In Vietnamese, Bai means beach and Lu relates to travelling. The beach was given the same name as the nearby Lu Mountain. A legend surrounding the mountain says that a traveler followed the beautiful voice of a woman singing for thousands of years until he reached the sea. When he got there, he found a mermaid and was immediately entranced. He stood patiently on the shore, waiting for his dream lover, but she never came, and eventually he became a speechless mountain.

Ha Noi

The beach and the mountain together create a poetic peaceful landscape. The clear blue water, fresh air and white sand relax us all after the long car journey from Ha Noi. The central province is usually hit by a hot western breeze from Laos during the summer, but the mountain range encircling the bay keeps the beach cool.

The resort features a large area of green space filled with flower gardens, grass fields and plants and stone decorations. Each stone represents a folk tale. Along the Tinh Tinh (Gorilla) road lie gorilla-shaped stones that visitors can view from different angles.

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Also from the road, tourists can see a big, white statue of Buddha which lies halfway up Mo Da Mountain. The statue was set up with a view to making the area more peaceful.

For those who wish to visit religious retreats, a tour through Cuong Temple, Ne Temple and Bach Y Princess Temple is an alternative to sun, sand and sea.

Cuong Temple is situated on Mo Da Mountain in Dien Trung Commune, Dien Chau District, just over 5km from Bai Lu Resort.

It has been described as a beautiful and solid work of architecture work which can stand the adverse weather with heavy rains and typhoons in the central Viet Nam.

It is said that in the past, the mountain was the habitat of peacocks. The mountain itself looks like a giant dancing peacock or stork, and Cuong Temple dedicated to King An Duong Vuong is situated on the head of the peacock.

To the north of the mountain is the flat Cua Hien Beach. Legend has it that on fine days, King An Duong Vuong walked along the shore and played chess with fairies on a flat rock there, so it was named chess-board rock. At dawn, the rock-field sparkles with different colours. In the afternoon, the shade of Mo Da Mountain covers the rock-field, the temperature drops and the area becomes cool and comfortable.

Source: Vietnam News

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