How to spend 1 day in Bangkok? Bangkok, the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand, is the most visited city in the world with 22,8 millions travelers in 2018, according to Mastercard! Bangkok, a cosmopolitan city, which combines tradition and modernity, will charm you during your tour to Thailand.

Best time to visit Bangkok

As in most countries of Indochina, the climate generally remains relatively hot and humid throughout the year, so Bangkok can be visited at any time of the year! However, there are some differences among seasons:

Poetic Bangkok

Poetic Bangkok

  • December-February: this is the “cold” season: temperatures can drop below 20 degrees. This is the ideal time to walk around the city because the heat is not stifling.
  • March-May: these are the hottest months of the year, sunglasses and hats are extremely necessary! Some thunderstorms may also break out during this season.
  • May-October: The temperatures remain quite high during this time. It is also the wettest season of the year due to frequent heavy rains. Hence, it is called the low season in Bangkok (it means that prices are more affordable).

Overall, Bangkok is a city full of indoor and outdoor activities, so do not hesitate to spend 1 day in Bangkok at any time of the year!

Getting to Bangkok

As the third most visited city in the world, there are many ways to travel to Bangkok and are suitable for all budgets.

Vietnam Tours 2020
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport: This international airport is considered the busiest airport in the country, having handled 60 million passengers in 2017. The flight tickets are always available online and sometimes you can even get a ticket a very price depending on promotions.
  • Hua Lamphong Station: All roads lead to Rome and all trains lead to Bangkok! Indeed, if you decide to travel, do hesitate to spend 1 day in Bangkok, all the railways serve this station.
  • Bus: Once again, many bus companies will help you to go to the capital. This is an economical option if your budget is limited or you just simply want to enjoy every landscape on the road.

Places to visit for 1 day in Bangkok

Thousands of options are available to you! Let us guide you to see a little clearer in this vast choice.

Historical and religious monuments

The Royal Palace and the Emerald Buddha

The Royal Palace in Bangkok

The Royal Palace in Bangkok

It is Bangkok’s flagship attraction, so you cannot miss it! Wat Phra Kaew is the name of the vast complex that contains the royal palace and the residence of the Thai ruler, as well as the temple that contains the Emerald Buddha, a statue of Jadeite venerated throughout the country, and more generally by all Buddhists.

Visiting Wat Phra Kaew, you can immerse yourself in the best of Thai history and culture.


There are many temples in the city containing many hidden treasures that you should not miss on your Bangkok and Central tour:

Wat Pho, Temple of Reclining Buddha

Known for its majestic 46-meter reclining Buddha statue covered with gold leaf, this temple is also the home of other wonders you need to discover during a day in Bangkok, so take the time to take a walk there.

Wat Arun, Temple of Dawn

Located right in front of Wat Pho, this temple is considered one of the most beautiful of Thailand, given its architecture and the work of goldsmith craftsmen who built it.

Wat Saket, the Golden Mountain

This temple is named as it is covered with a 58-foot golden Chedi. To reach the top you will need to climb some 320 steps, but the splendid view of the entire city of Bangkok will reward your efforts.


Bangkok is a city that will appeal to all lovers of culture. Many exhibitions and museums will allow you to discover the city, especially its culture and history.

Bangkok National Museum
Inside of Bangkok National Museum

Inside of Bangkok National Museum

This attraction is located in Bangkok, Thailand. The museum was built in 1874 by King Chulalongkorn (Rama V). The National Museum of Bangkok is considered to be one of the largest and richest museums in Southeast Asia. There are 22 rooms that exhibit the private royal collections of the father of Rama V as well as collections of artworks from the Bronze Age, parts of the Sukhothai era and Ayuthaya as the walking Buddha. This site also houses an old palace which is allowed to visit. This museum is open from 9 am to 3:30 pm from Wednesday to Sunday.

Siam Museum

Opened in 2007, the Siam Museum is an interactive museum with modern and lively exhibitions focused on the identity of the Thais, the culture and history of Siam Thailand as well as a vision from prehistoric times to the present day. Every room of the museum illustrates a different theme and visitors can discover gradually the history of the country.

Things to do for 1 day in Bangkok

Traveling with children is not always easy. However, Bangkok is full of activities that will delight both the young and the old for 1 day in Bangkok, let us introduce you to some!

Admire Art in Paradise

It is also called the museum of 3D illusions. Get out on a flying carpet, cross the dangerous marine abyss, or become a professional surfer,.. your family trip would be filled with laughter!

