Da Nang remains to be the magnet to international tourists when traveling to Vietnam due to its beautiful beaches and excellent hospitality services. If you wish to seek for some exotic destinations other than My Khe Beach and Hoi An Ancient Town, we recommend four new tourist attractions in Da Nang for your adventure and eco tour in Vietnam.

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1. Ghenh Bang (Bang Rapids)

Ghenh Bang in Da Nang

If you are on a beach break in Da Nang, you have probably heard of some famous beaches in Son Tra Peninsula such as Buddha Beach (Bai But) and Rang Beach (Bai Rang). But have you ever heard of Ghenh Bang? Located on Son Tra Peninsula, about 20 kilometers from the center of Da Nang, Ghenh Bang is truly an amazing place for swimming and taking splendid pictures of pristine beaches and unusual rock formations. Along the 2-kilometer clear beach, there are thousands of rocks in various shapes and sizes, which create stunning scenery which you cannot find in the bustling My Khe Beach.


Conquering Ghenh Bang, tourists will be amazed at its diverse underwater world which is teeming with colorful corals, snails, and fish. It is a perfect place for swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling and other joyful activities such as trekking, fishing, and organizing a BBQ party. Ghenh Bang will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your beach vacation in Vietnam.

2. Gieng Troi (Heaven Well)

Gieng Troi in Da Nang

Belonging to the conservation area Ba Na – Nui Chua, Gieng Troi is located in Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District. It is about 10 kilometers from Ba Na Hills. Up to now, Gieng Troi is still a new place unless you are a backpacker or an adventurous traveler. The reason why it is called ‘Heaven Well’ is that it is a clean lake which is located in the halfway down a mountain and a giant waterfall.


Surrounded by imposing mountains and lush green trees, Gieng Troi is definitely a getaway heaven during the sultry summer as the water here is always cool and crystal-clear. Traveling to Gieng Troi, you will have a chance to catch snails, frogs and hunt crabs along the streams.

3. Hoa Trung Lake

Hoa Trung Lake

20 kilometers away from the west of Da Nang, Hoa Trung Lake is a new destination for trekkers. It is the biggest artificial lake in Da Nang with the main purpose of supplying water for local people in Hoa Son and Hoa Lien Commune, Lien Chieu District.


The lake is irresistible with green forests and spectacular mountains. It is extremely quiet at Hoa Trung Lake that you can hear birds singing and fish swimming. If you are seeking for somewhere to detach yourself from bustling city life and refresh your soul, choose this lake for some outdoor activities such as camping, having a picnic or fishing with the local fisherman.

4. Dong Giang Hill Tribe

Dong Giang Hill Tribe

65 kilometers from Da Nang, Dong Giang Hill Tribe is located in Quang Nam Upland. This beautiful scenery is a little bit far, but it is totally worth visiting.

Tea fields in Dong Giang Hill Tribe
Ethnic people in Dong Giang Hill Tribe

Coming to Dong Giang Hill Tribe, you can enjoy the fresh air from vast green tea fields. You will be amazed at this ‘green carpet’ which is usually seen from a painting. Especially when you visit the tea fields in the early morning, you can take some photos of night dews falling on tea leaves. Moreover, Dong Giang Hill Tribe is where the ethnic Co Tu people live. Tourists can interact with local people, discover their daily life and sample ethnic cuisines.

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