In June (late May of the lunar calendar) when rainfalls pour over drought terraced fields on rocky mountain areas in Hoang Su Phi, a mountain district in the northern border province of Ha Giang, the Dao, Mong and Nung people begin transplanting paddy seedlings.



In early June, terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi are covered by green rice seedlings


Visiting Hoang Su Phi during this time of year, visitors will not only see the terraced fields that are as picturesque as a beautiful watercolor but also learn about the lifestyles of several ethnic groups.


Villagers typically gather together at this time to transplant rice seedlings far away from their hamlet.


Everyone has a specific task, with men tilling the fields, and women cleaning and transplanting the rice seedlings.


It takes them about one week to complete the work and the terraced fields are covered by the green shoots.


Here, children follow their mothers into the fields to take part in the bustling atmosphere of the season and learn about farming.


In this way, the ethnic communities hand down their tried-and-tested methods of growing rice to the next generation.


The only time of year for ethnic people to transplant the seedlings


Pulling up the seedlings


The seedlings are cleaned before being transplanted



Children follow their mothers to go into the fields to learn how to transplant the seedlings



A familiar image of the ethnic people in the mountainous area during the season for transplanting


The terraced fields are like a beautiful watercolor painting


Source: VNP

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