Sealife Bangkok Ocean World

This place will take you into a world of underwater wonders. As big as three Olympic pools, you will dive among the sea creatures of 7 different world regions, enjoy the first 4D cinema of Thailand or observe the marine world from a glass-bottom boat.

Children’s discovery museum

This is the ideal place if you want to spend the day with your children. A huge museum in which your children can turn into small archaeologists and discover dinosaur bones, cool off with the external jets of water if the temperatures are high, or cross a monkey bridge like a new Indiana Jones. It’s one of the must-visit destinations for your family trip to Thailand

Visit Bangkok Floating Markets

A floating market of Bangkok

A floating market of Bangkok

Immerse yourself in a whole new shopping experience, and taste some of the best local food around! Take a beautifully decorated long-tail boat down the winding waterways to the market. Once you hop off, you’ll find yourself surrounded by market stalls, selling everything from souvenirs to locally harvested tropical fruit.

Amphawa Floating Market

Handmade products, seafood, and tropical fruits, all are in small wooden houses along the river. This market, unlike the others, is open until 8 pm, so you can enjoy your sleep. Besides, do not miss the temples along the river, which your boatmen can help you discover.

Taling Chan Floating Market

Not so far away from Bangkok, this small floating market will charm you with its authenticity. Taking a walk while enjoying a delicious Thai pad and listening to traditional music, you can feel the exotic tranquility here.

Floating Market Damnoen Saduak

It is the largest floating market in Bangkok and its vicinity. The market is 1 hour driving away from Bangkok, so you have to take a bus or taxi. However, the beauty and explosion of color around the market would surely amaze you and blow the tiredness away.

Get off-the-beaten-track for a day in Bangkok

Ghost Tower

This activity is suitable for people who are keen on urban exploration and in good physical health. It is an abandoned skyscraper where you can climb to the top and enjoy, as the only one in the world, the view of all Bangkok.

Ratchadapisek Night Market

This is a market … at night! Open from 5 pm, you can spend the evening wandering in the alleys, and for the bravest of you, enjoying fried insects or eggs of 100 years! It is a different way to see the city and enjoy the kindness of locals.

The temple of fertility

Although located in the heart of the city, this temple is little known by tourists. This is not a gilded temple, but a small building dedicated to the goddess Chao Mae Tubtim. Some Thai women still come to pray for children, though one suspects that the site now spawns more selfies than fetuses. And the original sign from the old hotel altar is still there to set the scene with the historic backstory.

Do some shopping

For those wishing to bring souvenirs to their loved ones, or shopaholics, you will not be left out in Bangkok!

Weekend market in Chatuchak

More than 8000 vendor stands to wait for you every weekend at this huge market. The place is divided into several sections (crafts, ceramics, books, food …). Do not hesitate to get a map that will guide you, otherwise, there will always be someone to inform you at the turn of an alley.

Khao San Road

This road is also known for the name “the street of backpackers”. It has gentrified to include a few boutique choices and is now a colorful and vibrant part of Bangkok, where Thais come to join travelers at some of the best bars and clubs in town, as well as to take advantage of all the various shopping bargains.

Siam Paragon Shopping Center

It is the commercial center of Bangkok! Dozens of international brands are available here, including many luxury brands. You will also be able to enjoy traditional and modern Thai dishes or go to a cinema session.

Best foods to enjoy for 1 day in Bangkok

Thai cuisine is widely recognized around the world, and Bangkok is a real paradise for gourmets. Here are some dishes you couldn’t miss during your classic trip to Thailand.

Tom Yum Goong

This is a spicy shrimp soup (if you want to change the level of spice, specify your request at the restaurant while you place the order). Herbs and lime juice would make this Thai dish complete.

Tom Kha Kai

A soup with coconut milk, tender chicken pieces, some herbs and some spices of which only the Thais have the secret … we are almost getting closer to the recipe for happiness!

Pad Thai

Fried noodles Thai version! It is made with soaked dried rice noodles, which are stir-fried with eggs, chopped firm tofu, and flavored with tamarind pulp, fish sauce, dried shrimp, garlic or shallots, red chili pepper, and palm sugar and served with lime wedges and often chopped roasted peanuts. Vegetarian versions may substitute soy sauce for the fish sauce and omit the shrimp.

The specialty Pad Thai

The specialty Pad Thai

We hope these tips will help you get the most out of this stunning city. Customize your Thailand tour so that we can help create your most memorable trip ever for 1 day in Bangkok!

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