The cultural and tourism festival in Mu Cang Chai, one of the most special festivals in North Vietnam, is held during 21/9 – 27/9 with the theme “golden wave on the young field”.


In respond to the World Tourism Day (27th September) and the 60th anniversary of Mu Cang Chai district’s establishment, the People’s committee of Mu Cang Chai holds the cultural and tourism festival to discover the national terraces with the theme “golden wave on the young field” during 21/9 – 27/9. Coming to the festival, visitors are offered series of interesting events and feel free to explore cultural activities, music, sports and cuisine.


Activities taking place during the cultural tourism week in 2017 includes the opening ceremony (held at the same time with Muong Lo Cultural and Tourism week) performed at 19:30 on 22th September in Nghia Lo town.

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The opening ceremony in Mu Cang Chai


The goat fighting contest, a special activity which has attracted a large number of local people and visitor to Mu Cang Chai,  is scheduled on 23th – 24th September at the stadium of central district.


Goat fighting contest


During the week, there will be a unique music contest featuring the traditional bamboo instrument known as “khèn”. It is scheduled for the second time on 22th -23rd September at the stadium of central district.


The Khen competition


Paragliding festival “flying over the golden field”, the fifth anniversary of paragliding activities at Khau Pha pass, is expected to celebrate on 23rd- 24th September. It is the highlight of the cultural week. Khau Pha, about 1,200 metres above sea level, provides a breathtaking view of stunning natural scenery. It is rated as one of the four most beautiful paragliding sites in Viet Nam and among the top five most beautiful flying spots in the world.


Paragliding festival


The highland market displays agricultural products of the ethnic people (Banh Day, honey, herbal medicine, vegetables, fruits; perform some typical traditional trade (forging, brocade, wine-making, weaving); selling handicrafts (knives, brocade bags, Khen); cuisine festival is expected to be held during 21st September – 27th September in the area in the front of the Culture and Information Office and Hoa Lan Nursery School.


The highland market


A photo exhibition “Mu Cang Chai – Tourism of Identity” , is scheduled from 21st September to 27th September in the central district. It’s a very meaningful event which displays works of Mu Cang Chai’s stunning terraced paddy fields landscape.


Stunning terraced paddy field in Mu Cang Chai


Moreover, film screenings, mobile library cars are held during 21/9 – 27/9 in the communes of La Pan Tan, Lao Chai, Cao Phe, De Xu Phinh.


Besides above events, there are many community tourism activities for visitors to experience the unique cultural values with the Thai and Mong community on the terraced fields from 21st September to 27th September at Cu Cu Nha, La Pan Tan, De Xu Phinh and Mu Cang Chai town. Take your time in Northwest Vietnam Discovery to discover Mu Cang Chai and experience the most amazing holiday in Vietnam.


Mu Cang Chai

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