Only 14.6 km away to the southwest of Nam Can Town, the Hon Khoai Island is located in Ngoc Hien District of Ca Mau Province.  This is a stone island on which the hills and the forest still remain untouched with many specious types of wood, animal, and plants, as well as a mesmerizing artless wilderness.


Hon Khoai Island

Hon Khoai Island over view

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Three enjoyable hours on the 90CV cruise from RachGoc (the gate to the East Sea of Ngoc Hien District) will take you to the spectacular Hon Khoai Island, one of the most beautiful islands in the Southern-most region of the country. You should not confuse Hon Khoai Island with Hon Khoai archipelago, which is a group of 5 spectacular islands. The Hon Khoai Island is the biggest and also the highest island surrounding by the other four.

Setting foot on Hon Khoai Island enables all tourists to enjoy the poetically beautiful seashores that are full of white egg-shaped cobbles. Tourists can also challenge their bravery by climbing up the mountains or discovering the tropical jungle. However, no matter what they do, the rare and priceless scenery of primitive forest with more than 1000 types of plants and hundreds species of wild animal will surely leave them speechless from time to time.


Hon Khoai Island

Hon Khoai Island


Nowadays, on the highest peak of Hon Khoai Island still stands a beautiful lighthouse built by the French at the end of the 19th century. This is the place where a revered teacher named Pham Ngoc Hien led a group of prisoners to success over the French leader of the island, which resulted in their ownership of the lighthouse. This is a wondrous exploit that always appears in the local tales today. From this lighthouse, visitors can use the telescopes to look closely at one of the 5 surrounding islands called Hon DoiMoi, which resembles a tortoise swimming in the middle of the ocean. However, the most special thing is that they can also use the telescopes to have a look at the Cape of Ca Mau, to once in their life known how beautiful the cape is from afar. Without coming to Hon Khoai, such opportunity would be nearly impossible!

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