Quang Binh is a coastal province in the Central region of Vietnam and Quang Binh Cave Festival is a must-attend event if you have a plan for your summer vacation in Vietnam. The Kingdom of Caves combines both the intersection of many cultural movements and the battleground of two wars in the 20th century. This place has many artistic and historical sites that are worth visiting on your tour to Central Vietnam. You can find many ethnic groups whose cultures and traditions are extremely diverse and interesting as well.

There are a lot of celebrations that take place annually in this province. Among of them, Quang Binh Cave Festival is the most first-rate and interesting carnival. Therefore, visitors should indeed spend time discovering this fascinating festival with various extraordinary activities in the summer.

Quang Binh Cave Festival

Beautiful Quang Binh
  • Location: Quang Binh Province, North Central Vietnam
  • Date: July 20th, 2019
  • Climate: The dry season, average temperature of 24oC – 25 oC
  • Purpose: Promoting Quang Binh tourism resources and products to domestic and foreign tourists, investors and travel companies for local tourism growth. Raising public awareness, especially in youngsters. Participating in protecting, preserving and promoting the values, potentials and advantages of Quang Binh tourism through activities that preserve heritage and cultural values in a sustainable way.

Cave Highlights at Quang Binh Cave Festival

Son Doong Cave

Son Doong Cave is located in North Central Vietnam, midway between Danang and Hanoi. The cave is available to visit from February to August and closed from September to January due to flood.

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Son Doong Cave
Son Doong Cave

The cave was first discovered almost 10 years ago, in 2009 by a local lumberjack named Ho Khanh. It is currently the biggest cave known by humankind in every aspect. The entire cave is approximately 9 kilometers long with the largest chamber of 200 meters wide and 150 meters high. Son Doong is famous for overwhelming those who step into exploration.

The cave has two natural skylights and is also the only place where sunlight shines on. This explains the strong development of a primeval forest with high tropical species such as coconut, palm,…

Son Doong Cave was as well accredited as the world’s largest and most beautiful natural cave by the World Records Union & the World Record Association. This destination will make you speechless while taking attendance at Quang Binh Cave Festival.

Phong Nha Cavern (Troc Cavern or Cave Pagoda)

Phong Nha Cavern stands as a part of the giant Ke Bang Mount and belongs to Bo Trach District in Quang Binh Province. It was also recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003 thanks to its impressive scenery and archaeological value.

Phong Nha Cave
Phong Nha Cavern

This destination has many more than 20 caves, with a total length of up to 20km. People have only been able to explore the longest section, a part of an underground river called Nam Aki. In front of the East gate, the mountains and the river embrace each other, creating a majestic scene that provokes the imagination of many people.

It is impossible to describe in words the majestic beauty of those caves and halls. They are painted with the glistering color of underground water reflecting on huge blocks of stalagmites and stalactites. At the moment you’re travelling inside this giant monster, your mind will be fulfilled with exhilarating or daunting fancy.

Most importantly, in the rain season, the water of the river rises and covers the mouth of the cavern. Since it is impossible to visit the cave on pouring period, travelling here for Quang Binh Cave Festival in July 20th is the best choice.

En Cave

En Cave
En Cave

This is the world’s third largest cave and the gateway for tourists to explore Son Doong faster. The cave stretches over 2km through the giant limestone block right in the core zone of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. There are three entrances to En cavern, of which the largest and most famous cave is 120 meters high and 140 meters wide.

The primitive, dense primeval forests surrounding this cave create a magnificent scenery that must be witnessed by your own eyes.

Pygmy Cave

Pygmy Cave
Pygmy Cave

This is the 4th largest cave in the world, announced by the Royal Cave Association of England. The cave is located deep in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park of Bo Trach district. The entrance is high and about 100 m wide and 845 m long. During the day, light can penetrate the cave, creating conditions for ferns to grow green. The exit of the cave is also the suitable place for camping on your trip at Quang Binh Cave Festival.

Va Cave- Nuoc Nui Cave

Va Cave
Va Cave

The cave was first found in 2012, connected to Nuoc Nui Cave, a wet cave over 2 km long. The shape of stalactites is one of the most special things of this cavern.

Thien Duong Cave

The cave splits into many large compartments, the widest place is more than 200 m high and over 100 m high.

Thien Duong Cave
Thien Duong Cave

The stalactites in the cave have images like cultural symbols of regions: Buddha Ba, Tien Ong, houses on stilts and terraced fields like the hills and mountains of the Northwest. The emulsion system of Thien Duong Cave is rich and colorful, still being created by droplets from the ceiling.

