Many tourists are attracted by Vietnam because Vietnam has a unique beauty of one strong and deep root of traditional history and culture. There are thousands reasons to visit Vietnam. Ten following reasons are our opinion, if you have different views; please tell us by leaving your comments.

1. Street Food

The best place to eat in Vietnam is on little, plastic stools on the sidewalk. Eating on the street is by far the most exciting and accessible way to truly experience daily life in Vietnam, and it’s also where you’ll find the best food. Street food is everywhere in Vietnam. At any hour of the day, you’ll find Vietnamese people of all ages congregating under market awnings or outside store fronts, chewing down and enjoying each other’s company. Whether it’s noodle soups, like the iconic pho or bun ca, or bun cha char-grilled pork served over rice noodles with herbs and dipping sauces the street food in Vietnam is nothing short of amazing.

Vietnam street foods


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2. Coffee

Think of coffee and you will probably think of Brazil, Colombia, or maybe Ethiopia. However, as the second biggest producer of coffee in the world, It therefore comes as no surprise that I love Vietnam – a country that takes its coffee very seriously. Coffee often seems to be the lifeblood of Vietnam — well, along with beer, tea, rice and pho. Vietnamese coffee is certainly known for being strong, and is perhaps an acquired taste for many — whether a coffee connoisseur or just someone who likes a shot of caffeine in the morning. You really can’t walk far without the tempting aroma of coffee greeting your nostrils, and a hit of the particularly strong brew is enough to keep you going for hours.

Vietnam Coffee


If you like your coffee black then ask for cafe den, but if you prefer a bit of sweetness and creaminess you’ll want cafe sua; this comes with a shot of condensed milk in the bottom of the cup or glass, so be sure to give it a good stir before drinking. If you want milk but no sugar, you will probably be out of luck. Both are available as nong (hot) or da (with ice). Some places will serve it ready percolated, but at other joints you’ll be given the cup with a mini cafetiere perched on top and have to wait for the hot water to drip through. There are various other coffee options including cafe trung (with egg) and cafe sua chua (with yoghurt) …

3. Fresh Seafood


Fresh Seafoods


One of the most extraordinary things about the markets in Vietnam is that the food doesn’t smell at all. You’ll walk into the food section and see freshly caught fish, snails, crabs and prawns and brace yourself for a fishy smell. But because the fish you see in the market was caught just a few hours ago, you won’t smell a thing. We swear.

4. Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

You might not recognize all the vegetables you’ll find in Vietnam, but you should try them all. From bitter melon to morning glory, the vegetables go into everything from shredded salads like green papaya salad to stir-fries. Like all the other food you’ll find in Vietnamese markets, everything is super fresh.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits


Don’t be alarmed if you see spiky fruits you can’t identify. It could be a durian, dragon fruit or rambutan and they’re all worth a try. (Be warned: durians smell like feet and are not for the faint of heart.) You’ll also find mangos, papayas, mangos teens, jack fruit and a fleshy fruit with a bumpy green skin called custard apples, among more familiar fruits like pineapples, bananas and watermelons.

5. Fresh Herbs


Fresh Herbs


Fresh herbs are essential to Vietnamese cuisine; their flavors and perfumes enliven countless foods. The crisp, refreshing addition of these herbs and greens cuts salt and fat and brings levity to some of the heavier dishes. Used as garnishes or wraps, herbs also serve as great palate cleansers and most of all, they make food really fun to eat. Pinched off their stems or chopped, raw leaves are tucked into rice paper rolls, dropped into hot soup, mixed into cool salads, stir-fried with noodles and wrapped up with grilled morsels in lettuce. Vietnamese people enjoy large quantities of fresh herbs, and in fact, herbs are collectively known as “rau thom”, which means “fragrant vegetable.”

