If you are wondering about a summer vacation place, don’t forget to visit the most beautiful beaches in the North of Vietnam. It is the best ideal getaways for those in need of some fresh air during their stay when summer comes. Here are Top 10 Beaches in the North of Vietnam that you should not miss in your Vietnam beach vacations.

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1. Tuan Chau Beach – Ha Long

Tuan Chau Beach lies on Tuan Chau Island, overlooking Ha Long Bay – one of 7 new natural wonders of the world. With its coast expanding more than 2km, the beach is undoubtedly one of the most famous beaches in the North of Vietnam. The water is clean and calm, and the view is spectacular. Right beside this beach is Tuan Chau Holiday Villas that comprises over 200 high-stars hotels and luxury restaurants. Designed in Vietnamese and French architecture, located on a greenery hill with flowers and lakes and a superb view of Halong Bay, these villas are certainly dream houses. Beside swimming and enjoying the fresh air, there is a full range of entertaining activities, such as surfing, jet skiing, watching light and water show, joining paintball match or sight-seeing the mini replicas of world’s seven wonders. They are all waiting for you to explore. You can visit Tuan Chau on a Halong Bay day tour.

Tuan Chau Beach

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2. Co To Beach – Quang Ninh

Located in Quang Ninh Province, Co To Island is a must-see attraction of Vietnam. The island remains a very pristine and peaceful beauty. There are numerous other hills, and a romantic path leading to the lighthouse, the highest peak of Co To Island. Co To Beach has always been one of the most favorite beach destinations in Northern Vietnam. This beautiful tropical beach has a wonderful shore with white sands and blue, crystal-like water. Whenever you walk on Co To beach, you are about to experience many unforgettable emotions.

Other activities to enjoin during your stay in Co To are the ecotourism tours in the forest of Co To Island. Besides, you can hire a boat to discover the islands, go fishing or snorkeling. The services here also offer you the incredibly tasty seafood for a very good price.

Co To Beach

3. Quan Lan Beach – Quang Ninh

Located within the mesmerizing Bai Tu Long Bay, Quan Lan Island has turned into a destination with lots of potential for tourism. The beaches on Quan Lan have crystal water and smooth sand. Moreover, Quan Lan has its edges between other beaches for its relatively remote location, which makes it a unique beautiful wonderland.

Among the beaches of Quan Lan, there is a 2-km-long crescent Minh Chau Beach. It’s an ideal place for water sport, especially surfing and kayaking. After playing and relaxing, tourists have many choices to enjoy their meals with fresh seafood and cold beer at many beachfront restaurants.

Aside from the sand and the sea, Quan Lan is also a place of historical attractions, especially shrines and pagodas, each is aged by the hundreds. Quan Lan Town, the most important settlement on the island, offers many tourist services, ranging from restaurants, hotels to motorbikes and bicycles for rent.

Quan Lan Beach

4. Dong Chau Beach – Thai Binh

Dong Chau Beach is located 30km to Thai Binh city. Although it is not listed as one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Vietnam, Dong Chau beach is still an ideal destination for tourists to enjoy the fresh air. The peaceful beauty of the beach, surrounded by natural pine and casuarina forests will give you the most relaxed moments during your vacation in Vietnam.

5. Cat Ba Beach – Hai Phong

The most attractive and famous destinations in Hai Phong city is Cat Ba island, the largest member sitting on the west of Ha Long Bay. The island is a fascinating combination of primitive forest, rivers, caves, hills, valley and beautiful beaches with smooth sand. With cool climate and fresh air, Cat Ba has recently become a popular tourist destination. Tourists can hire a boat to travel to many beautiful beaches located on Cat Ba Island like Cat Co, Ben Beo, Co Tien and snap some amazing pictures of the views. Moreover, sea-foods here are the freshest ones with a relatively low price compared to other sea provinces.

Cat Ba Beach

6. Tra Co Beach – Mong Cai – Quang Ninh

Tra Co Beach in Mong Cai, Quang Ninh is “the most lyrical beach in Vietnam” – a natural beauty still intact, harmonious, idyllic white sand beach stretches smooth calm blue ocean waters in the four seasons. Spending time here, you will find peaceful and dreaming moments in the sun and the wind.

Landscape of Tra Co is not the same as what tourists have encountered in Ha Long, Do Son or the other beaches, by the sandy lane smooth blue sea air brings in the shadow of the central coast, but there are mountains shine her appearance brings the North sea. The mingling of the waters makes Tra Co a mountain river gentle, lyrical and poetic beauty.

Tra Co Beach

7. Do Son Beach – Hai Phong

Do Son Beach is 20km to the Southest of Hai Phong city. It is well-known for its smooth sand with coconut tree planted around that give swimmer a real glimpse of a typical tropical beach. The ideal climate for vacation, which is warm in winter but cool in summer, also helps attract hundreds of tourists to come for the whole year. The beach is divided into 3 parts suitable for different needs of visitors: The first one located at the entrance of Do Son Town; the second one is full of high-stars hotels and restaurants while the third one is perfect for people to relax.

Do Son Beach

8. Cua Lo Beach – Nghe An

Situated 20 km from Vinh, the beach can be very easily reached and is clean and decorated with shady grove of pine trees and clear, clean waters. The concrete construction with massage parlors and more is enough to relax any tired traveler completely. A cool dip and a lunch at the many restaurants can be that perfect weekend getaway when at this place.

Cua Lo Beach

9. Thien Cam Beach – Ha Tinh

If you are wondering about a summer vacation place, Thien Cam beach in Ha Tinh province should be on top of your choices. The reason is that not only does it have a wild and pristine beauty with pure environment being good for your health, but an interesting magical legendary as well. In addition, Thien Cam is the place of numerous delicious seafoods that are appreciated as the gifts of the Nature. Staying here, you can taste lobster, squid, Cu Ky bird, Nhuong fish source, and so forth, which are of uniqueness in Ha Tinh.

Thien Cam Beach

10. Sam Son Beach – Thanh Hoa

Sam Son, which is located just 170 km from Hanoi and offers a wide range of services and attractions, has become one of the busiest tourism hubs in the North of Vietnam. During summer, the beach is always crowded with a lot of Vietnamese vacationers. There are also lots of interesting stuffs for you to try, such as the typical sunbathing, playing beach sport, building sandcastles or ordering some seafood from the walking vendors. However, if you prefer private space and luxury service, then those high-class resorts with their own beaches, swimming pools and spas are always ready to serve.

 Sam Son Beach

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