On your 2 days in Ha Giang, you will have a chance to discover one of the most adventurous destinations in the country. It is famous for beautiful limestone karsts, rugged passes, winding roads and hazy villages. Located 300 kilometers from Hanoi in Northern Vietnam, Ha Giang is the perfect place to organize many interesting activities like hiking and camping that you cannot miss on your tour to Northern Vietnam.

Best time to visit Ha Giang

“The pearl of Northern Vietnam” is so beautiful that travelers are always get impressed by its stunning scenery. The best time to enjoy the amazing natural and cultural richness of Ha Giang is between May and October, known as the golden season.

Stunning scenery of Ha Giang

Stunning scenery of Ha Giang

  • From May to June: This is the rainy season, which is the best time not only to observe the landscapes of Ha Giang and fields filling with water but also to discover the agricultural life of the peasants during their preparations for the new season.
  • From the end of September until the beginning of October: This is the ideal time to admire the beautiful rice terraces with a bright yellow color of ripe rice. Also, by visiting Ha Giang during these two months, you can observe the poetic and romantic side of this mountainous region on your 2 days in Ha Giang.

Warning: in August and September, there are risks of landslides.

Getting to Ha Giang

The city is located only 30 km from Hanoi to the North so going to Ha Giang is quite easy.

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By bus

It is relatively convenient to book these buses and the risk of getting scammed is minimal. Traveling by bus is also the most economical way to get to Ha Giang. You can take a day or night bus from these bus stations of My Dinh and Gia Lam. The ticket price costs from 200,000 VND to 300,000 VND, depending on the bus’s amenities (wifi, discounts, water and snacks, toilets, …).

By car

If you want to rent a car on your 2 days in Ha Giang, you should contact a travel agency in Vietnam. The quality of the car and the price are fixed before departure.

On a motorcycle

For those who love adventure and freedom, the trip to Ha Giang by motorbike seems the best way to truly immerse yourself in this picturesque region. But you have to be careful because the roads of this place are very dangerous and there are accidents annually. Make sure your bike is in perfect condition before you embark on your adventure for 2 days in Ha Giang.

Where to stay for 2 days in Ha Giang?

Being one of the most beautiful places of Northern Vietnam, Ha Giang also offers you many homestays with very pleasant and comfortable spaces that you can make your own decision on 2 days in Ha Giang.

Here are some attractive accommodations in Sapa:

Hostel Meo Vac

This is the best choice if you want to relax and avoid the city’s busy lifestyle. You can enjoy the simplicity of the village of H’ mong and the beauty of the outdoor landscapes on your 2 days in Ha Giang.

Dao Lodge

This site is located in the Dao region. If you choose Dao Lodge as a resting place for 2 days in Ha Giang, you can meet and converse with locals to take you to visit their homes.

Ha Thanh Homestay

Designed in the spirit of the Tay people, characterized by a palm roof, a wooden floor, and a fish bond, this place is one of the best choices for you on 2 days in Ha Giang. With delicious food and drinks, fresh air and a mountainous environment, Ha Thanh Homestay has become a top-notch accommodation choice when it comes to a tour to Ha Giang.

Beside the homestay, you can choose to stay in among these excellent hotels for your 2 days in Ha Giang:

  • Truong Xuan Ecolodge – 3 *
  • Hoa Count Hotel – 3 *
  • Cao Nguyen Hotel – 3 *
  • Binh Minh Hotel – 3 *

Best things to do for 2 days in Ha Giang

Trekking the mountains

Ha Giang is a marvelous region with its pink flowers and gray limestones, breath-taking slopes and magnificent rice terraces. It is worth being called an irresistible destination for trekkers.

Conquest of the legendary collar of Ma Pi Leng

2 days in Ha Giang

The majestic Ma Pi Leng

At 2,000 meters above sea level, La Pi Leng Pass is named after the “King of Passes in Vietnam”. Conquering the legendary Ma Pi Leng Pass is undoubtedly a must-try experience during your trip to Northern Vietnam. While climbing the pass, you can immerse yourself in breath-taking scenery with its majestic silhouettes of new undulating curls, along the steep slopes and its dizzying abysses.

Experience locals’ lifestyle in a typical ethic house

Sapa is home to many ethnic minorities: Blue H’ mong, Black H’ mong, Tay, Dao, Ta Pan, White Dao, Nung, Lolo, and Man. Spending a night at a homestay is a good opportunity to discover the daily life of the ethnic minorities. You can also enjoy the beautiful landscapes on your 2 days in Ha Giang.

Discover local markets

Ethnic Minorities Market in Ha Giang

Women heading to the Ethnic Minorities Market in Ha Giang

Like other mountainous areas of Northern Vietnam, local markets is an interesting cultural feature to discover on your 2 days in Ha Giang. In addition to being a place for purchase and sales, these areas also remain to be a place where the locals can meet each other and exchange conversation.

Suggested itinerary for your 2 days in Ha Giang

Day 1: Ha Giang – Quan Ba ​​- Yen Minh – Dong Van

Quan Ba

The poetic Quan Ba, Ha Giang

The poetic Quan Ba, Ha Giang

This ​​is a small region of Ha Giang province and also the territory of the H’ mong. “The 2nd Dalat of Vietnam” is an interesting destination for lovers of wild beauty of nature. At Quan Ba, you can find a variety of amazing sites to explore. There are the Gate of Heaven (“Cong Troi”), the mountain dubbed, Kho My Cave, …

Yen Minh

Located about 100 km Northeast of Ha Giang City, Yen Minh is famous for its pine forest. On your 2 days in Ha Giang, if you are a photography enthusiast, your camera will get busy of taking many great pictures with hills on one side and winding roads on the other.

Dong Van

Dong Van Highland

Dong Van Highland, Sapa

This site places in the middle of the valley with four rocky mountains. You will have an opportunity to admire the famous Karst Plateau of Dong Van. The spot was recognized in 2010 by UNESCO as a world geological park. These are must-visit destinations that you should spend time taking a deeper look on your 2 days in Ha Giang.

Day 2: Dong Van – Ma Pi Leng Pass – Meo Vac

Ma Pi Leng Pass

This place is one of the four most imposing passes in Northwestern Vietnam. It lies within the Dong Van Geological Park complex and is recognized as a world geological park. You will have a chance to challenge yourself with adventurous sites and activities at this place. You can admire the wonderful beauty of this place as well on 2 days in Ha Giang.

Meo Vac

A poetic corner of Meo Vac Town

A poetic corner of Meo Vac Town

On the trip to Meo Vac, visitors will both admire a beautiful space and discover the unique cultural colors of the ethnic groups. They are the Vu Mong assembly, the Khau Vai love market and the market of Phong Luu’s love.

Hopefully, our suggested itinerary will help you make your 2 days in Ha Giang as enjoyable as possible. Customize your Vietnam tour so that we can help create your long-lasting memories on your trip to the country of thousands of civilization!

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