A wooden bridge with a width of 3.5 m and a length of over 1,000 m is built to serve visitors, especially at Quang Binh Cave Festival. This road currently holds the national record as the “longest wooden path”. Adventurous guests can try trekking 7 km in the cave and rowing through the 60-100 m underground stream. You can also wade through cool tracks to reach the Skylight and watch the faint rays of sunshine through.

Tu Lan Cave

Tu Lan Cave
Tu Lan Cave

The cavern was discovered in 2010, with two of its dry and wet entrances and 2,2 km long. The favorite point of conquering this cave is that visitors can cross the beautiful valleys. Tu Lan area was chosen as one of Hollywood’s blockbuster scenes of Kong: Skull Island (2017) and the Vietnamese film “The Immortal” (2018).

Visitors have allowance to participate in a series of activities at Quang Binh Cave Festival. They include forest clearing, wading streams, exploring and swimming in the underground river system in the cave. Travellers can enjoy the poetic mountain scenery at campsite as well in Tu Lan area.

Tien Cave

Tien Cave
Tien Cave

This is the largest dry cave of Tu Lan system. The cave is 2.5 km long, with the exit is primitive forest. Tien Cave was discovered and mapped in 2015 and 2016 by British cave experts.

This cavern contains countless unique stalactites, large cave corridors and layered limestone floors. There are stone walls and an entire population of bats living on top ceiling of the cave.

Things to do at Quang Binh Cave Festival

Discover Xuyen Son Lake and conquer 4,500m of Phong Nha Cave

Xuyen Son Lake is located in the Huyen Khong cave; 4,500m away from Phong Nha cave entrance and belongs to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park’s World Natural Heritage. This strange and mysterious lake extends to hundreds of square meters in the rocky mountains.

Xuyen Son Lake
Xuyen Son Lake

At Quang Binh Cave Festival, visitors will have the opportunity to experience and admire one of the most unique underground rivers in the world with its splendid stalactites.

Conquer 6km through Dark Cave and have a mud bath

Dark Cave (also known as Son Doong miniature) has the length of 6 km. In the rainy season, the water level is high. It is an ideal condition for the accumulation of forming a large mud lake with enough essential minerals to help visitors relax.

Amazing mud bath in Dark Cave
Amazing mud bath in Dark Cave

Kayak Sailing

Kayak sailing on the Chay River brings you into peaceful, romantic flow with a turquoise blue water color and ancient Karst towers. The two sides of the river are stretches of corn fields creating a charming picture of marine life. Visitors at Quang Binh Cave Festival will enjoy relaxing moments and immersing into the nature.

Besides that, you can also try hanging yourself on the zip line system which leads to Dark Cave, jumping down Chay River then enjoy your swimming to Dark Cave.

Kayak Sailing and Zipline on Chay river
Kayak sailing and zipline on Chay River

Take part in Rock Climbing Tournament

A top rope climbing competition will take place for the first time in Dark Cave area from August 5 to 20, as a part of Quang Binh Cave Festival. That is a 30 metre partly-artificial climbing route- the highest route for climbing in Vietnam to date. After the competition, the climb will serve the demands of tourists as a leading attraction in the area.

Rock climbing tournament
Participants on Rock climbing tournament

What’s different at Quang Binh Cave Festival 2019?

Carnival Dong Hoi 2018
Carnival Dong Hoi 2018

During your eco tours to Vietnam this year, Quang Binh Cave Festival promises to bring you a lot of peculiar activities according to the following schedule:

  • July 20-26: A street carnival in Dong Hoi city.
  • From July 10 to August 10: Tourism promotion activities for the Republic of Korea (RoK) market, slated in both Quang Binh and the RoK.
  • From July 20 to August 20: The launch of a domestic tourism stimulate programme.
  • The launch of Multiple new tourism products and services in Dong Hoi city and Phong Nha – Ke Bang, including flying tours in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.
  • The opening of a new Dong Hoi – Da Nang flight route and the launch of Ozo Toptree Park.
  • The opening of many local tourist accommodation facilities.
  • Art performance programme to celebrate the Cave Festival
  • Bartender Performance and National Martial Arts
  • “Phong Nha Legend” Performance on the water
  • An exhibition on the province’s socio-economic achievements 30 years after its re-establishment, street art performances and activities by the youth of Quang Binh to promote local tourism.

We hope these news are helpful to you on your plan to Quang Binh Cave Festival. Customize your Vietnam tour and let us help create your most unforgettable trip to Central Vietnam this summer!

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