Your tour to Northern Vietnam would not be complete without your spending 2 days in Halong Bay. The site is one of the most grandiose in Southeast Asia, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The whole landscape made of water and stone offers a breath-taking sight that will surely seduce you even if your stay lasts only 2 days in Ha Long Bay.

How to get to Halong Bay?

Being the number 1 attraction in Vietnam, there are several means of transportation available to go to Halong Bay from Hanoi.

Halong Bay is 170 km from Hanoi, a 3.5-hour drive away. There are many options for you to go to Halong Bay according to your budget, your travel plan, and your personal purpose.

By bus

The cheapest way to get from Hanoi to Halong Bay is by local bus. This option allows you to discover in depth the daily life of the inhabitants. However, there is still the disadvantage of this transport. Bus seats are not numbered and drivers may stop several times to welcome more passengers on the road.

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By private car

This is the best option for a family holiday in Vietnam with a lot of luggage, a group of friends who want to sit comfortably and chat with each other without disturbing anyone else. Indeed, the price of booking a private car is not fixed because it depends on the quality of the car. You can contact a travel agency in Vietnam for more information.

By seaplane

In 2014, Hai Au Aviation officially launched a new type of tourism in the Halong Bay – Seaplane Tour in Vietnam. Travelers will be transferred between Hanoi and Halong Bay by Hai Au seaplane for 45 minutes. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of Halong Bay from the height of the Hai Au seaplane in 15 minutes on 2 days in Halong Bay.

Suggested itinerary for 2 days in Halong Bay – 2 options

Option 1: Two-day cruise to discover Halong Bay

Cruise organizers offer different routes and you can choose the one that you prefer the most. Here is a list of routes for your cruise on 2 days in Halong Bay:

  • R1: Halong Bay – Surprise Cave (Hang Sung Sot) – Titov Island (from Tuan Chau Harbor)
  • R2: Halong Bay – Cave of Heavenly Palace (Dong Thien Cung), Cave of Wooden Stakes (Hang Dau Go, from Tuan Chau Harbor)
  • R3: Halong Bay – Bai Tu Long Bay – Surprise Cave (Hang Sung Sot) – Titov Island (from Hon Gai Harbor)
  • R4: Lan Ha Bay (from Got Pier, Hai Phong)

You can also choose different cruise packages in Halong Bay: day trip, an overnight cruise, and a 2-night cruise.

Here are the must-visit places on your 2 days at this beautiful bay:

Halong Bay

2 days at Halong Bay

Cruise at marvelous Halong Bay

The spot is on the list of 100 must-visit destinations at least once in your life, according to Business Insider, an economic and commercial information site. This bay is renowned for its harmonious beauty between water and sky, its invaluable biological and geological values. A cruise in the bay will be an unforgettable experience during your trip to Vietnam.

Bai Tu Long Bay

Cruise at beautiful Bai Tu Long Bay

Cruise at beautiful Bai Tu Long Bay

This site extends North-west of Halong Bay to the Chinese border. This destination will satisfy all tourists, even the most demanding travelers. Traveling to the off-the-beaten-track Bai Tu Long Bay will offer many unique and interesting experiences as well.

Lan Ha Bay

Stunning Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam

Stunning Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam

It is located off Cat Ba Island, Southeast of Halong Bay. This beautiful bay is the smallest on the whole Halong Bay, intended for those who want to escape from the bustling suburb of Cat Ba. Therefore, you should make your decision to visit this stunning place on your 2 days in Halong Bay.

Titov Island

Titov Island

Titov Island

About 10 km from the pier, Titov island is a small haven of peace in the beautiful bay of Halong maritime. This island offers a breathtaking view of the bay and has a lovely white crescent-shaped beach. If you desire to admire the view of a large part of the bay and swim in the sublime waters, you should spend time visiting this special isle on 2 days in Halong Bay.

Surprises Cave (Hang Sung Sot)

Located on Bo Hon Island, this cave is one of the most beautiful and broad caves in Halong Bay. Surprised by its fairy beauty, the first French people who went there named it Surprises cave. Today, this cave attracts many national and international tourists to visit and explore during their visit to Halong Bay.

Heavenly Palace Cave (Hang Thien Cung)

Located near Wooden Piles cave, North of Dau Go Island, the palace is famous for the splendor of its 4 pillars of stalagmites carved by the elements and supporting the “roof of paradise”. From the base to the summit, its pillars seem to represent scenes of life: birds, fish, and scenes of daily life. On the walls, a natural fresco offers the spectacle of a group of fairy singing and dancing. It is one of the largest and most beautiful caves to visit on your 2 days in Halong Bay.

Wooden Piles Cave (Hang Dau Go)

This cave was nicknamed Wonders cave by the French in the early 20th century. It is also known as Wooden Tips cave. It has several pillars and stone columns and is home to a wide variety of animal and plant species. With its mysterious beauty, this cavern is one of the most beautiful caves in the country that you cannot miss on your 2 days in Halong Bay.

Option 2: Cruise + Sun World

Sun World Park, Halong

Sun World Park, Halong

On 2 days in Halong Bay, visitors can combine the cruise with a visit to the Sun World Entertainment Zone.

As the first entertainment complex in Vietnam, Sun World Halong is a small world full of entertainment, relaxation and shopping in the heart of Ha Long City. Here, you will participate in a lot of fun games for all ages, including many exciting and unprecedented ones in Vietnam. There are also many wonderful experiences of Sun World such as the Ha Long Dragon Park, the Halong Typhoon Water Park, the Sun Wheel,…

Best things to do for 2 days in Halong Bay

Taking part in exciting activities on the junk

Each junk offers a different program, consisting of multiple activities of different types. Generally, there is a mutual program for these actions:

  • In the morning, you will have a welcome drink, take the first meal while passing the beautiful scenery of the bay.
  • For the afternoon, you will arrive back to visit the caves, beaches and fishing villages, or go kayaking.
  • In the evening, you will participate in the Vietnamese cooking class, go fishing at night, enjoy a movie, … The next morning, if you get up early, you can take a lesson of Tai Chi, then have breakfast and continue your visit through the bay sites.

    A junk at Halong Bay

    A junk at Halong Bay

Exploring the bay with one-night cruise programs on board

There are a variety of choices for your overnight cruise on Halong Bay. Here are some of the best Halong Bay cruises, noted by our customers and suggested by us to our customers as well during their trip to Northern Vietnam:

Enjoying the nightlife at Halong Bay

If you are not the person of cruise, then you can stroll and discover the seaside at night. There are some interesting places for you to visit such as Bar de Blue Note, Flightless Bird Bar, Noble House, … and you will have an unforgettable evening on your 2 days in Halong Bay.

Visiting Halong Bay is a perfect idea for your holiday in Vietnam. Hopefully, our suggested itinerary will help you make your 2-day trip as enjoyable as possible. Customize your Vietnam tour so that we can help create long-lasting memories of yours in Vietnam!

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