There are a lot of stunning and beautiful destinations for your vacation in Vietnam, but there are a limited number of official places for camping. Below is a list of the ideal places to go camping in Vietnam from North to South!

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Go Camping in Northern Vietnam

1. Ecopark – Hanoi

Ecopark, Hanoi

Ecopark Green City is a popular campsite. It is filled with the green of plants and flowers. In particular, the atmosphere is always green and cool. Therefore, coming here to rest and camp, you will feel completely different from the hot, sultry summer heat.

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Camping in Ecopark

Especially families with young children should come here to help your baby change the atmosphere and learn about nature and plants. This will be an opportunity for children to learn and discover more interesting things as well.

2. Ba Vi – Hanoi

Ba Vi National Park is one of the most popular weekend camping spots today. It is located 40 km from the center of Hanoi, famous for many poetic sights under the roads filled with green trees, mysterious by layers of mist and cool climate.

Ba Vi

In addition to picnic activities, camping, you can visit and check-in at other places in the national park complex such as Tan Vien temple, church shed, cactus garden, etc. The camping areas you can choose such as Ho Tien Sa, Pine forest or in the area near the cactus garden … These are all great places in Ba Vi National Park and when you come here, you will discover many other tourist places.

Ba Vi camping site has fresh air, green trees, so when you rest, you will always feel comfortable and enjoy.

3. Dong Mo – Hanoi

Dong Mo

Dong Mo wonderful overnight camping will bring you a trip with more experience. You will be participating in a lot of useful and interesting camping game activities. Therefore, this place is always crowded with tourists.

camping in Dong Mo

Dong Mo’s location is only about 40km from the city center. Therefore, the move here will be very convenient and easy. Not only beautiful, but the cost of camping trip in Dong Mo is very cheap.

4. Ban Xoi – Hanoi

Ban Xoi

Ban Xoi valley is one of the destinations with great attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. It is about 50km from Hanoi to the West and the natural scenery is very pristine.

As a new tourist destination, this place still retains its pristine beauty. The space here is very wide. Therefore, you can choose this place as a place to organize fun group activities that would be very suitable.

Camping in Ban Xoi

If you choose this area and stay in the evening, you can ask the people here to help organize a bonfire for everyone to have fun, dance and sing together.

5. Thien Phu Lam – Hanoi

camping in Thien Phu Lam

Thien Phu Lam Resort is about 45km from Hanoi and it has very beautiful scenery. Many young people come here to check in because the natural scenery is so beautiful and impressive. In particular, the landscape here is very eye-catching decoration. Therefore, you can freely enjoy live virtual photography but only fear of fire because any angle is suitable for shooting.

Thien Phu Lam

It is very suitable for picnics and picnics organized in groups. In addition, this campsite if you spend the night, you can organize activities such as barbecue or campfire. These will definitely be the most memorable memories for you.

6. Son Tinh Camp – Hanoi

Son Tinh Island originated from the legend of Son Tinh-Moutain God. It is only 35 km far from Hanoi and has been a famous camping destination in the North of Vietnam.

Son Tinh camp

Travelers come here to visit the lake, admire the famous international golf course, the majestic mountain landscape, the harmony of water and mountain, the sunset with the herds flying to their nest, join attractive games in the forests and underwater and fire camp service, BBQ… and incentive team-building activities.

Son Tinh Camp is not only attractive for families but also an ideal place for young people to enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, campfire, mountain climbing, cycling, boat float, sightseeing boat, etc.

7. Ang Pine Forest – Son La Province

Ang pine forest is located in the area of ​​Ang village in Dong Sang commune, Moc Chau district, Son La province, 2km from the center of Moc Chau town on Highway 43. Located on Moc Chau plateau with cool and fresh climate year-round, this Asian pine forest is like a miniature Da Lat of the Northwest with a total area of ​​over 43 hectares including the towering green pine forest, stretching suffocating on the reddish hillsides and a lake itself. course 5 ha wide.

rung thong ban Ang

Ang pine forest is also known as the miniature Dalat in the Northwest. Tourists are fascinated with the charming young space, the stilted houses fluttering under the green floors and the sun rays interweaving through each leaf gap.

8. Dong Cao – Bac Giang Province

Located 160 km northeast of Hanoi, Dong Cao is like Mau Son of Bac Giang. The climate is cool, the nature is lively, the terrain is relatively flat, Dong Cao is suitable for tents, campfires.

The plateau offers campers a large area, huge forest, foggy clouds floating over the mountains. Indeed, its wildness and purity make Dong Cao plateau become an excellent campground for adventurous travelers. Sleeping overnight in a tent on Dong Cao plateau will be an amazing experience.

Dong Cao plateau

In the peaceful and quiet area, you can feel the cool and fresh air, hear the howls of the wind and the sound of insects and watch splendid sky of bright stars and moon. Don’t miss a trip with your best friends to Dong Cao plateau.

9. Coto Eco Lodge – Quang Ninh Province

Coto Eco Lodge

This is a newly built resort with 18 bungalows and camping tents area facing the sea. With beautiful spots, blue and white sandy beach, it is an impressive, young and attractive camping site, offers you unforgettable holidays.

You can rent a motorbike to visit some highlights of Co To island such as the Lighthouse, Van Chay beach, Cau My rock plain, stroll around the fishing village nearby… or take a boat to visit small Co To Island and snorkel for sightseeing. To experience the natural beauty of the island, you can also play kayak or scuba diving and watch the beautiful fish, coral reefs with brilliant colors squeezing in the “seaweeds” waving with the waves.

