After more than half of a month in the survey forest, the cave experts group of the Royal Caves Association of England has discovered 12 new and completely unspoiled caves in Quang Binh.

Discovery of 12 Unspoiled Caves with No Human Footprints in Quang Binh

Majestic Paradise Cave in Quang Binh, Vietnam

On April 3, Howard Limbert, a cavern expert at the Royal Caves Association of England, confirmed that the cave explorers group of the organization had discovered 12 new caves with no human footprints in Quang Binh. The total length of caverns was measured as more than 10km.

The cave experts’ expedition began from March 3 to 20, 2020. There are 11 experts divided into two small groups, coming to different locations to survey unknown caverns. The chosen locations for researching are in the limestone mountains of Bo Trach, Quang Ninh and Minh Hoa districts.

1. Bo Trach District

Among these 12 caves, there are 3 caves in Bo Trach district. They are:

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  • Doc Co cave (554,6 meters long)
  • End cave (51,5 meters long)
  • Dry Vom cave (413 meters long)

2. Quang Ninh District

Quang Ninh district has newly discovered 4 caves including:

  • Nuoc Ngam cave (3,872 meters long)
  • Nuoc Lan 3 cave (1,919 meters long)
  • Hung Thoai cave (460 meters long)
  • Coincidental cave (100 meters long)

3. Minh Hoa District

Particularly in Minh Hoa district, the team of experts discovered 5 caves including:

  • 3 horned Viper cave (194,8 meters long)
  • Phu Nhieu 4 cave (2,012 meters long)
  • Cha Ra cave (314 meters long)
  • Thoang Lip cave (137 meters long)
  • Ma Lon cave (463 meters long)

Total Length & Value

The total length of 12 new caverns recently discovered and measured this time is nearly 10,5 km.

According to the observation of the experts group, these newly discovered caves consist of the underground river system and completely in pristine form. Most importantly, they never had human footprints. The team of cave experts rated these caverns to be very valuable in the future.

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