On the way to Sapa Town in the northwest province of Lao Cai, Ta Phin Village located about four kilometers from the center of town is awaiting your presence.


Tourists tramp around Ta Phin Village in Sapa Town


Tourists tramp around Ta Phin Village in Sapa Town

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Nestled in Sa Peng Commune, Sapa District, Ta Phin is home to Dao people and to reach the village there is a splendid view of the valley on one side and mountain on the other. Under the valley is a crystal water stream winding along green terraced rice fields and in the distance are lines of corn trees, ensuring tourists feast their eyes as they discover a new land.


Visitors will be firstly amazed at the Dao ethnic ladies, with their red scarves covering their hair, as they flock to welcome travelers. They are dressed mostly in black costumes with colorful patterns hemmed in collars, sleeves and laps together with a white hat and shoes. All Dao women shave the hair on their foreheads and eyebrows following their traditional custom.


On the tramp around the village, some Dao women or children will chase after visitors to ask them to buy their brocade products. The village is studded with simple houses with girls sitting sewing products by hand. Bright smiles and the laughter of children will also make an unforgettable memory.


Strolling for about 1,000 meters, excursionists will meet a huge cave at the foot of a high mountain, which legend states was the place where Dao people’s ancestor settled.


A view of Dai Binh Ta Thanh Long Cave in Ta Phin Village - Photos: Dang Hoang Tham


A view of Dai Binh Ta Thanh Long Cave in Ta Phin Village – Photos: Dang Hoang Tham


The cave is named Dinh Binh Ta Thanh Long Dong and tourists will pay VND50,000 for a guide with a flashlight as they encounter the mysterious grotto with colorful stalactites in weird shapes. The cave is also the start of Ta Chai Stream running through a primeval forest, creating picturesque scenery worthy of anyone’s admiration.


Near the cave is also a brocade-making craft village where tourists can buy and witness artisans making costumes, handbags, hats, carpets as well as many kinds of jewelry. The village is also famous for tasty fruit such as peach, plums, apple and persimmon and many ethnic cakes and indigenous wines as well which tourists should stock up on for gifts for family and friends.

Source: Saigon Times

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