Welcome to Vietnam where if you’ve come to find great spots to spend your days enjoying great weather and some great fishing you’re in the right place.

Imagine miles of coast, from pristine beaches, to dramatic rock formations, freshwater lakes, and an intricate network of rivers that scissor throughout the length of a very long country.

Popular kinds of fish for fishing in Vietnam

Grass Carp


Fish in Vietnam


River catfish

River catfish




Popular kinds of fish for fishing in Vietnam

If you plan your holidays around where sport fishing is good then Vietnam should be on your list. Seafood is a huge staple of the Vietnamese diet and some of the freshest, tastiest dishes can be had while on a tour of Vietnam, but if you’re in the mood to make the catch yourself here’s where you need to go.

Vietnam fishing tour

A Beautiful Place to Fish

There is no shortage of options in Vietnam when it comes to looking for fish. As seafood, and fishing are an integral part of Vietnamese culture, even in its larger cities you will often see locals fishing in lakes, rivers, and even the canals. Unlike many other fishing destinations, Vietnam also does not require any special licenses or permits to fish with the exception of a few designated lakes that may charge a fee to rent rods.

While fishing in the city may not produce any larger catches, for locals at least it’s often a source of relaxation and catch and release fishing is also practiced. Some Saigon beers, and an afternoon spent with family near the famous Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi for example might include some casual fishing.

If however, you are planning a trip to Vietnam with the intention of catching something a little bigger, and spending a bit more than a short afternoon in pursuit of the catch there are many places throughout Vietnam that might suit your intentions a little bit better.

With a coastline like Vietnams, with the length of the Eastern border being made up of the Eastern Sea, and the Southern tip sitting on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand, there is no shortage of deep sea, and seaside fishing. Although the landscape of the Mekong delta is changing rapidly and many commercial fishing operations in the region have turned away from fishing the rivers to fish farming, the experience of fishing the massive, intricately linked river network of the delta is unparalleled.

Here are the best offshore, river, and lake destinations for fishing in Vietnam.

Offshore Fishing

This is where you’ll go for the big ones. From pristine beach side settings, to in the middle of the Eastern Sea, you’ll have access to some of Vietnam’s best and most abundant fishing locations. The views won’t hurt either.

Qui Nhon is a quaint seaside beach town that is little traveled and offers a very local experience. Located in the Central coastal region of the country, in the province of Binh Dinh. Because it is in between Hoi An and Nha Trang which are both easily more famous destinations, Qui Nhon is easy to reach by, plane, bus, and train. For the fishing inclined Bai Xep, a fishing village with a couple of guesthouses is the spot to head. You can easily negotiate with a local fishermen to take you out on his boat and spend the day on the search for everything from marlin, to shark and snapper.

The evidence of the available seafood in Phan Thiet is on display at the Can Chan Fish Market where the day’s catch of local fishermen is picked over and purchased by locals. Phan Thiet is a very local experience, but rather then booking a very expensive fishing charter and more popular beachside destinations, here local fishermen will arrange for you to spend the early morning with them for a much lower price and everything they normally catch from squid, to sting rays is possible.

Fishing in Vietnam


River Fishing

Of the fish on offer in the waters surrounding and in Vietnam, pangasius catfish, known locally as basa reigns supreme as the catch to be had throughout the Mekong Delta. It is possible to organize mud fishing trips to learn how to catch them by hand in the thick sludge that covers the bottoms of rivers throughout the delta.

It is also possible to fish for giant carp, and other species of smaller, freshwater fish and shrimp. River fishing as an industry however has recently changed dramatically as the supply of fish dwindles and commercial fishing moves to farms. For the casual sport fishermen the Mekong Delta as a region still holds potential for an interesting unique fishing experience. It is easily possible to early morning fish along the banks, or hire boatmen to fish along the river for a day.

From Saigon it is possible to arrange transportation and a day of fishing within the Mekong Delta with basa on the menu by evening.


Lake Fishing

Hanoi is synonymous with lakes. They’re a beautiful spot of nature spread throughout the sprawling metropolis. They’re a great place to relax, enjoy some great food, and for some fish, albeit for the most part catch and release as pollution makes eating the fish somewhat of a concern.

The lake fishing options in Vietnam don’t end in Hanoi though, and here are a few more options if you are in the mood to catch some freshwater lake fish in Vietnam.

