On your 2 days in Hue, you will have the opportunity to explore further the Land of Poetry with different fantastic activities. The Imperial City of Hue is located near the Truong Son mountain range and in the lower section of the gentle Huong River and Bo River. Hue has its magnanimous history of formation and development lasting for about 7 centuries. The city’s culture is made up of the unique spirit and in a variety of types, which are shown very rich in a lot of fields such as literature, music, people’s lifestyle,…

Suggested best things to do in 2 days in Hue:

  • Visit Hue Imperial City
  • Visit 3 Royal Tombs: Khai Dinh, Minh Mang, Tu Duc
  • Enjoy Hue Traditional Folk Song performances on Huong River
  • Boat trip on Huong River to visit Thien Mu
  • Take to bicycle trip to a nearby countryside village
  • Spend a day trip to DMZ area

Hue is also the star with its rich and diverse architecture such as court architecture and folk architecture, religious architecture and temple architecture, traditional architecture and current architecture,… Visitors on the journey of discovering Central Vietnam will all of a sudden and slowly take a step back, lower the voice, admire and contemplate the breath-taking scenery of this poetic city.

Best time to travel to Hue

From May to August- Sea travel season

The hot summer air of this city may make visitors frustrated and tired. Therefore, the best time to travel to Hue is from May to August. You can stretch on the white sandy beach and immerse yourself in the white wave of Thuan An Beach, or the cool blue water of the legendary Lang Co Beach. The period from May to August is also the ideal time to experience the life of fishermen on the lagoon. You can enjoy delicious local dishes and drop yourself into the beautiful sunset scenery of the lagoons on your 2 days in Hue.

From September to December

For tourists who love the cold climate and the rains of Hue, September – December is a good time to enjoy the “ancient citadel of winter”. Especially, visitors will experience the moment of admiring Hue in the rain. How fascinating it is to taste the specialty of winter such as sweet potato, corn, dried squid scattering on the charcoal grill. You can just sit in some stores, enjoy the warm drinks and watch the cold rain of Hue out of the windows. Hue rain has become a special feature of this ancient capital. It reminds people of nostalgic memories as well as the value of history.

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How to spend your best 2 days in Hue?

Day 1

7 AM: Having breakfast

From the early morning, the restaurants in Hue are bustling with visitors. The breakfast menu is also extremely diverse, but the most popular is the noodles. You can choose a bowl of “bun bo Hue” on Ly Thuong Kiet street or “bun cha” on Nguyen Hue street.

8 AM: Visiting the Citadel

2 days in Hue

The Citadel in Hue

This destination is located in Hue Citadel, more than 1 km from Truong Tien Bridge. With an entrance ticket of VND 75,000 / person/time, you will be able to visit the Royal Palace Museum and the whole of the Citadel. There are many interesting activities such as the Switching Ceremony at Ngo Mon, performing music at Thai Hoa and The Mieu, and Ca Hue at Truong Sanh palace. If you do not rent a tram to travel to the Citadel, you should wear low shoes for comfort while walking.

You can rent a motorbike or a cyclo to discover attractions at this place. It is sometimes rainy in Hue so you had better bring a precautionary raincoat.

10 AM: Visiting Thien Mu Pagoda

Thien Mu Pagoda is about 5 km from the city center and located on the romantic Huong Giang River. It is known as the most famous pagoda in the ancient capital. Here you will admire an ancient and lyrical architectural complex, with a wonderful harmony between Huong Nguyen family, Phuoc Duyen tower,… with pine garden and grass at the back.

12 AM: Having mussel rice for lunch

Mussel rice is such a rustic dish that if you have not enjoyed it, you will not know the ancient cuisine well. You can find this Hue specialty everywhere in the city. However, you can find the best in Con Hen and stores on Pham Hong Thai and Truong Dinh street.

1 PM: Visiting Dong Ba market

Dong Ba Market is not only a big commercial center but also a famous tourist destination of Hue. You can buy traditional items here such as Phu Cam conical hat, Hien Luong cutlery, Ke Mon Tuan jewelry, the dry lotus from Tinh Tam Lake,… and enjoy traditional and popular Hue dishes.

3:30 PM: Making long dresses

With your first of 2 days in Hue, you can also order a set of dresses as a souvenir. In Hue, there are many “short time” Ao Dai tailor shops. After only 6-8 hours, you can own a genuine famous Hue Ao Dai. You can also buy fabrics in Dong Ba market and then look for the garment shops on Nguyen Sinh Cung street, Mai Thuc Loan, Tran Nguyen Han to book your own favorite set.

5 PM: Vi Da Coffee

In the afternoon, it is an ideal time for you to sip a cup of coffee in Vi Da village and relax watching the smooth flow of Huong River. With its garden style, surrounded by lush greenery and classical wooden house architecture, Vi Da coffee brings you a very Hue space with a close and elegant feeling on your 2 days in Hue.

