Mid-autumn festival is called Tet Trung Thu in Vietnam. It is organized in the middle of the Autumn which is the eighth lunar month of the year. Mid-autumn festival is the festival of the children.


Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival


From the beginning of the month, people have prepared for the festival with colorful and different shape lanterns. Moon cakes or mid-autumn cakes are also prepared along with the various toys for children. There are many traditional toys that the most typical ones are star lantern, paper doctor human, animal shape lantern, etc. Children carry the lanterns walk from streets to streets in the funny sounds of their singing every evening. When the principle time of the festival comes, there are groups of lion dance with crowded drums and cymbals. In this occasion, to enjoy the beauty of the moon, there are many activities are organized. Adults and children have their own way of celebrating. Therefore, mid – autumn is the best choice for your Vietnam family tour.

Competition of feast and lantern


Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival


In the day of Mid-Autumn, people make the feast with moon shape cakes, lanterns and flowers decorating, and jubilant dancing. There are many competitions to make feast and make cakes among the women. Children would also have competition in showing their lanterns, and lantern processing. Many families place the feast for children and there was often a paper doctor human in the highest location of the feast, and the fruits and flowers surround all. After enjoy the feast and moon, children will eat what they have in the feast while it is on the late evening. With the central Vietnam with World Heritage tour, especially visiting Hoi An tourists can enjoy all these interesting activities.

Folk songs singing contest

Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival


There is a custom of singing contest in the North of Vietnam. Two groups of women and men sing and compete with each other. They also play an instrument made from a drum and a string above the surface of the drum to create the rhythm of the song. The songs may be already written or created promptly by the competitors. The competition would be happy most of the time, but it also could aggressive when there is a hard riddle.

Lion dance


Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival


In the occasion of Mid-autumn, there is a custom of Lion dance. People often practice the lion dance in the 14th and 15th of the eighth lunar month. There is often a person holding the lion head and a person holding the flag to dance along with the rhythm of the dance. The head of the lion has a long tail made from red cloth. There are also cymbals, five color flag, and a person holding a stick to support the lion head. The group of lion dance is ahead, and the adults and children are behind. In these days, there are often some money awards for children in the family hanging on the height for the lion to catch.

Children often go to the lion dance early, since 7th and 8th of eight lunar month, they just come to have fun but not want to catch the awards. However, the people love them, and they still give them money.

Today, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, together with lantern affection for children promotes education, poetry, dance, arts and crafts. Most overseas Vietnamese family would like to bring their kids back to Vietnam right in Full moon festival time to visit their grandparents, one amongst the most important ones in Vietnam.

Not only locals, but also foreign tourists are warmly welcomed to join in this special festival. Surely, tourists will have much fun when taking part in the parade, watching children carrying the lanterns, eating moon cakes and receiving gifts during the Mid Autumn Festival in Vietnam tours especially when visiting Ha Noi old quarter, Hoi An, and Hue.

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