Packing properly can make or break your golf holidays, especially when you are traveling internationally. This article is our packing tips and recommendation for your golf holidays in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

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Packing Tip #1: Pack Clean

It’s amazing how fast junk can build up in the pockets of a golf bag: food wrappers, old score cards, nasty old gloves, junk balls. A golf holiday is a great excuse to spring clean your golf bag. Some Customs, Australian for example, prohibits the carriage of soil on the face of your clubs or the spikes of your golf shoes so it would be wise to clean them to avoid the fuss.


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Packing is the first step for a great trip

Packing Tip #2: Golf Clubs

It is sadly true that your golf bag will be thrown around in transit. For that reason, you need a hard case or hybrid to cover the clubs heads. Also, stuff some cloth or paper in between the clubs to avoid them moving around in the bag and hit each other.

Expect your golf bag to be thrown around in transit. You need a solid bag, a cover that clips to the top of it. Pick a golf bag that has inbuilt wheels for mobility around airports. Having head covers for your woods and hybrid is a smart idea, too. Try stuffing some clothing in between the clubs so that they don’t move around inside the bag and bump into each other. The Shark Travel Bag will not only protect your clubs during travel but also has great features designed for use on the course.  It can hold a full set of golf clubs plus any accessories, balls, apparel you require for your travel.

Packing Tip #3: Shoes

You do not want to wear new shoes on the trip since it potentially develop blister and will get annoying when you are away from home.

Also, make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes because your golf tour package usually has a mix of activities from the obvious golf, to sightseeing and cultural activities.

It is also nice to keep a pair of comfortable flip-flops permanently in your golf travel bag. They’re always ready for a sandy beach or an indoor pool.

As mentioned previously, make sure you clean your golf shoes before flying internationally.

Dont wear new shoes travel internationally

Packing Tip #4: Golf Essentials

Before a golf trip, take stock of how many golf balls you have in your bag. Not taking enough balls, gloves, tees, insect repellent, etc. — the essentials golfers should never be without — is like giving away money on a golf holiday trip.

Before traveling, empty your bag and add a fresh glove, a set of 24 quality balls (ones that will help give you control around the green), a fresh towel for cleaning your sticks, a light jacket and sunscreen.


Golf accessories

Packing Tip #5: Business cards

Well, this one is optional. But since your golfing vacations include a lot of downtimes spent in clubhouses, tap houses, and other local hangouts, you should pack some extra business cards. If you manage to get a lead, well, it is reasonable to have the whole trip write off as corporate expenses.

Packing Tip #6: Weather

Weather can change in an instant, especially in coastal or mountainous golf destinations. Bring the rain gear, umbrella and rain gloves every time, even if the forecast indicates otherwise. On the other hand, always keep sunscreen and sports sunglasses in your travel backpack. Check with your tour operator to be advised on which gears are available for rental at the destination.

Checking for rentals in case of harsh weather

Packing Tip #7: Medication

To ensure a good trip to Vietnam, you should look after those aching golf muscles and feet, so make sure you bring some painkillers with you and some over-the-counter medicines for headaches, allergies,… Also, mosquito repellent spray or gel will be helpful as well.

Bring medication just in case

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