Why travel to Vietnam?


Vietnam Tours 2020

Vietnam is a hidden treasure for tourists that can be revealed only by people who visit this country. Vietnam is a country that houses many World Heritage sites like Phong Nha, Ke Bang Caves, Halong Bay, Cham Islands and the Hoi An Ancient Street, all these places are marked with intense beauty. Other sites worth visiting are Da Lat, French styled villas, Keo Pagoda in Thai Binh. So, for any tourist visiting Vietnam, whether they consider the same as an ideal tourist destination or an off-beat destination, they are bound to get surprised with no room for disappointment. Vietnam travel experience can be a dream sequence for many, helping one explore beauty, tranquility and scenic picturesque atmosphere like never before.


10 reasons why travel to Vietnam?


Vietnamese, the friendly people of the country

The Vietnamese are like the precious treasure this country has and tourists here are welcomed with open arms and smiles always. People here are cheerful, open and helpful and tourists can rely on them in case of help. People here are known for their honesty and it’s like being between friends, you have never met before.


Security here is top-notched

When at Vietnam, one can forget about any insecurity and can feel totally secured. The occurrence of problems and troubles is minimal and overall the place is very peaceful where people have much respect for any person travelling from outside.


Affordability cannot be just overlooked

Vietnam is like haven for all those seeking for a budget travel experience and the price is much lower when compared to most other places. From 5 star accommodations to budget properties, travelers of every category have something restore for them at this country. Being a paradise for street food, the food price here one can expect would be very light on any person’s wallet.


The unique culture of Vietnam

The little symbols of Vietnamese culture are very distinct and worth knowing. The Vietnamese hat for example is more famous than the flag of the country. Also, the traditional silk suit worn by women in this country cannot be just forgotten.


The street food at Vietnam is none to other

The street food, which is very easily available in Vietnam, can be a treat for people on any budget. The menu is extravagant, ensuring there is something for everyone. Food consists of everything from rolls to grilled meat, seafood and more.


The immigration process is hassle free

Applying for a visa to Vietnam may seem daunting at first, but acquiring approval is not difficult at all and can be granted upon arrival. The approval letter can also be applied online or with many travel companies. The visa letter is usually emailed within 2 working days.


Traditional festivals of Vietnam are very unique

The rich tradition, Buddhist influence and history of Vietnam ensure festivities at many times of the year. Tet Holiday is a time of families celebrating love for their ancestors. It denotes the Lunar New Year. Another is the buffalo fighting festival observed in Hai Phong. Public holidays too in Vietnam are worth enjoying which are marked by national parades. This is when streets are adorned with fireworks and red flags.


Vietnam is a home to many world-renowned beaches

Spending time in the blue, clear water under the sun can truly be a relaxing experience for any soul. Vietnam is blessed with many such beaches which offer various opportunities for water sports. The beaches are ideal for families, couples, kids and all others who just wish to fly and get relaxed.


Shopping can be fun in Vietnam

When at Vietnam, tourists can literally shop till they drop by buying things much lesser than what they can at America or Europe. Clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, household stuff, electronics and everything on the list can be purchased here but without burning your pocket, yes it’s that affordable!


Halong Bay, one among the many amazing landscapes of Vietnam

This must-see destination in Vietnam is among the most beautiful natural settings that are impressive and magical in every way. Karst rock formations, clear blue waters, caves with stalactites, floating villages and Bay Cruise are places that cannot be just left behind. It’s truly a place that one must visit, at least once in lifetime. The country is blessed with not few but many beautiful landscapes and breathtaking scenes that can only be experienced when on this land.


The bottom line

So, here are the top ten things which can lure you to plan your Vietnam tours and explore a world and experiences that you have just anticipated till now!

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