scene of endless hills of sand, sand dunes in the central of Vietnam are surreal places that you have to visit.


Here are 5 most captivating sand dunes in the central of Vietnam.


1. Mui Ne


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Mui Ne sand dunes


The sand dunes in Mui Ne, Binh Thuan are the most famous sand attractions in Vietnam. You can visit the sand dunes with the Jeep tours, which are very popular and actually cheaper than renting your own motorbike. The red dunes are 11 kilometres from the tourist centre. The most popular time to see it is at sunset, when the amber sand radiates an intense fiery red; the effect is dramatic. The white sand dunes are 23 kilometres up the coast from the red dunes. They are taller and vaster, with much of them marred by tire tracks and the sound of ATVs racing all over.


Mui Ne sand dunes


 2. Bau Trang


Bau Trang sand dunes


White sand dunes of Bau Trang (white lake) are known as a small Sahara desert in Binh Thuan. Bau Trang is located about 30 km Northeast of Mui Ne Centre. It is a fresh-water lake formed long ago located amid sand hills. Besides the incredible scence of endless white sand, Bau Trang has a lotus lake located in the center of the sand mountain. In the summer, lotuses in bloom complement the sand mountain in a blaze of color, which makes Bau Trang a more attractive destination. Come to Bau Trang, you can rent a boat to go sightseeing or enjoy a view from the center of the lake or even fish when you are on boat.


Bau Trang sand dunes


3. Nam Cuong


Nam Cuong sand dunes


Nam Cuong sand dunes in Ninh Thuan province are still untouched some parts. The most beautiful time for admiring the sand dunes is the dawn, when the first blue sunlight spread over yellow sand, make appearing classes which are “color resolution” of the light and darkness, and gradually flushed into pale orange color. Some dunes are straight forward, some dunes are straight up overwhelmed, others are undulated curve lines as wave. Another feature of Nam Cuong sand dunes is spectacle of Cham girls walking on the soft sand. Looking very charming in traditional dress, the brown beautiful girls carry water jar on their head, adding more colors for the large yellow sand dunes.


Nam Cuong sand dunes


4. Quang Phu


Quang Phu sand dunes border Quang Phu commune (Dong Hoi City) and Nhan Trach commune (Bo Trach District). This is one of the most beautiful sand dunes in central of Vietnam. The white sand dunes stretch to the clean and pristine coast. With a reasonable height, this area is also suitable to play adventure games, including sand sliding. In addition to the opportunity to experience the sand dunes, tourists can explore the living spaces of coastal dwellers and get a better understanding of rural life here.


Quang Phu sand dunes


5.  Mui Dinh


Ninh Thuan province is also home to an incredible sand dune: Mui Dinh. The Mui Dinh sand dune is fabulously amazing. Strong winds blow constantly and create different shapes and lines, making this land an interesting and must-visit  destination. Right at the foot of the sand hills are immense, untouched grass fields.


Mui Dinh sand dunes

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