Night clubs offer a perfect get-way environment that is different from the hustle of regular days. There is no exception in Vietnam when night clubs are becoming popular and tourists coming to Vietnam have opportunities to mingle with local people.

People love a relaxed moment in a club where they can buy a drink, dance to the tune played by great mind-blowing DJs. They are also allowed to express themselves without the fear of being judged. Here below are best night clubs in Ho Chi Minh City that tourists may consider visiting during Ho Chi Minh tour.

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O2 Gold night club

It is considered to be one of biggest bars located in the heart of Saigon, a street away from Bui Vien’s district, near Saigon Opera House. This is the place full of young sexy girls. The club has modern design with 3 mega LED screen and vivid sound system which ensures the hours to have fun.

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02 Gold night club

MGM night club

This is an impeccable night club within a four-floor building. It’s located in District 3 in Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ho Chi Minh City. The club is preferred and loved by young people. The youth are drawn to the club by the wonderful choice of music playlist. The club plays house music and techno people that make people loosen up and dance all night long.

Pandora sky lounge

Pandora sky lounge

A night club has world-class environment that is decorated in style and offers a remarkable night for your visit. The club has an indoor section and outdoor rooftop section where people can have fun while enjoying the panoramic view of the city.

ACE night club

This is a popular night club located at Hung Dao Street, District 1. The night club is quite busy on weekends and you must to buy a bottle to enter. The club is mostly attracted by young people with a unique sense of fashion. Guys wear designer jeans while girls seem to prefer very tight dresses.

Canalis night club

It is located at 147 Hai Ba Trung, District 3. The club majorly serves young people. It hosts various events like sexy dancing, sumo fighting, and male gogo.

Lush night club

Lush night club

This is the legendary night club of Ho Chi Minh since 2004. The night club opens up chances for loving-party crowds to mingle and spend a little cash. The club is quite spacious and conveniently established in the outskirts of industrial setting. There is an upstairs deck and the choice of music in the club is hip hop, house music and a little bit of mainstream dance. The club is open seven days a week from 9 pm to morning.

Apocalypse night club

Apocalypse night club

Apocalypse is a spectacular night club located in District 1, 2B-C-F Thi Sach, Ho Chi Minh City. The bar is very famous in Vietnam and has an upstairs night club. The night club draws expats, backpackers, and nicely dressed locals. The club offers a wonderful night out with a great mix of trance and pop tune, cheap drinks for everyone’s pocket and attractive promotions. The club is spacious and can accommodate all its customers while still leaving enough space to dance and have fun all night long. The club opens from 7 pm to 4 am.

Sin lounge night club

Sin lounge is especially a themed night club with a unique touch of decadent and ornate décor. The club is famous for its cocktail mix. It allows people to party all night long without paying any cover charges. The club is fully operational seven days a week from 9 pm to 3 am and is located at Le Thanh Ton, close to Japanese quarter of District 1.

Chill sky bar

Chill sky bar

Chill sky bar is located next to New World hotel at the top of AB tower in Ho Chi Minh. This bar offers a glamorous night out allowing people to party all night and enjoy a great view since it’s roof top bar. The club plays all type of music like house, electro, hip hop and others. The DJ brings life to the party.

A fantastic night in one of above night clubs in Ho Chi Minh City is one adventure to look out for. There are many platforms to accommodate the taste and preferences for everyone. All you need is to step out and enjoy the night swing in the most memorable way in Vietnam.

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