For children, a holiday with family is not only a leisure time but also a chance for them to gain more soft skills and knowledge beyond what they have been learning at school. As one of the most popular tourist destinations of Southeast Asia, Vietnam is an attractive place with endless enjoyment for you to enjoy with your kids: breathtaking natural landscapes, rustic ancient and colonial architecture, iconic beaches, long-lasting history, and unique culture. Your kids will have a chance to engage in exciting physical activities, learn precious lessons about history and culture and sample mouth-watering cuisines such as banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich), Pho, spring rolls, etc. We suggest some interesting activities to do with your kids so that it is easier to plan a family vacation in Vietnam.

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1. Watch a Water Puppet Show

Water Puppetry is a traditional art performance that was originated from the Red River Delta since the 11th century. The unique feature about water puppetry is that the puppeteers use the water surface as a stage for their performances. Watching a water puppet show is a cannot-miss activity for your kids on a holiday to Vietnam.

Hanoi Water Puppet Theater

The traditional content of water puppet performance such as the daily life of Vietnamese farmers (cultivating, tending buffalo, catching fishes, etc.), communal entertainment (swimming contest, dragon dancing, etc.), or historical legends (Le Loi returned the precious sword) have appealed audiences for centuries. Nowadays, puppet theaters around Vietnam have upgraded the lighting and sound system so that audience can fully appreciate this intriguing folk performance.

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Where to see a water puppet show in Vietnam?

  • Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre – Hanoi
  • Museum of Ethnology – Hanoi
  • Hoi An Theater – Hoi An
  • Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre – Ho Chi Minh City

2. Sample some Vietnamese Foods

Pho – the local specialty of Vietnam

Trying local foods is the best way to understand a country’s lifestyle and culture. Vietnam is a paradise for mouth-watering cuisines such as Pho, bun cha (rice vermicelli with grilled pork), banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches), banh cuon (Vietnamese steamed rice rolls), nem (spring rolls), banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake), etc. For dessert, you can walk along the streets, buy some juicy tropical fruits and try some street snacks.

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3. Take a Cruise to Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay Cruise

Ha Long Bay is the most sought-after tourist destination in Vietnam due to its spectacular beauty. A two or three-day Ha Long Bay cruise is a must-do activity for your trip to Vietnam. You will have a chance to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of thousands of limestone caves and mountains and swim in a clear beach. Your family can participate in fishing, climbing, snorkeling, trekking, kayaking and cycling. You can also relax on the sun deck and enjoy the fresh air when your kids are busy discovering the caves.

4. Visit some craft villages

To he – Vietnam’s traditional toy

In the past, after harvest season, Vietnamese farmers made handicraft products to earn extra money. They used local ingredients that were available in their village, and usually, one village was specialized for one product. Vietnamese traditional handicraft products are extremely sophisticated and often chosen as a gift when foreign travelers visit Vietnam. Craft villages are an ideal place for your kids to explore Vietnamese traditional toys such as to he (traditional toys made from glutinous rice powder), bamboo dragonfly or colorful ceramic toys.

5. Take a cyclo-rickshaw in Hanoi

Basically, a cyclo is defined as a kind of bicycle taxi which is pedaled by a cyclo driver sitting behind you. Different from a traditional taxi, a cyclo with open design will offer you and your kids more chance to enjoy and take photographs of bustling and rustic Hanoi. Your family will feel more relaxed when taking this type of transportation, especially when your small kids are tired of long hours walking.

Cyclo in Hanoi

When you are visiting Hanoi, you can easily find a cyclo-rickshaw in tourist areas around Hanoi Old Quarter. Sitting on a cyclo, you can sense the daily life of the capital city, breathe in a unique culture and discover traditional and colonial architecture in an authentic way.

6. Visit an amusement or a park

Dam Sen Water Park

One of the most exciting activities to do in Vietnam is playing in an amusement park. There are many theme parks and water parks around Vietnam where your kids can participate in interesting games. Whether you want to get an amusement ride in a roller coaster or just swimming in a lazy river, you can find them in Vietnam.

7. Go Camping

Having small kids does not mean that your family should stay away from adventure and eco tours in Vietnam. This outdoor activity will bring many undeniable benefits to your kids’ mind and body, help them to explore the nature and get your family together in close proximity. Moreover, your kids can learn valuable survival skills for this activity, such as, meal preparation, cooking, pitching a tent, building fires, etc. In a modern world when kids are surrounded by technologies, camping is essential for them to interact with the world.

Camping in Coco Beach – Ninh Thuan

With many nature reserves and beautiful beaches, Vietnam is an ideal place for camping. Your kids can spend time exploring the diverse system of flora and fauna, participating in biking and trekking, and communicating with friendly local people.

8. Go shopping at an ethnic market

An ethnic market in Vietnam

Visiting an ethnic market in Northern Vietnam will provide your kids with an insight into the cultures of ethnic groups. Ethnic markets are the popular tourist attractions in Vietnam thanks to fresh locally-produced products and lively environment. Most of the markets are opened either on Sunday or Saturday and we see a lot of minority groups in a trading session including Tay, Dao, H’Mong, Nung.  Prior to sunrise, small groups of people in colorful brocade costumes go to the trading session. Visiting Northern Vietnam in your Vietnam discovery tour at weekends, your family can enjoy the exciting atmosphere of these ethnic minorities markets. Don’t be surprised, your children can make friends with some ethnic kids since the ethnic boys and girls speak English very fluently!

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9. Fishing tour in Hoi An

Bamboo basket boats on Thu Bon River

There is no better activity to teach your kids about patience than fishing. Your kids will be taught about traditional fishing techniques and engaged in this fun activity with support from a local fisherman in a tour to Hoi An. Your family can have a great time when sitting on our traditional bamboo basket boats and enjoying the tranquility of Thu Bon River, and maybe you can catch some fresh fish for your dinner!

10. Participate in a Kid Club

Kid Club at Novotel Phu Quoc Resort

If you and your partner wish to have some private times together, we recommend that you should let them participate in some kid clubs at your resort. In some luxury resorts in Vietnam, kid clubs are offered entertaining and educational games and books which help them to deeper understand Vietnamese culture. With the resourceful concierge, your kids will have an exciting time and they can make friends to others as well.

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