Night markets are generally open-air markets that operate at night. Unlike day markets that are more business oriented, night markets are objectively designed for leisure strolls, eating, and shopping. Night markets have a spectacular character that draws tourists and locals to them.

Vietnam highly acknowledges the power of indulging in night markets. There are many night markets established in Vietnam in a different location. These markets provide historic, vibrant and exotic sceneries that give you the perfect getaway vacation. Here below are top night markets in Vietnam.

Hanoi Night Market

Hanoi night market

This is the most popular night market in Vietnam that serves a wide population. The market is strategically located in a highly populated area. It’s found in the oldest section of Hanoi a few minutes from Hoan Kiem Lake. There are a variety of products in the market. There are clothes, food, salted dry fruits, sweets, and stationaries. There is a lot of food sold in the market which makes it even more adventurous exploring different delicacies. People can enjoy local food like Pho, Bun Cha, Vietnamese bread, roasted quail and other tasty food.

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Ky Lua Night Market

Ky Lua night market
The market has been in existence in Lang Son for quite a certain time. During the market days, youths from various ethnic groups like Tay, Dao, and Nung go to the market to socialize, buy goods and lovers. There are 6 sessions on 2nd and 7th of lunar month in Ky Lua market.

Hoi An Night Market

Hoi An night market

The market is located in Hoi An, an ancient trading port in Quang Nam province. It starts at 5 pm every day on Nguyen Hoang road. The market sells everything from beaded necklace to silk lanterns. The market is known for its delicious cuisines and beautiful atmosphere. The market has an impressive view that attracts all kinds of people.

Ha Long Night Market

Ha Long night market

Ha Long is a highly endowed with beautiful sceneries that attract tourists. Along with a lifetime tour to the Limestone Island and wonderful night on a junk boat, the area is famous for its beautiful night market. Ha Long night market is found near Bai Chay Beach. The market sells bags, accessories, wooden products, hand-made clothes and souvenirs. There are also other traders selling food allowing people to sample and taste local cuisines. The market is fully operational and runs from 6 pm until midnight seven days a week.

Nha Trang Night Market

Nha Trang night market

It is a famous market located at the walking street near the cultural center. This is the biggest market in Nha Trang. The market is fully operational from 7 pm. The market sells hand crafted jewelry, dazzling fabrics, dried sea foods, aloe wood etc.. There are plenty of cafes and bars where you can relax.

Am Phu Night Market

Am Phu night market

The market is located in Da Lat city called Cho Am Phu. The night market has excellent atmosphere and products. It’s open from 5 pm and sells the variety of products like souvenirs, clothes, candies and dried fruits.

Dinh Cau Night Market

Dinh Cau night market

This market is located in Duong Dong town. Tourists and locals gather in the market to enjoy food, drinks and shopping. The stalls are open from 5 pm to midnight. There are many stalls in the market selling gorgeous jewelry, souvenirs, and crafts. There are also nice joints for sampling and eating seafood.

Ho Thi Ky Flower Market

Ho Thi Ky Flower Market

The night market is situated in District 10, Ward 1, HCM city. This is the biggest flower market in HCM city. The market is fully operational from 12 am to 3 am. Tourists and locals also can enjoy mouthwatering meals in the market.

Ben Thanh Night Market

Ben Thanh night market

The night market is also located in HCM city in District 1. The market runs from 5pm to midnight. It’s most famous for its unique delicacies. The market has plenty of street side eateries and dinners. The market offers a wide range of cuisines from all over Vietnam. You are likely to find Pho, Bun Cha or finger-licking noodle dishes from Hanoi, the small cake that is steamed in banana leaves from Hue or even Banh Xeo rice pancakes that are nicely crispy from Mekong Delta.

Night markets in Vietnam are exceptional tourist attractions that not only sell products or give pleasure to tourists but also act as the venue that broadcasts the city’s historical background and culture through their displays.

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