Whenever you come to U Minh, Ca Mau, beside enjoy the many delicious and typical dishes, always remember to try the U Minh Fish Sauce Hotpot there. This is one of the indispensable dishes of southern Vietnam.



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To the people in the southern part of Vietnam in general and in U Minh in particular, fish sauce has appeared for a long time in the history. Since the time when their ancestors discovered this land, fish sauce has become a familiar and important part of their life. It is also a must-have food for the international tourists in Vietnam. We can try as many different dishes made from fish sauce as we want, but the most unique one in U Minh is indubitably the Fish Sauce Hotpot.


The hotpot includes the special fish sauce and a plethora of fresh vegetables. They can be familiar types of vegetable such as cabbages, corianders, green bananas, chilies, garlics, or the special local ones such as DauRong, Bong Sung, Dot Nhan Long, Dot Choai, etc. They are all wild vegetables that can only be found in U Minh cajuput forests. Besides, there are also other ingredients such as corn, mushroom, fishes, eel, etc. to add to the wonderful flavor of the fish sauce hot pot.

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