Why travel to the Northeastern part of Vietnam?

The northeast part of Vietnam offers a unique opportunity to explore the unexplored and not-so-popular land areas. Travelers seeking for something different from the mainstream often flock to this part of Vietnam which can help them get rendezvous to remote locations. The breathtaking sceneries, interesting ethnic tribal groups and the welcoming nature of people here are enough to offer any person a mesmerizing experience.

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Northeast Vietnam: a unique landscape and a combo of diverse culture

Unlike the Northwest Vietnam which dazzles high mountain ranges, the northeast is blessed with steep peaks made of limestone. The landscape here is truly intriguing and can help any person encounter the ethnic people of Nung, Tay and Pa Then tribes. Also, there are many landscapes to view which are enough to mesmerize any onlooker completely.

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An adventure to Northeastern Vietnam veils in it a host of secrets about primitive groups and the ethnic tribes still residing here. The many primitive groups here have their own unique culture which can be understood only when traveling to this part of Vietnam.

A territory in the north of the Red River Delta, northeast Vietnam, is one among the three natural geographical sub-regions including Northwest, Northeast and the Red River Delta. The region plays a significant role in the country’s development and is advantageous for both geography and economy. The major population of people here is Kinh and there are many ethnic minority groups too that help in creating a diversity in custom, culture and lifestyle.

The ethnic groups in Northeastern Vietnam

The mountainous forestland of Northeast Vietnam is a home to many ethnic groups including Tay, H’Mong, Nung, Dao and Chinese groups. Tay group is touted to be the most populous and oldest group of the region. The culture in this area differs from one ethnic group to another. The glimpse of the cultural life of these communities can be seen through their festivals, market culture, activities, and the rich folk literature.

The cultural and spiritual life within different ethnic groups is different and the religions and folk religions one can witness here are many. The main religions include Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. The most common language people in Northeast Vietnam speak is Vietnamese; the ethnic groups here speak Vietnamese as the second language with their mother tongues as the primary ones.

The two Ethic groups most commonly residing in this part of the country are Phu La, who speak the Tibeto-Burman language and belong to this family. Another is Lo Lo (Yi), who are lesser in population and speak the Yi Language which is another Tibeto-Burman language form.

The unique culture of Northeast Vietnam

Apart from its beautiful landscapes and relics, many tourists flock to the northeastern part of Vietnam to witness the traditional festivals here. The festivals in this area are many and include a number of meaningful spiritual activities. The two major types of festivals celebrated here are ritual and festival. In northeast particularly, festivals like Nem Con Festival, Hung Kings Festival and Thai Nguyen Tea festival are very popular. The ethnic minority groups celebrate festivals like Long Tong Festival of ethnic Tay, Festival of praying good harvests and more. H’Mong and Dao groups see the spring festival and Tay people Cao Bang spring festival. The different festivals reflect the distinct identities of the many ethnic groups residing in this part of Vietnam.

The bottom line

Around 13 million people live in Northeast Vietnam, comprising about 15% of the total Vietnamese population. Vietnam houses not few but fifty-four ethic groups, officially.

Exploring the diverse market of the ethnic people in Northeast Vietnam is like a popular activity which most tourists indulge in when planning to travel to Vietnam. The area is a perfect getaway for anyone seeking to have eco-tours, and prefers to flock in an untouched area while exploring the customs and traditions of the many ethnic groups residing and living here in harmony together.

A tour to this part of Vietnam can be a cultural treat for any traveler while getting to meet people who even being conservative are very welcoming and friendly.

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