Golfing in Vietnam is different from golfing in Europe and the USA. Here are 5 golfing tips for you to have a better trip in Vietnam.

1. What to prepare when golfing in Vietnam – a tropical country?

Travelers that golf in Vietnam should aware of the warm tropical weather. The more you go down south, the warmer it gets. For this reason, it is reasonable to stay cool all the time by bringing lightweight clothes such as quick-dry golf shirt, knee length short pants, and no-show socks. For your information, the usual dressing standard is still applied at Vietnam golf course, so besides jeans and tee shirt, everything else is ok.

It is crucial to stay cool on the field


2.Why new shoes are bad choice?

It is recommended that you should not use new shoes while golfing abroad since it is likely that blisters will be developed while you are abroad. Your golfing shoes should be comfortable with soft spikes.


3. How hot does it on golf courses in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, the sun could be harsher than in Western country and for longer period of time. In summer 2017, there was week that hit 40 degree C (104 F) in Hanoi. It could get hotter when you are further down in the south. Hence, carry with you good sunscreen, a golf cap, a hat, or a golf umbrella to the field to limit the sun’s exposure on yourself. Additionally, make sure you bring plenty of water especially sport drinks to stay hydrated and keep your body cool. Lastly, it is wise to bring a towel with you to wipe away any perspiration from your hands and face.

High temperature during the day


4.What else to bring when golfing in Vietnam?

Another thing to bring with you when golfing in Vietnam is mosquito repellent. Of course, there is no threat of malaria on Vietnam golf courses. However, if you intend traveling outside of the center cities to the rural or mountainous area, make sure you are protected.

Carry mosquitoes repellents with you


5. Lastly, and is the most important thing in my opinion, is to bring a positive attitude with you. You are traveling to a foreign country with geographic, cultural,… that is different from home. So there potentially there are things coming up that is different from the way it is back home. Keeping an open mind and a positive attitude will ensure you will have fun and a memorable golf trip of your life time.

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