Vinh Long attracts tourists with many fruit orchards which offer all kinds of fruit in all four seasons, gentle Tien River, ancient temples, and majestic architecture pagodas. It is also a great place to chill out and learn more about rural life in a South of Vietnam tour.

Time to visit


Vinh Long is the best place to explore and enjoy the culture of life depended on the river. Tourists also have a chance to listen to the traditional folk music “Đờn Ca Tài Tử” while enjoying fresh fruit. Tourists can visit Vinh Long in any seasons of the year. However, summer is the most interesting choice. This is a great time for enjoying a large number of sweet and fresh fruit.


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Vinh Long Orchard Garden.

Place to visit


Vinh Long is a popular destination for travelers in their Mekong river cruises. Vinh Long has many interesting places that attract tourists.


My Thuan Bridge is the largest cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam. The bridge is one of the most exciting destinations for tourists. It connects Tien Giang province to Vinh Long province.


Vinh Long Orchard Garden.


An Binh Island is across from the city center, crisscrossed by dozens of rivers and creeks, laden with fruit orchards, narrow bike lanes, and tourists sightseeing destinations. It is also a great place to rent a bicycle and explore the back roads of Vietnam. Also quite safe since the Island has very little cars. The island is quite large as it is home to 3 communes. Its soil is fertile and rice, and there are fresh water and fruit trees. Several fruit orchards are opened to visitors to buy and pick right off the trees. Visitors can walk among the trees, relax in hammocks, try all kinds of delicious sweet-tasting fruits, and have a meal or stay overnight. Come to this island and you will see children laughing, playing, and jumping out of boats for a refreshing swim in the water. You will see children running as fast as they can. They fly kites over green fields. This wonderful place is an exciting choice for family holidays in Vietnam.


Temple of Literature (Văn Thánh Miếu) is a Confucian temple. It is one of the uncommon temples in Southern Vietnam built in 1864. There are 3 ancient pagodas attracting many tourists.


Tien Chau Pagoda is situated in An Binh River Island. The name of the pagoda means that fairies have visited this place. It is one of the oldest pagodas in Mekong Delta which was built in the 1800s. Pagoda has 96 round wood columns carved skillfully crafted by hand by artisans from the old capital Hue.


Vinh Long has long been famous for its orchards, which offer all kinds of fruit in all four seasons. The most famous fruits here are Binh Minh pomelo, Binh Hoa Phuoc rambutan, Tam Binh orange, Ri 6 and Chin Hoa durian, sugar tangerine and Hoa Loc and Cat Chu mango.


Vinh Long Orchard Garden.


Bonsai garden: about 20min from ferry pier by motorbike. Bonsai Gardens with myriad types of bonsai trees and balanced landscape designing. Houses on stilts built right on the river bank and reared by green orchards which offer a once-in-a-lifetime home.




Cháy Fish: Cháy fish sour soup (Cá cháy nấu canh chua) is one of the tastiest and popular dishes.


Vinh Long Orchard Garden.


Sweet potato, raw fish, and herbs: steamed potatoes are cut into small pieces and eat with raw fish or fish, add a little sugar soup, very tasty and unique.


Grilled Green crayfish: Shrimp meats are delicious with a fragrant scent that extremely attracts tourists, eating them with salt and lemon pepper.


Thanh Trà (Green Tea): attracts tourists by its color and taste.

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    1. Dear Mrs. Ravindran,

      Thank you for your comment. Here in Vinh Long Orchard Garden, there are a lot of other types of fruit that you can discover besides sweet ones, including seedless lemon. Also, you can find seedless lemon at any store, mart or shop in Vinh Long on your tour to Southern Vietnam.

      Bich Ngoc

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