The “Fantastic Da Nang Festival 2020” is an event upgraded from the annual event “Da Nang – Summer Destination” with these purposes:

  • Create stimulus tourism activities after the COVID-19 epidemic is controlled;
  • Introduce and promote Da Nang destination with tangible and intangible cultural values, tourism resources, new tourism products as well as special tourism products of the city;
  • Connect and support businesses to introduce their products and services;
  • Improve the quality of tourism services while utilizing new, diverse and attractive tourist destinations and routes suitable to tourist demands;
  • Create an impression of a green and environmentally-friendly coastal city;
  • Boost investment in tourism infrastructure and entertainment services to meet the demand of increasingly diverse tourist markets;
  • Strengthening cooperation in tourism development between provinces and the city;
  • Shaping conditions to strongly attract resources for tourism development, raising the position and image of Da Nang tourism and promising to become a special and attractive festival for the locals and tourists.

Time & Location

The festival is scheduled to take place from June to September 2020 in the beach areas (My Khe, Pham Van Dong, Non Nuoc and Nguyen Tat Thanh), the city center and tourist attractions in Da Nang.

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Two Periods of The Festival

Fantastic Da Nang Festival consists of 2 phases:

Vietnam Tours 2020

1. Firstly, the peak week, from the mid to the end of July 2020 (specific time will be proposed after the epidemic is over in Vietnam).

2. Secondly, supporting activities and events taking place from June to September 2020 organized by other parties and businesses.

A Lot Of Interesting Activities

Above all, there will be 5 main activities occurring in the peak week such as:

  • Firstly, The Opening Ceremony
  • Secondly, The EDM music festival with the theme of Awakening Summer
  • Thirdly, flash mob bikini performance on the beach with the theme of “Blue Sea Calling”
  • Fourthly, Installation art on the beach with the theme of “Revive on the sand”
  • Finally, Vietnamese food festival

Besides, there will be many other different amazing support activities (the Opening of Beach Season in Da Nang 2020; concert performance, coconut boat competition; beach festival, etc.) that you should not miss on your Vietnam tour!

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  1. Although we only had a short time in Danang we did not feel we missed out on anything there… in fact next time we will just do an early morning trip to the airport rather than go to danang the day before. This is a good time to witness and enjoy one of the best colorful festivals in a year. Some shops will be closed but its not a big deal. Transport is also quite difficult to arrange however if you have booked in advance, this is not a matter then.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      It is so great that you have a plan to travel early so as not to miss out anything in this beautiful active city. And you are right, when booking in advance and letting us know your requests, every arrangement will be proceeded early and available.
      Let’s book now! <here>

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