How to spend 1 day in Chiang Mai? Chiang Mai is located 700 km to the North of Bangkok, in a green and mountainous region. The dynamic city in the heart of which mixes modernity and tradition, so you will undoubtedly fall under its spell. Here are our tips to make your tour to Thailand the most unforgettable trip ever!

Best Time To Go to Chiang Mai

As in the rest of the country, the seasons are as follows:

1 day in Chiang Mai

Lovely Elephants at a nature park in Chiang Mai

  • From November to February: This is probably the ideal time for 1 day in Chiang Mai, since the temperatures are mild and there is the chance of low rainfall.
  • From March to May: During this time, many places are air-conditioned so that you can enjoy a lot of interesting activities that the city offers. However, you had better hydrate yourself well and protect your skin from the sun with sunblocks.
  • From June to October: The humidity is high and there is the risk of monsoons present. It is not worth to worry and we can easily spend 1 day in Chiang Mai in the dry and enjoy the dynamism of the city.

How To Get to Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai is known as a very big metropolis, so there are many ways to reach this city. These suggested options are available to you to better save your time and budget:

By air

From Bangkok, a flight to Chiang Mai will take you about an hour and a half to travel. Chiang Mai Airport is an international airport on a daily basis and international flights occasionally.

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By bus

Buses seem to be the cheapest option to travel between Asia countries unless you prefer many other luxurious options on your 1 day in Chiang Mai. Most buses arrive at Chiang Mai’s Arcade Station, close to the Old City.

By train

Traveling by train takes a bit longer, but you will have a chance to discover the landscapes of Northern Thailand on 1 day in Chiang Mai. Whether it is day or night, you will inevitably find a train that suits your desires.

By car/taxi

This is the most expensive mode of transport on your 1 day in Chiang Mai. You should offer your inquiry with taxi companies to set a suitable price before your trip.

Best Things To Do for 1 Day in Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai is famous for the city temples’ scenery and culture. Here are some must-see destinations that you have to visit for 1 day in Chiang Mai!

Wat Doi Suthep

This might be the most revered temple, the most visited, and the most famous of Chiang Mai! It is located on top of a mountain so that the adventure of getting there will be a wonderful experience on your 1 day in Chiang Mai. The journey to Wat Doi Suthep takes 309 steps. You will admire such a breathtaking view, the chedi covered with gold leaf and the nearby national park that makes this place so magical. This place is worth being called the most mysterious and darling temple of Thailand.

Wat Phra Singh

Located in the heart of Chiang Mai’s Old Town, Wat Phra Singh is a must-see place on your 1 day in Chiang Mai. This temple constitutes three main structures which delights visitors with its wall decorations about the life of local tribes hundreds of years ago.

The architecture of the buildings offers you a great opportunity to dive into the rich history of Thailand as it perfectly reflects the ancient kingdom, Lanna.

Wat Chedi Luang

This impressive pagoda was damaged during an earthquake in 1545, which reduced its size by half. Emerald Buddha, the iconic relic of Thailand, was installed in this temple before being moved to Luang Prabang. On your 1 day in Chiang Mai, you should spend time discovering the secrets and legends of this sacred place.

Wat Chiang Man

1 day in Chiang Mai

Wat Chiang Man Temple, Chiang Mai

It is the oldest temple in the city with its sacred relics such as the Crystal Buddha. The construction of this temple shows the combination of many architectural styles. This place is a must-visit destination to discover Thai culture during your trip to Indochina.

The Old Town of Chiang Mai

This place is considered the heart of Chiang Mai. It is suitable for you to do every activity such as eat, drink, go out, visit, shop at low prices, … all day and night.

Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon Park - The Disney Land of Chiang Mai

Doi Inthanon Park – The Disney Land of Chiang Mai

This park is easily accessible by public transport and is worth seeing for nature lovers. It is one of the most important national parks in the nation and brings together a diversity of impressive flora and fauna. You can go mountain hiking or trekking spectacular waterfalls, observe the birds or visit a cave. A true paradise for adventure seekers on 1 day in Chiang Mai!

1 Day in Chiang Mai with Children

Chiang Mai Night Safari

This activity is attractive to both the youth and the elderly, which offers travelers an experience similar to that of walking in the jungle at dusk. You will have the opportunity to walk along the road full of different wild animals during your family trip in Thailand. Besides, coming to water fountains to refresh your body or a laser show is a good activity to share with your family as well.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Have you ever thought about ethical elephant experience when you can both discover their life and take part in conservation activities? This is the place for you! You will have an opportunity to observe these powerful animals in the park and responsibly interact with them. There is absolutely no circus or elephant ride. The visit can be done on a half day or a full day, which is suitable for your 1 day in Chiang Mai!

