If you’ve ever heard of Myanmar, it is likely the image that comes to mind is pagodas and temples. And it is true that they are found throughout the country. But in addition to its impressive landscapes imbued with culture and traditions, this country is full of many wild beaches just waiting to be discovered. For those who are looking for a destination full of charm, here are the beaches in Myanmar that you should visit on your Myanmar tour.

1. Ngapali Beach

7 Best Beaches in Myanmar for Your Beach Vacations

Stunning sunset at Ngapali Beach

If you only have to do one beach in Myanmar, we recommend this one! This beach is well known for its idyllic turquoise water and several kilometers of serene white sand beaches framed by the perfection of palm trees. Ngapali is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sun. With its fine sand and transparent water, it offers the best sunsets that can be found during a trip to Myanmar.

In addition, there are many other activities to do at Ngapali beach: excursions on local fishing boats; the kayak; snorkeling among multi-colored fish,… This beach also has an 18-hole golf course which is located between the main resort and the airport. It is also possible to surf during the monsoon, the quietest time of the year in Ngapali.

2. Ngwe Saung Beach

7 Best Beaches in Myanmar for Your Beach Vacations

Majestic twin rocks at Ngwe Saung Beach

It is considered the “silver beach”. To access this majestic place, it is necessary to travel a few hours by road. However, the ride has its reward, as it is another of Myanmar’s most beautiful beaches. Located south of Ngapali and not far from Yangon, this beach is the perfect place to rest after long days spent visiting the country’s monuments.

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Ngwe Saung further captivates with the beauty of its long sandy beach and crystal clear waters. It will also mark you with its calm and soothing aspect, dictated by the melody of these gentle waves.

On this beach, there are a host of places that serve a variety of fantastic seafood dishes, including crab, shrimp, lobster, and various types of fish, as well as locally produced craft shops. Many restaurants are available on the premises. You can taste typical Burmese food as well as seafood dishes. In addition, many hotels, complexes invite you to rest on their terraces, some even offer a personal place on the beach always very clean. There are some from the most modern to the most classic.

3. Chaung Tha Beach

7 Best Beaches in Myanmar for Your Beach Vacations

Sandy coast of Chaung Tha Beach

Although it is not a beach of crystal clear water and white sand that sparkles in the sun, it is one of the beaches in Myanmar to visit while traveling in Myanmar. It is clearly not the most attractive beach for western tourists, despite its golden sand and the shade of its palm trees. But it is undoubtedly the favorite beach of the Burmese. A visit to this beach is, therefore, an opportunity to learn more about the customs of these people.

The beach is suitable for the holiday periods of the local population. This is why there are various tourist services, as well as shops and markets that are worth visiting. In addition, from there it is possible to approach the nearest virgin islands, which can boast of their seabed.

4. Mergui Archipelago

Diving in Mergui to admire the most adorable sea creatures!

Diving in Mergui to admire the most adorable sea creatures!

Near Myeik, this archipelago is undoubtedly the jewel of the whole country. Composed of more than 800 virgin islands, it is a natural place unique in the world, so much so that some islands are completely inaccessible. They are home to the Moken, a group of 2,000 to 3,000 gypsies from the sea, whose ancestral language and culture are almost unique.

The archipelago has long been closed to tourism and foreigners, and its access remains complicated. The best way to get there is to go on a cruise from Thailand. You will discover virgin islands and unspoiled nature. For the moment, the island of Kayinkwa is the only seaside resort in the archipelago where one can stay.

5. Maungmagan Beach

7 Best Beaches in Myanmar for Your Beach Vacations

Colorful beauty of Maungmagan Beach

This one of the best beaches in Myanmar is about a 30-minute drive from the town of Dawei. It offers a sublime view and its wide extent makes it a first choice beach for cycling on the beach. Indeed, one can indulge in a short stroll to the fishing village, heading west of the beach. Along the way, treat yourself to a cocktail in one of the small bars or restaurants along the coast.

Maungmagan Beach is always crowded at weekends. Prefer therefore a visit during the week to enjoy in peace a meal of seafood by the beach and a splendid sunset at the end of the day.

6. Kanthaya Beach

Let's get the best sun tan at Kanthaya Beach

Let’s get the best sun tan at Kanthaya Beach

Notice to lovers of wild beaches, Kanthaya is a perfect beach for you! Especially since it is not necessarily easy to find very calm beaches along the Bay of Bengal. If you are looking for a wonderful beach, go here! Absolutely spotless and calm Kanthaya beach with mixed yellow gravel sand you will get a private space to enjoy the comfort, and get out of the noisy city. There were no services for modern sports games or department stores on the beach, you will only enjoy the complete and pure serenity the pristine beach has to offer.

7. Setse Beach

It is perfect to enjoy some coconut juice, chase the sunet while chilling by the seaside of Setse Beach

It is perfect to enjoy some coconut juice, chase the sunet while chilling by the seaside of Setse Beach

Located about 80 kilometers in the North of the big city of Mawlamyine, in the Gulf of Martaban, the beach of Setse is one of the best beaches in Myanmar to visit. This huge brown sand beach lined with coconut palms offers a divinely wild setting, where the lucky ones can taste grilled fish in small seaside cottages and drink in fresh coconuts.

8. Nabule Beach

Calm water and white sand at Nabule Beach

Calm water and white sand at Nabule Beach

This secluded beach is an ideal destination for those looking to escape the noise of the city. Nabule Beach is located 19 km from Maungmagan Beach in south-eastern Myanmar. You can spend the day sunbathing on the golden sand and take a romantic walk with your lover. Do not forget to bring your camera! This is not only one of the best beaches in Myanmar, but also one of the top spots for taking photos.

Things to Know for Your Beach Vacations in Myanmar

  • The best time to enjoy Myanmar’s beaches is from December to April. Most resorts are closed during the rainy season between May and October. Some remain open, so it’s best to check before you go. Transport is also more difficult to find in the low season.
  • Wear somewhat conservative bathing clothes, as locals, especially women, almost always cover up when swimming in public.

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