With more than 2000 miles of coastline and 8000 tropical islands, Thailand offers a multitude of dream beaches for lovers of idleness, diving or fiesta. This country is absolutely ideal for taking some holidays, far from the din of our metropolises. Paradise Travel suggests you top most beautiful beaches in Thailand that are worth a trip of a lifetime during your tours to Thailand.

1. Railay Beach

Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in Thailand to Visit

Sunset at the Railay Beach

Located on a peninsula, a few minutes by boat from the south of the lively town of Ao Nang, Railay beach seduces bathers with their mangroves, pretty bay and the rocky peaks rising from the water. This beach is only accessible by long tail boat, as it sits on a small peninsula, but it’s worth it. Clear blue water, small islands on the horizon and majestic limestone cliffs surround the small beaches which are usually only crowded during Thailand’s peak season. Here you can participate in interesting activities such as sunbathing, climbing, kayaking and snorkelling.

2. Phra Nang Cave Beach

Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in Thailand to Visit

Sunset at Phra Nang Cave Beach

For a beach surrounded by beautiful scenery and an outdoor adventure that few others can match, visit the beach of Phra Nang cave in Krabi province in the south of Thailand.

Characterized by outcrops of popular cliffs for climbing, the shallow water of this beach makes it a popular site for tourists. It can sometimes be overcrowded, but it is one of the most unique beaches in Thailand.

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3. Nai Harn Beach

Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in Thailand to Visit

The beauty of Nai Harn Beach at dawn

Located in Phuket, Nai Harn Beach is renowned for its crystal clear waters, white sand and soft waves when swimming. It is one of the most popular destinations due to its climate and constant weather conditions, which makes it ideal for visiting all year round. It is without doubt one of the best beaches not to be missed in Thailand.

4. Patong Beach

Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in Thailand to Visit

You should not miss a chance to chase the sunset at Patong Beach

This is another candidate of top must-visit beaches in Thailand. A paradise for hyperactive holidaymakers, hell of lovers of tranquility. This destination offers many entertainments and services for the young and old to find everything to hand. On the beach, you can rent a deckchair for sunbathing. For more ambience, services galore are available through street vendors located on the beach and this throughout the day, you are free to choose between souvenirs. If you are more of an active type, Patong Beach is home to several nautical activities such as jet-skiing, parasailing, bananas towed by a speedboat,…

5. Kata Beach

Spectacular sun at Kata Beach

Spectacular sun at Kata Beach

One of the most popular spots in Phuket, Kata offers quieter options to the hustle and bustle of Patong. Here you will find two beaches, Kata Yai and Kata Noi, separated by about ten minutes’ walk. Both have plenty of opportunities to sip a cold drink, get a massage and just soak up the sun on a recliner. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand.

6. Long Beach

Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in Thailand to Visit

Long Beach, so long, so gorgeous

This sea, on the island of Koh Lanta, is as its name suggests – it has such a long coast. It is also without doubt one of the largest and most beautiful beaches in Thailand. The beach restaurants and views of the unique shape of Koh Phi Phi on the horizon give an even more exotic feel. Unlike most of the other beaches on Koh Lanta, Long Beach is almost devoid of sharp rocks and swimming barriers such as sea urchins. A gently sloping sandy bottom allows for dream bathing, day and night. Although Long Beach has mainly attracted backpackers to beach bungalows and inexpensive meals, the place is much more family oriented these days.

7. Donald Duck Bay

Magical nature at Donald Duck Bay

Magical nature at Donald Duck Bay

One of the most remarkable beaches of the Similan Islands, Donald Duck Bay is located on Island 8. It largely deserves its place among the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. Also, it takes its name from a block formation that resembles that of the famous Disney character. White sand meets deep blue waters teeming with aquatic life, and the lush jungle is home to interesting flora and fauna.

8. Phulay Bay

Hold your glass of wine, walk along the coast and enjoy the beauty of Phulay Bay

Hold your glass of wine, walk along the coast and enjoy the beauty of Phulay Bay

In the heart of lush jungles and spectacular limestone karsts, this bay located on the Andaman Sea offers many opportunities for you to take things easy. And if you are tired of relaxing, exotic adventures await you in the nearby elephant reserve. When coming to Thailand, do not miss this!

9. White Sand Beach

A visit to White Sand Beach will be your trip of a lifetime

A visit to White Sand Beach will be your trip of a lifetime

This is an example of a beautiful strip of sand that once belonged to backpackers but is now becoming a resort. Many seaside resorts and evening buffets now occupy the beach. However, the northern end of this beautiful beach still retains the charm of old bamboo bungalows. As the name suggests, the sand is soft, white and powdery. This beautiful stretch of beach on the west side of the island is bordered by coconut palms against the backdrop of gently sloping hills. Although Koh Chang is still considered by some to be a budget traveler island rather than a luxury destination, there is a wide choice of accommodation. It is also considered one of the most beautiful islands in Bangkok and Thailand.

10. Sairee Beach

This is not photoshop - it's just Sairee Beach!

This is not photoshop – it’s just Sairee Beach!

One of the best views of a spectacular sunset over Thailand is from Sairee Beach on the small island of Koh Tao. It is the meeting place on the island, with many restaurants and water sports such as diving and snorkelling. The long, narrow beach is ideal for walking, with breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset. It is therefore a popular beach for photographers.

Moreover, there are bars opening every evening for young travelers who want to get to know others and relax, or simply just sip and enjoy some great cocktails. It is a good opportunity to discover the daily life of the inhabitants as well!

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