6. Caves





Mammoth caves that hold entire jungles and lakes are still being discovered in Vietnam. Son Doong Cave, the biggest cave in the world, was only first explored in 2009, and didn’t open to tourists until 2012. Trips into Son Doong are still highly controlled, expensive and limited, but there’s a vast network of caves that are much more accessible. Paradise Cave, pictured here, in Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park, is 19 miles across and offers a variety of tours into its interior, including an easy walk on the boardwalk at the beginning of the cave and a trek past the boardwalk for the more adventurous. Headlamps and nerve are required. Visit before the sights become overrun with tourists.

7. Mekong Delta and Ha Long bay


Mekong Delta


The Mekong Delta is an area in Southwestern Vietnam where the Mekong River dumps into the sea. Visitors can go to Can Tho, the largest city in the area, and get a real taste of rural life in this region affectionately known as the “rice bowl.” Traveling up the backwaters in Mekong Delta Cruises, visitors will be wowed by the floating markets and above all else, the friendly people who live in the region.

Ha Long Bay


Halong Bay is not only one of the World Heritage Sites but also the jewel of Vietnam tourist sites. Your Vietnam tour is certainly an exciting memory with the majestic bay and mysterious caves. Your Halong bay cruise will be more unforgettable with one or two night on cruise. Nothing can compare with the comfortable felling and relaxation when your family enjoys the delicious seafood cooked and served by the skillful cooks while seeing the most beautiful and romantic natural sites in the world. You also have chance to swim in the emerald green waters and discover the dreaming extraordinary landscape.

8. Sapa


Sapa Vietnam


Sapa is always beautiful in four-seasons. Sapa has a majestic, dreaming and romantic beauty. Spend your Vietnam tour in Sapa, you not only have a chance to enjoy the fresh air of a region of the northwest, but also visit the old French villas, 100m high Silver waterfall, learn the life of H ‘Mong people in Cat Cat Village. Specially, you can take part in the “Love market” on Saturday and climb the “Heaven Gate”, “Cloud Yard” to record the images of Sapa town engulfed in fog. Sapa hotel price is not expensive. However to enjoy the fully Vietnam tour in Sapa packages, visitors should choose the 3 or 4 star hotels. The weather in Sapa, it is cool and comfortable. Therefore; choosing Sapa, visitors never regret. There are also many yellow terraced rice fields look like a golden ladder in Sapa in summer and at the end of autumn. Seeing yellow terraced rice fields from high points brings tourists much emotion.

9. Hoi An

Located in Quang Nam province, on the banks of Thu Bon River, Hoi An is said to be an Eastern Oriental classic captivation. The weather in Hoi An is comparatively warm during the whole year. It is good for tourists to visit Hoi An any time when you have free time. Hoi An is the mix of old and new, the ancient architecture and the daily life of the local people.

Hoi An Vietnam


Hoi An has quiet and romantic beautiful with old houses, quiet streets, the dishes bringing Quang – people‘s soul will certainly be a nice space for families to make their relationship closer. In addition, tourists can also immerse themselves in the fresh water of Cua Dai Beach. Tourists should not miss the town’s traditional houses, pagodas, halls and museums like Tan Ky House, Duc An House, and Tran Family Chapel. The best time to visit Hoi An is at the night of full moon – on the fifteenth of month. There will be power off and burn the lanterns, you can enjoy the ancient town of shimmering Hoi An. Hoi An is the best choice for your Vietnam tour in September.

Hoi An is also renowned for being shopping paradise selling wonderful antique pieces, handicrafts, souvenirs, and etc. It is even easy to have a tailored Vietnamese traditional cloth made by the famous dress-maker. Come to see and explore the charm of Hoi An yourselves, your Vietnam family tour will surely be a life-time memorable journey.

10. Vietnam Golf Tours


Vietnam golf tours


Golf is becoming increasingly popular in Vietnam and Paradise Travel offers numerous golf tours to some of the most beautiful courses in the country. Take in some sightseeing in Vietnam’s most popular destinations and play on some its newly designed modern golf courses surrounded by spectacular scenery. You can go on one of our specially designed golf tours or plan your own trip around Vietnam’s best golf courses, which are on par with any courses in the world.

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