Hanoi nightlife is one of the most popular features that make Hanoi one-of-a-kind. Lots of activities and fun things will turn your evening into unforgettable moments. Here are Top 4 things to do when you are spending your time in Hanoi.

1. Enjoy Hanoi Street Food at night

It’s undeniable that Hanoi is a paradise of junk food, ranging from the most ordinary food to the premium cuisine, and each season has different kinds and flavors. From noshes such as sweet gruel, boiled snails, fried fermented pork rolls, sour sweet salad with dried beef, to main dishes such as rice noodles, pho or steamed glutinous rice, every dish is a distinct flavor. All of them could be easily spotted at a street corner or small alley, which makes a distinctive feature of Hanoi the capital.

Hanoi Street Food at night

Fish noodles

One of the most favorable late-night food in Hanoi is fish noodles. It is a light broth made from fish bones with golden fresh white fish lightly fried. At the bottom of the soup is a bed of rice vermicelli noodles. On the top covering the broth, is a delicate combination of spring onions and bean sprouts mixed with dill herbs.

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To taste this unique dish, there is no better place than Fish noodles Sam Cay Si (5 Alley Trung Yen, Hanoi), a typical street side restaurant. The perfect taste of Fish noodles is the main reason that this place is always packed with locals and tourist, although it’s just a small space in a dark alley in the old quarter with some plastic chairs and tables. Make sure not to miss this unique experience if you are having a Vietnam tours.

Enjoying fish noodles in Hanoi

Vietnamese Sandwich

Vietnamese Sandwich is known as the most famous street food in Vietnam and is highly appreciated by a lot of international culinary magazines. While its origins are French, the Vietnamese have made it distinctively their own. It is an airy Vietnamese baguette made with a combination of wheat and rice flours with a thin crispy crust. It is stuffed with pork, pâté, cured ham, a mélange of Vietnamese herbs and vegetables like coriander, cucumber, carrot, slices. A wealth of textures and flavors, you will savor spicy, salty, savory, sweet, and aromatic tastes in each bite.

2. Going to Bars and Clubs

If you’re looking to party during your holiday in Vietnam, the best places to come are Hanoi’s Bars and Nightclubs. There are plenty of small bars and nightclubs for young backpackers and locals in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, where travellers can mix and mingle with the city’s fun-loving locals and expats. You can find many crowded nightlife spots serving potent yet value-for-money drinks and blasting an impressive mix of electro, EDM, house, hip-hop, and party pop tunes.Hanoi Bars and Nightclubs

3. Spend time at Hanoi’s Coffee shops

Vietnam is famous for its contribution to the world of coffee lovers. Nowadays, coffee is a popular drink that everyone can come across it everywhere from sidewalk or luxurious restaurants. Coffee in Hanoi has its own special characteristic that can be found nowhere else. Spending time at night in Hanoi coffee shops, tourists also have the chance to taste Vietnamese traditional iced coffee and egg coffee.

There are now thousands of coffee shops in Hanoi.  Each place gives an original impression on people by both wonderful taste and its atmosphere. With excellent service and unique style, every coffee shop provides their guests a very comfort space.

Hanoi Coffee Shops


4. Experience a trip along the Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake

For many young Vietnamese in Hanoi, the favorite Hanoi nightlife activity is taking a trip along the streets of the Old Quarter and around Hoan Kiem Lake. The Old Quarter for years is a must-included destination in every trip in Hanoi. A night walk there will show you a completely contrasting picture of this busy city. The noise from the streets is replaced by quietness and sparkle of the street lights. This is really a great time for those who wants to discover different aspects of Hanoi. You can go along the streets in Hanoi Old Quarter, around Hoan Kiem Lake and enjoy the famous Trang Tien ice-scream at the end of the journey.

A trip along the old Quarter

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