Coto Eco Lodge

Don’t forget to enjoy a seafood dinner with fresh squid, prawns, fish or specialty nails in the sound of fluttering waves and the shimmering light of the storm lamps which are arranged very delicately.

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10. Tuyen Lam Lake – Da Lat City

camping in Tuyen Lam

When you select Tuyen Lam Lake as an overnight camping site in Da Lat, you will feel very excited and excited. In the evening, everyone will organize a small outdoor barbecue and sing together. It will feel like being in the middle of immense mountains and living with your own emotions.

Tuyen Lam

When you wake up in the morning, you will be watching the sunrise look very beautiful and attractive. There are tents for rent with full warm blankets, so if you stay overnight at this Dalat camping site, you will not be afraid of cold. Tent rental rates are not too expensive. Fluctuating in the range of 150,000 VND / tent for 2 people. For a 3-person tent, the rental price is 200,000 VND.

In particular, remember to visit the tunnel of lightning to feel the uniqueness of this place.

11. Lang Biang Mountain – Da Lat

camping in Lang Biang

If you are a fan of backpacking and exploring, then Langbiang will be the most complete answer for you. It is very suitable for you to explore, backpack and camp overnight. With a cool, spacious and extremely fresh and cool space, many people come here to explore and learn about the mysterious magic of this Langbiang mountain.

Lang Biang

If you choose Langbiang as one of the campsites in Dalat for your plan, you can choose one of the following two forms. Drive straight to the campsite here or park your car so you can walk up to the camp yourself. It will be interesting for those who love to experience and go on a trip if you choose to go camping at Langbiang by walking.

12. Cu Lan Village – Da Lat

Cu Lan village

This is a popular tourist area when traveling to Dalat because there are many attractions for you to experience. In it, you will enjoy the extremely pristine and peaceful natural scenery of this place. Located in an extremely beautiful position right in the middle of the pine forest, this place is like a dream-like fairy-tale painting. This village has a very unique architecture. Because it was built according to the architecture of the Kh’O people.

camping in Cu Lan village

Surrounding is the image of the stream located right beside murmuring sound very happy ear. In addition, there are many blooming flowers here blooming. All of them create a very unique charm that only in this campsite Dalat.

13. Da Phu Hill – Da Lat

Da Phu hill

This is an ideal place for you to admire the entire natural beauty of Dalat city. Located a short distance from the city center. Therefore, you can come here without having to worry about moving too far.

camping on Da Phu hill

Only about 10-12km can come here to explore. Especially, if you want to have vivid photos to celebrate, Da Phu is truly an ideal destination for you to choose. You will be delighted to take pictures of cloud mist and camping at night when you will see the night sky with sparkling stars.

14. Sao Bien – Khanh Hoa Province

Sao Bien camping site

Starfish ecotourism business is located in Binh Lap Hamlet, a small village of Cam Lap commune that attracts many tourists for its beautiful beach and fishing villages under poetic mountains. This place has recently become a famous destination for backpackers for camping.

Sao Bien camping site

The beach is very big, clean and offers you stunning scene in the dawn. Arriving at the ecosystem site, you can relax in wooden bungalow or tent on the beach. Besides swimming and fishing, you can try many other interesting activities like boating, kayaking, cycling on the beach, flying kite, fishing squid, camping, etc.

Go Camping in Southern Vietnam

15. Ho Coc Beach – Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province

Ho Coc

This is an ideal place to escape from the sun. You can come here to watch the sea and enjoy a cool bath. Because Ho Coc camping site is very large and located right by the sea, you can freely explore if you want to cool down in the summer. There are tents for rent with enough blankets, mats and pillows, but the price is very cheap, only about 140,000 VND / person.

16. Rung Duong Paradise Campsite – Vung Tau City

Camping in Rung duong

This is the ideal camping place in the lush green forest. It is chosen by many schools and companies and organizes fun activities and outdoor camping.

17. Zenna Pool Camp – Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province


Going to Zenna Pool Camp you will see how wonderful this place is. The beautiful natural scenery along with the camping area is very eye-catching and outstanding.

This place will be an ideal camping place for young people who love the youthful and dynamic exploration.

18. Mui Ne Beach – Binh Thuan Province

camping in Mui Ne

Camping in Mui Ne sand dunes is considered a unique choice for those who love to experience. There is sandy beach stretching to several kilometers. Therefore, you can come here to explore and visit Tien stream. Therefore, this tourist destination is always new to everyone so many people have chosen this destination for camping.

Mui Ne

19. Son My Beach – Binh Thuan Province

Son My Beach in Binh Thuan only takes you more than 3-hour drive to get there from Ho Chi Minh city. It is also the sightseeing spot which attracts a number of young people as it is not only cost-saving also keep them close to the nature of the sea. The site has about 20 tents serving both individuals and groups.

Son My camping site

The beautiful and peaceful space of smooth sandy beach and lush coconut palms is also suitable for those who like camping in Son My Beach.

20. Trung Luong – Binh Dinh Province

Trung Luong

From the opening days, this place has attracted a lot of visitors to come for camping. The scenery here is quite wild with strange shapes of limestone ridges, green lawns under the sunny carpet and the fresh salty air blown from the sea.

Trung Luong

The entertainment area has a beach front view, included camps with red and green roofs, colorful chairs. The sunshine, the green grass, the large limestone boulders around and the fresh air blowing from the land will ensure that you just want to stop here for hours. If you want to enjoy the outdoors activities such as camping, snorkeling, scuba diving or exploring coral reefs you’ll surely find plenty to do here, making your camping trip much more memorable.



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