Ziplining in Chiang Mai

Nature in Chiang Mai offers tourists a spectacular landscape for ziplining activity. So why hesitate to hang yourself on a ropeway and get a birds-eye view of the surreal scenery? There are a lot of companies that offer zipline service in the city, so you could spend your 1 day in Chiang Mai floating in the air!

In detail, when you visit this place on your 1 day in Chiang Mai, you will have a chance to participate in these interesting activites:

  • Flying Squirrel Zip line experience (provided by Flying Squirrels Zip Line Chiang Mai Treetop Adventures)
Adventurous Flying Squirrel Zipline

Adventurous Flying Squirrel Zip line

  • Eagle Track zip line experience (provided by Eagle Track Zip Line Chiang Mai)
Have fun with Eagle Track Zipline

Have fun with Eagle Track Zip line

Places to go shopping in Chiang Mai

Luxurious or handmade, night or day, your shopping experience will surely meet your expectations:

Chiang Mai walking street

With so many things to do and a lot of foods to taste in this market, you can easily spend your 1 day in Chiang Mai walking there day or night. You can also bring home many lovely handmade souvenirs on purchase at this interesting street.

Bor Sang village

The colorful umbrella village of Chiang Mai

The colorful umbrella village of Chiang Mai

Located a few kilometers outside the old quarter, this village specializes in handmade paper umbrellas. It’s a pleasure for the eyes to walk in the alleys and see the explosions of colors. You can also visit the workshop where artisans reveal the secrets of the making of parasols on your 1 day in Chiang Mai.

Best Foods to Try for 1 Day in Chiang Mai

Khao Soi

This is a curry noodle soup, served with new onions and meat of your choice: beef, chicken or pork.


Khao Kha Moo

Many versions of this dish exist, but the main ingredient remains the same: the boiled pork leg. It is a very well-known dish and appreciated throughout the country, which is easily found on every street corner on 1 day in Chiang Mai.

Miang Kham

This dish with its featured tasty and unique flavor will delight your taste buds. The betel leaves are used to coat the various ingredients, creating bites ready to be tasted.

Sai Oua


This is a kind of sausage, served with grilled herbs and usually made with pork. Its taste in herbs and garlic is nice and Sai Oua will make your 1 day in Chiang Mai more complete than ever!

Hopefully, our article provides you useful and interesting information for 1 day in Chiang Mai. Customize your Thailand tour so that we can help create your most memorable trip to Indochina in a long-lasting way!

Best Coffee Stores/ Restaurants for 1 Day in Chiang Mai

Brand New Field Food

The Brand New Field Food

The Brand New Field Food

This huge coffee shop, restaurant and homestay is located in the valley overlooking the green rice fields. There are many areas designed specifically for photography, serving coffee, lunch, including foot massage – a typical relaxation service of Thailand.

Address: 210, Baan Pong 50230 Thailand

Munchies Café

The lovely Munchies is a small rustic coffee shop in the middle of an airy garden filled with trees. Nothing is more enjoyable than having a cup of coffee or a hot cup of tea and a fragrant waffles in the quiet garden, listening to the wind in the rustling garden.

Address: Mae Hia, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

Lamour Cafe

This is a cafe in the space of the old mansion, highlighted by the bright yellow walls in the blazing sunshine of the plateau. The highlight of the shop is the orchid, meticulously embedded in glass vases placed at the table, creating artistic angles.

Address: Suthep, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

No. 39 Cafe

The No.39 cafe

The No.39 cafe

This restaurant has a lake in the middle, tables and chairs placed around, and the highlight is the house with slides for guests to take pictures. You can lounge on lazy chairs by the lake, read books under the shade of green trees. Besides, this coffee shop is only 0,5 km far from the Lamour Cafe. Therefore, you can make your own decision to visit both of these beautiful cafes in town.

Address: Suthep, Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand

Chom Cafe and Restaurant

This place is like a natural world because of the magical and fairy style. A small garden is designed with multi-storey trees, waterfalls, steam spray … the dreamy scenery like in the movie.

Address: 2/13, Moo 2 Mae Hia, Chiang Mai 50100 Thailand

The Giant Chiangmai

On your 1 day in Chiang Mai, you will have a chance to enjoy a craggy coffee model on an old tree, with honeycomb tables, listening to trees, leaves, and wind singing immense songs of the mountains at this special coffee store.

Address: Baan Pok Village Huai Kaew subdistrict, Mae On 50130 Thailand\

Zombie Cafe

The Zombie cafe

The Zombie cafe

This is an impressive round house overlooking rice fields, far away is a green mountain sparkling in the cool afternoon sun. This is also one of the interesting destinations for romantic souls to take to escape on 1 day in Chiang Mai.

Address: 403/3 Moo 1Mae Raem 50180, Thailand

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