6 PM: Dinner

Experiencing Royal meal will be an unforgettable experience of yours when coming to Hue. The Royal meal menu includes from 8 to 10 special dishes. In which, indispensable dishes are “nem cong”, “cha phung”, Hue cakes and tea of ​​Tinh Tam lotus seed. You can find king rice in some restaurants and hotels on Le Loi street with the price ranging from 500,000 VND a meal or more.

7 PM: Listening to Hue songs on the Huong River

An elegant but wonderful pleasure for tourists on 2 days in Hue is cruising on the Huong River at night, watching the romantic moonlight and listening to Hue songs. You will also have a chance to enjoy the melody from the smooth and sweet voice of Hue girls.

10 PM: Walking on Truong Tien Bridge

Colorful Trang Tien Bridge at night

Colorful Trang Tien Bridge at night

In Hue’s peaceful space, walking on Truong Tien Bridge – the symbol of Hue people is a very relaxing activity. On weekends, Truong Tien Bridge stands out and glows in sparkling wings of thousands of shimmering electric lights. You can also do the shopping at the walking street, at the foot of Truong Tien Bridge.

11 PM: Tasting the local traditional street foods

Across the Gia Hoi bridge to Bach Dang street is a culinary neighborhood with dozens of shops lined up close together. You can find a myriad of rustic night dishes such as seasoning noodles, grilled porridge, soup porridge, grilled meat vermicelli, spring rolls, “banh beo”, filtered powder,… and all kinds of delicious tea.

Day 2

7 AM: Visiting Truoi Lake – Truc Lam Monastery

Truc Lam
Truoi Lake- Truc Lam Monastery

Located at the foot of Bach Ma Mountain, Truoi Lake is a large hydroelectric project. Truc Lam Bach Ma Monastery is the first monastery in Central Vietnam. This place looks like a lotus in the middle of a clear lake from a view above. From Truc Lam Monastery, take your eyes away to admire the spectacular scenery of the mountains and forests. Also, the “beautiful green” beauty of Truoi lake in the cool, fresh air of the prosperous place. This is the must-see attraction on your 2 days in Hue.

9 AM: Tu Duc mausoleum

Located in a narrow valley of Duong Xuan Thuong village, Tu Duc mausoleum (also known as Khiem mausoleum) is probably the most beautiful tomb in the Nguyen Kings history thanks to its harmony. Surrounded by lush greenery and near a large lake, Tu Duc mausoleum appears with its ancient features and architecture that blends itself in the natural and dreamlike space.

11 AM: Having “bun thit nuong” for lunch

This is a famous traditional specialty of the romantic city. Talking about Hue grilled meat vermicelli is telling a story of the sweet scent from delicious pork, to the sweet and aromatic sauce. You can find the best “bun thit nuong” at Ngu Uyen restaurant on Nguyen Hue street.

3  PM: Swimming at Lang Co beach

Lang Co is one of the most beautiful beaches of Vietnam with its long white sand shore embracing the clear blue. This sea is one of the top choice Hue tourist destinations on your 2 days in Hue. Around the coast are the elegant green forests on the majestic mountains. You should spend time swimming at this marvelous beach, feel the waves beat and immerse into the clear water. This will surely make your experience during your trip to Vietnam more complete.

5 PM: Chasing the sunset and having dinner at Lap An lagoon

Sunset at Lap An Lagoon
Breath-taking sunset at Lap An Lagoon

After a Lang Co beach tour, you should take a trip to Lap An lagoon (also known as An Cu lagoon), an attractive Hue tourist destination. When last sunlight of the day gradually disappeared behind the majestic Bach Ma mountain range, the water surface of the lagoon turns into bright orange color, creating an extremely fanciful and lively picture of magical marine. Moreover, besides admiring the beautiful nature of the lyrical, you can also have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious dishes made from oysters by the locals for dinner.

9 PM: Having fun at Pham Ngu Lao – Chu Van An – Vo Thi Sau walking street

They are many different diverse and rich types of art like portraits and living statues drawing, acoustic, dancing… performed on this street. In particular, a lot of professional and amateur singers as well as artists are invited to perform weekly at the walking street. You will not want to miss their impressive singing and dancing repertoires on your 2 days in Hue.

Also, you can have fun at your leisure in various interesting places such as:

  • Century Pub & Beer Garden

This is a fresh beer club in a bar style, known as a lively playground for all ages. This pub is especially suitable for young dynamic people, who are always passionate about lively Mix versions.

  • Starlight Hue Entertainment Center

This is a general entertainment area, including an international cinema system; Starlight Game area with rich electronic games,…that will help you relax in the most fascinatingly way.

  • Flamingo Tea Room

After a long day of adventure, you may want to find a quiet place. At  Flamingo tea room, the melodious music is easy to go deep into your heart. Here you will be completely released with the melody of country music and a space of romantic tea room.

Hopefully, this article will help make your 2 days in Hue as memorable as possible experience. Customize your Vietnam tour so that we can help create an unforgettable trip of yours!

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