Heaven’s Lake in Ninh Binh is called such for a reason. The views are stunning, but underneath the surface of the lake rests abundant Red River Catfish, Dong Ho Carp, and Chinese Big Head Carp, to name a few ready for the catching.

Fishing lake in HanoiHanoi fishing lake

Many Options

These are really just a short picture of the abundant fishing options that exist in beautiful Vietnam. If you are planning a trip through the country anytime soon, and want to include some lake fishing, river, or offshore boat fishing in your itinerary contact us and we can make the necessary arrangement.

Happy fishing!

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  1. Hello. we will be in HCMC mid January to Mid February 2020, I would like to do some fishing either on the Mekong Delta or of shore Vung Tau, do you have any contacts I may look up, send info to my Email

  2. Hi
    Two of us will be in Phu Quoc, Quy Nhon, Quang Ngai and Hoi An for a few days in each place in April 2020.

    Any ideas for fishing in these places ?

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      In Phu Quoc and Quang Ngai, you can book a cruise/ yacht/ boat for sea fishing while admiring the remote islands as well as beautiful beaches at these destinations. Quy Nhon is also a nice place for offshore fishing and fishing villages in Bai Xep are the spots to head.
      When in Hoi An, we recommend you explore popular sites in this ancient town, since this is not a suitable place for going fishing.

  3. Hi I will visit HO Chi Minh next week and am interesting to go day fishing trip to Mekong.
    We dont want to do any boat ride. Just fishing and experience Mekong delta area.
    Can you give me some options?

    1. Thank you for your comment. Upon your request, we sent you our suggested itinerary for you via your email. Please check your mail box and let us know if you have any further questions.

    1. Dear Sean,

      Thank you for your comment. At current, we don’t operate fishing tours for a day. Since you’re staying in HCMC at present, Qui Nhon and Mekong Delta are perfect choices for you to go both offshore and river fishing.

      Bich Ngoc

  4. Hi I am visiting ho chi Minh and surrounding areas for 20 days. Arriving tonight 9 October 2019 Would like to catch a fish in the Mekong and other areas and willing to travel to most beautiful spots. Can you help me set up tours?

    1. Dear Coleman,

      Thank you for your comment. Upon your request, here we suggest our best-selling Mekong Delta Tours in 21 Days, please take a look via: https://www.vietnamparadisetravel.com/mekong-delta-vietnam-tours

      Besides, you can find more about our other interesting tour packages in Southern Vietnam (including Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta) via: https://www.vietnamparadisetravel.com/south-vietnam-tours

      Please let us know if any tour meets your expectations. Also our sales consultant will customize the most suitable tour package for you and send you further information via your email. Please check your mail box and if you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

      Bich Ngoc

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your comment. Some fishing areas in Da Lat you can try are An Binh Fishing Lake (phone number: +84 975 479 315/ +84 972 709 107), Trai Mat Fishing Lake (phone number: +84 90 986 67 74) and Tuyen Lam Lake (free fishing).

      If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  5. Hi,

    We are visiting Ho Chi Minh for 3 days, arriving Thursday, we are interested in a day’s river/lake fishing not too far from city. Can you please provide details of packages/prices you can offer?

  6. Thank you for your response!

    So I’ll be in Vietnam for 30 days and am also willing to book a fishing trip. Can you email me at ******@gmail.com please?

    Thank you!


  7. Hello I am flying into Ho Chi Mihn early this March. I would like to do some fishing.

    How should I get more information? Please email me if possible.

    Thank you!

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your comment. There are many fishing spots in Ho Chi Minh City, for example, Vuon Khe (Binh Tan District), Tri Rau (District 12), Ngoc Linh (Binh Thanh District), Lang Tre (Nha Be) and so on. Some of them are in the city center, while some are located in the suburban area.

      Our sales department will contact you for more details.

      Chi Nguyen

  8. Hi coming to saigon in January on a tour, got 2 free days to explore. Wondering how much a days freshwater fishing would be for my wife and I. We do have travel rods and reels.

    1. Dear Glynn,

      Thank you for your comment. 2 days are enough for you to visit Mekong Delta. You can spend time at a homestay in this region, there will be fishing services for tourists.

      If you need to book any service, please contact us.


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